Friday, May 16, 2008

SOD thumbs up!!


How adorable are Spixie? Sure we've seen the mismatched scenario before, but thanks to the spirited performances and natural chemistry between KS and BA, this one dynamic duo that evokes laughter and heart. What gives this pair its unique rooting interest is that they're both losers at life: She's a self-centered friendless fashion plate who has endured more loss in her young life than anyone should have to. He's a shy computer geek with a cumbersome vocabulary who thrives on junk food and pot(at least he used to). Together, however, these two are magic in the dark, dreary, violent world of PC, a little levity goes a long way.

Register online for NH Meet & Greet for June 14

You can now register online for the Meet & Greet with Bradford to benefit the Manchester Animal Shelter.
(link to register is at the bottom of the page)
Location is about:
1hr from Boston, Ma
2 hrs from Portland Me.
4.5 hrs from New York City

What: Second Annual Meet and Greet with Bradford Anderson
When: June 14, 2008 - 3:00pm.
Where: Hudson Hill Tavern at 11 Tracy Lane, Hudson, NH 03051

$30.00 per person. (includes Appetizers)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Carolyn Hennesy on Spinelli:

From her messageboard: (She needs to be his mommy)

If Carolyn could spend an afternoon with one character she would want to spend it with Spinelli. She thinks that he has a mind like Diane's, except his is a little more evolved. Spinelli fascinates Diane and Spinelli fascinates Carolyn - the way he reacts to Maxie and Lulu. He's trying to find that human vulnerability. She couldn't be around Anthony or Claudia, that kind of dark and menacing would be tough to be around for an afternoon. You would never know if you would end up with a knife in your back.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"IN THE ZONE" interview with JMB

The Bradford parts of JMB's interview..

JULIE: I would never want to play Spinelli, because he says way too much stuff, and I don't understand half of what he's saying--only Bradford can pull that off.

SOAPKING: ABC use to do Fan february events, OLTL did a character switch.

JULIE: It would be funny to see Jason play Spinelli,

SOAPKING: and have Bradford play Jason.

JULIE: that would be awesome.

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SOAPKING: Speaking of Bradford, the amount of fanfare that the two of you get for the relationship of Lulu/Spinelli, how did that come about foryou? We know that Bradford was suppose to be short term and turned into something bigger. How is it working with him?

JULIE: Oh my gosh, he's wonderful. Clearly he's brought a huge element to the show that is very unique to GH, and they saw that immediately when he was working.. He is so professional and so easy to work with that they would be stupid if they didn't have him as a permanent character on the show.

I love working with him. I LOVED all the fan appreciation for Lulu/Spinelli. It's hard because once the two characters actually get together it's almost like the fans are unsatisfied and don't want it anymore. There is a bigger fanbase for the anticipation of a couple, then when the couple actually get together, I have found. Especially with Lulu/Spinelli, Lulu clearly would just eat Spinelli alive. Probably just hurt him and become a horrible horrible character on the show. It is probably wise they didn't put them together.

Unfortunately, I think alot of the fans had to choose between Lulu/Logan and Lulu/Johnny and move out of Lulu/Spinelli, and it makes me sad. I really liked working with him so much and really liked THEIR chemistry.

Now he's really working with Kirsten alot, so hopefully there is a good group of fans out there for him and Maxie. Spinelli needs to get the girl finally. He needs to get the girl.

SOAPKING: They're LOUD. (hee)