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Summer In The City

Bradford Anderson
When: Saturday July 26, 2008 from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Where: Marriott East Side, 525 Lexington Ave., New York, New York
Tickets: $70 each

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Friday, July 18, 2008

All your polls in one place!

New POLL: (I thought Spixie fans would want to know about this one)
Should Jason Cook be paired with Kirsten Storms or someone else?
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Think SPINELLI should be with Maxie?
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COUPLE OF THE DAY (Can't vote for them right now since they won but you can save the link)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bradford on Star Dish Radio 7-16-08

direct link

Jenna's FCW recap has landed..

I am so excited to report that Jenna has posted her GH Fan Club Weekend recap.

Please respect her wishes NOT to repost her pictures and her recap thank you.
at Opposite Attraction.

A Very Spexie Episode

I'm always a day late and a dollar short as everyone on the blog is well aware; however, how could I let such a special episode go by without expressing my thoughts? What kind of contributing blogger would I be?

Honestly - I didn't expect much. I'm sorry, I know that's so critical and "half glass empty" of me, but with the Three Stooges of GH, it's like that infamous box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get.

I was pleasantly and tenderly proven wrong to have had misgivings...

If Bradford and Kirsten don't receive at least an Emmy nod for their performances, then I know the whole thing is rigged (well, let's face it - we KNOW it's rigged).

The entire breadth of the scenes, when considered as a whole, are just breathtaking and SO well played by both actors. When they kissed for the first time, I felt it clear down to the pit of my stomach. It wasn't one of those fabricated-looking "soap" kisses. I mean, really, do your thighs really go up in flames when Sonny and Kate kiss? Not. The Spixie kiss was magical.

I must give an individual "kudo" to Kirsten for how she told the story of Logan's death. You could feel her fear and desperation. Bravo, Kirsten. And, of course, bravo to Bradford who is, by far, the undisputed king of spot-on appropriate facial reactions. He didn't have to say a word for you to know how he felt.

I was SO RELIEVED that they decided against the typical soapy-sex-montage-with-overlying-sappy-music that they love to pull when it's the "first time" for a soap couple. It really would have demeaned the entire scene, in my opinion. Leaving it up to the imagination and allowing us to join them in a tender after-moment on the couch was perfect.

I was also relieved that while they did give Spin a bit of awkwardness in approaching the whole "let's rip those clothes off" dilemma, it was appropriate and not over-the-top geeky. Again, my fear was that they'd have him practically jumping up and down and clapping his hands at the thought of getting it on with Maxie. As cute and slightly awkward as it was, I can't deny that you could feel the heat.

As has already been stated by others, Spin grew up right before our eyes. He mellowed about 85% over his usual demeanor. It was perfectly played by Bradford. His scenes with Jason were spot-on. I was so grateful that the writers allowed it to be a special moment between them without Jason giving Spin a lecture about birth control or how he doesn't like Maxie or any number of other things he could have done to ruin it for Spin. Steve Burton played it perfectly, showing that he knew this was a huge and special moment for Spin. I loved it.

Finally, the Overlook - my heart was aching for them both. Maxie clearly wasn't sorry she had sex with Spin just for the sake of the sex - she is terrified she will lose him as a friend. He is everything to her, and sex has been nothing but a tool for Maxie in the past. Love and a relationship are foreign and terrifying to Maxie. In her desperation to save her friendship with Spin, she clearly misses the boat on recognizing his love her. Again, Kirsten played it perfectly. It could have come off in a way that made you hate her for hurting him, but you felt just as sorry for her as you did for Spin.

Spin's face in the last scene finally broke my heart completely. Again, NO ONE on that show does emotions through expression better than Bradford.

The chemistry is there, oh Powers That Be! Do you not FEEL it? I know we did!! If this is a testing of the waters, I can't imagine that it won't come back 100% positive that Spin and Maxie are destined to be the next GH Supercouple.

Camera Ready Ep 4

It works now...:)
I am kind of in it.LOL(ok you can't see but I am in the shot) I was at the animal shelter event.
email your questions. come on everyone lets all send a question.

post a positive comment under comments

The Morning After.....

Don't be sorry for something good.
Jason gh 7-15-08
How is everyone feeling this morning? Everyone still have a belly ache from over eating bbq chips and orange soda?

Did everyone over indulge in ice cream to make them feel better.

So Damian Spinelli had sex. We don't need to bring up the whole debate if this was his first time or not. (GH vs Night Shift) One thing is clear he never had a had an experance like he had with Maxie yesterday.

You know what my favorite part of the episode was? Watching Bradford transform Spinelli. He 'grew up' right in front of us. His interaction with Jason pre-overlook was amazing.

Though the belt rip comes in a close second.

Now where does that leave them? Maxie wants an un-do (not to be confused with Carly's re-do) Maxie you can't undo that. The poor girl wants more then anything to keep Damian Spinelli in her life. She fears if she goes that road with him she will lose him. She would much rather save her relationship and stay friends. You can un-do Maxie. I know its sad but Spixie will never be the same. They are different now. Like Spin said he is a changed man.

I honestly just want to hug them both. This is not going to be a smooth ride for ether of them...

Will the changes we saw in Spinelli stay even after the overlook discussion?
How dark of a place will Spinelli go in during his morning?
How long is it going to take Maxie realize that Spin LOVES her?
How long is is going to take Maxie to realize she feels the same?
link: My live blog post from yesterday (I added pictures) Interview with Bradford Part 1

I found this very interesting. A light when off when he mentioned how he changed the way he played Spinelli and it seems like when I fell for Spin. was about the time he started to 'bring it' (around the metrocourt hostage crisis)- Penny

Now is the time to strike

Contact the Magazines and support Bradford. Support Spixie.. Spread the love and share your opinion.

Soap Opera Digest.

Soap Opera Weekly

ABC Soaps In Depth

email them all.. Now.. Keep it positive

You might even end up in the magazine.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Incredible Story of Spinelli and Maxie

I am trying to figure out if there is a more lovely story on soaps right now...Maxie and Spinelli bonded over an effort to find justice and in turn discovered that while they may be different on the surface, there are no two hearts on GH with more similarites...They are, as Spinelli said, misunderstood. And now, they can be misundestood together. That is...sheesh...just epic quality right there.

This is an amazing video from NewEnglander displaying exactly THAT story...I'm super impressed.

Camera Ready Episode 4

OK ITS NOT READY YET IT CUTS OUT will let everyone know when its working.It does have a cute start though. email to let them know its not working
removed video can see it here.
post a postive comment under comments


I was so incredibly stunned by today's scenes...what an incredibly soapy day it was! Bradford delivered 110%, showing us a wonderful side of Spinelli we haven't seen before. I loved the character evolution today. GREAT JOB!

Call the comment line!

GH Comment Line------323-671-4583

Live Blog Post 7-15-08 aka The DAY *Updated*

updated with pictures.
You don't have to be just a Spixie fan to be excited about this. This is a special day for Spinelli as a character and Bradford as an actor... I will post 'live' during the episode today

click here to view

2:47 waiting for episode to start.

2:58 OLTL is all over
3:00 Lulu and Johnny

Mac...!! Claudia they will find an emmy in the car

3:01 CarJax and Sonny and Kate.. come get done with this I want to see SPIXIE
OMG they are on.. I NEED you Spinelli .. Wow Bradford sure can kiss can't he.

Credits.. blah blah

I love this moment they are looking at each other
He can't talk. OMG he starts

Spin making the first move
OMG We can see his chest OMG i can't type..wait I will write me more in a bit
I am going to repeat that. That is so true to life. Thats how real sex is. LOL it was not hi jinx that was REAL
3:05. I love Robin but get off my screen

I loved the belt coming off bit.

This is another great moment.

3:06 MAC your little girl is being so naughty right now....
no Jason go away.. don't you dare go home

3:07 Kate and Sonny.. Blah Blah blah.. gossip.. Sonny jealous.. blah blah

3:09.. NOOO commercial.. get off my screen WANT MY Spixie...

3:10 still waiting..
3:12honey nut clusters.. umm yummy
Manwich .. cute kid..

3:14 Night Shift Promo? I want Spixie.. what if this is all we get.. darn.. I wanted nakedness.

3:15 Hospital AGAIN I want Spixie. I love Anna.. really she is the reason I came back to GH because of her short return in 2006.. BUT I WANT SPIXIE.

3:15 omg they look so cute.. so it starts..Friends blah blah DARN Jason go away. oooh he sounds so grown up..Ahh he asks Jason to step out for a minute.

Maxie coming back down to earth. Spin on cloud nine.

3:17 Police.. go away Lulu and Johnny and give me Spixie screeen time..

3:18 cooky M&M .. LMAO no words.. Penny don't say anything

3:21 after sex comfortableness. Poor Maxie.. Poor Spinelli

Look at Jason.. ahhh He patted Spinelli's back.
look at his words. I love Spin.

the boy is a man now.

3:22 Hospital again.. get off my screen..

3:24 ahh Kate's office. please please more Spixie..

3:25 Carly and Diane. I love Diane.. why can't she be Spin's mommy?

3:27 PCPD. here comes Johnny!!!
here comes Lulu....
fade to hot bus.. shout out to Lindsay I think.

3:31. back at Kate's office. I want Spin.. I want Maxie.
ahh Jax.. so sweet. defending Carly..

3:33 PCPD .. freaky Big Daddy Z and Claudia. someone kill him with the emmy on the shelf.

3:34 He is reading.. Spin is reading. poetry? ooh sweet. wonderful Look at Jason looks on.

Orange Soda. He is surprised. LOL ahh. Jason. so sweet with Spin. Damian is GLOWING.

3:35 wow Spin told Jason about the murder.. I am a bit mixed on this. but he did it to keep her safe.. ahhhh

3:40.. spreading some Spixie Love

3:41 Lulu and Tracy.. very sweet but i want spixie.. Lulu lulu.. volume.. volume

3:43 LOL his voice has changed. He is so excited that she called ahh..
ahh Jason is happy for him..

3:45 at the hospital again.

3:47 colgate.. umm rather have Spixie..

Penny is scared about seeing a heart broken Spin.. We know its going to happen.

3:50 hospital AGAIN.. I love this stuff but i want my spixie..

oooh Anna and Eli kiss
ick Kate's office again. I am not liking Kate right now.

3:51. just heard in the cbox there is a new camera ready on soapnet will post later.

3:52 carjax.. ahh cute.. I hate what Carly did though.. both times.. (limo and well being carly)

3:53 ahh no over look.. Maxie said she took advantage of Spin. ahh.. Maxie is still clueless.. ahh poor Spin.. I want to pull Maxie's hair out and anf feed it to my kitty cat.. Bit## (ok we knew that was going to happen but so sad)

Oh baby.. :(
3:56 ooh cute Jason is in Lulu's bedroom. LOL Jason is now part of the cover up.

3:57 and now its over.. soo sad.. but so happy.. it was wonderful.
Bradford acting was wonderful. Damian Spinelli changed. He is a changed man. The poor guy is going to fall so hard though.. I loved seeing my Spin baby grow up though.. Maxie is still clueless that Spin loves her.. She really is STILL clueless LOL
caps from.....

Giddy Fangurl Survival Guide for Spixie Sex Day!

by Spin's Vixenella
Thank you Spin's Vixenella for letting me post this. A must read for any fan to get ready for the big day. I would like to apologize for any fans who may have been spoiled by the title but i decided its a half hour till show time and there has been promos for a week most should already know.. Again A I am sorry but sometimes I have to make the call. -Penny
Forget the BBQ Chips & Orange Soda…Shelves are bare. Closest you're going to get now is dousing Tabasco on Ruffles & stirring up a little Tang.

1. TV – preferably with East & West Coast ABC feeds in the event of breaking news interruption. Set DVR for both.
2. SOAPNet backup
3. BBQ Chips - TOO LATE!
4. Orange Soda – See above.
5. Deep Cleansing Breaths
6. Comfortable loose fitting attire - to prevent constriction of airway in the even of hyperventilation
7. Paper Bag - breathe into it if hyperventilation actually occurs
8. Kleenex – think tears of joy
9. Phones Unplugged/Cell Phones & Beepers turned off
10. Smelling Salts or Ammonia Ampoules – for swooning/fainting
11. Comfortable padded seating surrounded by pillows in the event of swooning, (if you are a known, habitual swooner just lie down throughout today’s episode)
12. Opposite Attraction Fan Site Chat Box
13. Circulating air source – I’m using a big fan; feel free to improvise
14. Paramedics standing by – I stopped breathing for a moment yesterday, so I’m just saying…

Did I forget anything? My husband said something about men in little white coats, but he can do his own Survival Guide!

Congratulations Opposite Attraction

Opposite Attraction a Spinelli & Maxie board has reached the 1000 member milestone.
Go Spixie Nation

Monday, July 14, 2008

I want my new age SuperCouple!

What to do on July 15th -----THE INFINITY + 1 CAMPAIGN (The original, the one and only)
Yesterday I said this would be the "SIX TIMES?!" Campaign….but why do that when we could...


Start early, start today, BLOW THEM OUT OF THE WATER TOMORROW!
(read the rest)

Watch live if you can. If you cannot watch live, make sure to TIVO/DVR it. That has to register somehow. If you can watch live and TIVO/DVR, do that as well. When SoapNet replays the episode in the evening, record/watch that as well. We don’t know how their ratings are tallied but it HAS to count somehow.

Call the comment line. Call it multiples times. Say you love Spixie, love their romance, love relationship, you loved that days scenes. DO NOT MENTION OTHER PEOPLE. Remember: Negative buzz is still buzz. The old saying "as long as they’re talking you’re doing something right" idea.

Email MAGAZINES and TPTB. Send multiple emails, flood it if you can, with "Spinelli and Maxie" somewhere in the subject line. Spinelli and Maxie Sex was AWESOME is a good subject line lol

Heartfelt letters. LOTS of them. You really need to do this. It’s so important and it’s really easy…just say what you FEEL. If you love Spixie as much as I do, it’s easy to express how awesome they are. Their story, their history, their parallels…What a great thing it is.

STEP UP your support of BRADFORD ANDERSON. If there is going to be a triangle between Maxie and someone else with Spinelli, HE is the leg that we have to support and strengthen. You need to make it clear that Spinelli is a viable love interest for Maxie and you want to see him as a potential lead. You don’t want him to be "the friend" forever.

Postcards are short, sweet, and to the point. Make them yourself using index cards if you would like, or perhaps find some already made. Remember the post office sells postcard stamps that are cheaper than regular stamps.

Message boards are scary, scary places but they are useful. Make positive Spixie/Spinelli/Maxie posts, reply to positive posts, do not engage or get stuck in threads where you will be bumping a negative topic. Again, negative buzz is still buzz.

When clips are uploaded onto YouTube by your favorite clip person, be sure to RATE and COMMENT on it, also do plus/minus thumbs on good comments.

Check the livejournal/fanblog/OA board often for new polls/posts/things we could be doing that day to up the support.

Last but not least, do your daily poll rounds.

REMEMBER: DO THIS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. If someone cannot do something, like call the comment line, please inform another fan and ask them to call in your honor. Use the buddy system. LOL. Today can be a warm up day…make sure you have all your supplies.. "THE SCENE" IS TOMORROW, WE MUST BE LOUD, PROUD, AND PREPARED

Spinelli and Maxie’s story is an opportunity to experience the old fashioned soap romances of old…It’s the most refreshing story on soaps right now. It’s being promoted, copied, and envied…Now go out there and make sure it’s the story for a very, very long time.

MESSAGE BOARDS-------- (SOC) (SZ) (DD) (ABC) (Opposite Attraction) (Spinelli Online)OTHER

LINKS (BA’s myspace)


Comment Lines
GH Comment Line

ABC Comment Line (press 2, then 4, then 464 to get to GH)

ABC Daytime Feedback (ask for the viewer comment line)

ABC Switchboard

Soap Mags
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soap zone Voting booth

January 29th...Spinelli and Maxie set out on a journey to find the murderer of Georgie Jones...Six months later...This is where we are.

Call NOW

Call NOW! as many times as you can..Till your fingers hurt and you have no voice.

Spoiler pictures week of July 21th

click here to view

from spinelli live journal &

Spinelli the ladies man?

On GH THE SOAP, Spinelli has three options in the bump poll.

Maxie, Leyla and Lulu.


Ultimate Kid Fest this past weekend.

anyone crave mustard after watching these?
Part 1

Part 2

Do you want to see Bradford as a leading man?

It's very clear to me that TPTB are testing the reaction to Spinelli and most importantly, Bradford Anderson as a leading man and his future on the show. Their sex scene has been promoted with the actually day starting a week before. MTV has the "Believe" commercial as does "Style" and "E". I'm sure if it's there, it's in alot of other places I'm unaware.

We know BA is not your average hunk and while many might see him as the funniest and the best, if you read messageboards they have a hard time seeing him as a leading man with a serious romantic love interest. My post is not intended to depress but to be a realistic post to get our fanbase in action, not only as a Spixie fan but just wanting to see Spinelli as a grown ass man with a love interest. In other words, let's see Bradford use all his award winning talents.

This is THE most important thing as a fandom that we will do. We started well with the flowers, but we have to be loud, write, call, and absolutely without a doubt DVR/TIVO today and tommorrow.. Everything that you can think of you must do it. Leave nothing untouched. Even if you HATED Spixie, it's imperative that you are positive about Bradford as a romantic lead because he is being tested. We know how it works with this show. Anything unique tends to get thrown under a bus. Bradford has broken the mold--let's keep it going.

We have GOT to be positive and loud on all messageboards.


P.S. Don't forget the "SOAPS IN DEPTH" poll: vote daily:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spixie--The Beginning: April 2007..

Spinelli and Maxie shared scenes during the hostage crisis, but this is the first real meeting of the pair.. Seems rather ironic now.


Without spoiling things TOO much...Something important is happening this week on GH for Spinelli and Maxie.

ARE YOU READY SPIXIE FANS??????? *cues rocky theme song*

Tuesday cometh. Get yourself ready for the campaign for next week. Go put minutes on your phone, go buy index cards for postcard making, get stamps, postcard stamps, stationary, envelopes, whatever it is that you need....Cuz baby, we have to be LOUD. I'm calling it the "Six Times" think about it a second and you will figure it out....Everything we can do, we should do at LEAST six times.

Bookmark this link: For all the polls that you will need to answer.

Contact info:


Are you ready? What do you plan to do next week in order to help out Spinelli and Maxie?

Anyways.........I will be in touch. Lots of things to plan for this week in order to really show how much we want Spixie.