Thursday, May 29, 2008

Prologue to a Makeover

Recap: May 27-May 28

Spinelli began his day helping out Carly on her scheme to get out of town with Morgan. The whole event upsets him, so he goes to council with Maximista at Crimson about how he could possibly help in such a depressing situation. Sonny walks into the office and Spinelli tries to give his opinion on the subject of Sonny's paternal rights. Sonny doesn't take his advice kindly and throws The Jackal into a post, knocking Spinelli's head on the structure so hard he can't walk straight.

Maxie immediately jumps in to yell at Sonny for attacking Spinelli. She takes him back to her house and tells him that she will take care of him all night in case he has a concussion. Spinelli melts at the idea of being with her all evening.

When Spinelli awakens the next morning in Maxie's bed, the details of what transpired the night before are fuzzy to say the least. Spinelli asks what happened between the two of them and why he would be in her bed. Some things get...lost in translation. Spinelli thinks he and Maxie went "beyond friendship", when in reality nothing happened and Maxie had simply been tending to his possible concussion all night. Mac comes into Maxie's room and discovers The Jackal snuggled into Maxie's bed. Chaos ensues and Spinelli is thrown out of the house before he can get a more detailed explanation of what really happened.

Sam finds Spinelli confused and muttering to himself on the docks. She asks what is wrong and Spinelli explains to her that he thinks he might have slept with Maxie but can't remember. Sam goes to find Maxie and discovers that nothing at all happened. She meets Spinelli later at the penthouse to break the news to him that he didn't have any sort of "relations" with Maxie at all. He decides that he is pretty pathetic, being in the same bed with his love all night and not even kissing her. He fears it will be a hopeless task trying to get Maxie to see him as a guy, a love interest. Sam realizes that all Spinelli needs is a woman's perspective. She agrees to take him under her wing to help him get the girl.

Spinelli's hair gave Dillon Quartermaine's famous locks a run for their money.

Game On.

I don't know if this has ever been brought over here before but I found this review of a musical Bradford was in called Elegies. It is from 2005 I believe. There is a cute picture of Bradford in front of a dog house attached. He is mentioned in the article briefly. The reviewer discusses some of the lyrics he sang in one of the songs and they are pretty amusing.

SOAPS IN DEPTH poll results:

Results of the SID poll:

Do you want to see Maxie and Spinelli turn their relationship into something more?"

Definitely = 87%!!!!!!

Blurb next to it:
The sweet, if unlikely, love story brewing between these two has won viewers' hearts. "They are just so adorable!" declares one (fan)

and there's supposedly a cute pic of Bradford being carried by a fan (!) in the mag, as well.

From Robin's diary:

Love or Friendship

I tried to reassure Uncle Mac that there’s nothing going on between Maxie and Spinelli, but he’s still not convinced. He’s concerned for Maxie’s safety, and he doesn’t want to lose her like he did Georgie. Maxie told me that she and Spinelli are just friends, but I think their relationship is developing into something more. Of course, I didn’t tell Uncle Mac about my theory because he would’ve gone off the rails. I love Uncle Mac dearly, but he does have a tendency to overreact. Besides, Maxie could do a whole lot worse than fall in love with Spinelli.

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The article is too long to repost, but Bradford will be participating in events there.

Check it out..

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Promo!!!!

Spinelli and Maxie get their very own promo, and it's adorable.