Thursday, June 9, 2011

Watch GH

If you took GH off your Tivo/Dvr, reset it starting tomorrow. Don't just watch clips vie online. The past several weeks little by little we have been hearing tidbits of what is to come (and the more I hear...the more I can't wait). Out of respect for those who may be spoiler free (my lips are sealed). I will say this though, Bradford will be epic.

Spinelli was on twice this week. If you liked what you saw (or even if you didn't) let him and his bosses know.

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Bradford & Kirsten are on the cover (with a new picture) of the new SID. Go buy it and let SID know exactly why you decided to buy it, even if you already do get it. Let them know. Email
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In other soap news (sadly we may be losing OLTL) but the brillance of headwriter Ron Carlivati will live on. He is coming to GH.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spinelli recap 6-8-11

Writer: Susan Wald

Spinelli was working in Sonny's office when Jason walked in. Spinelli makes note that he was out all night. He says he's been busy, Spinelli says him too. Spinelli wants to give him caffienated green tea (Jason wants to know how he drinks that stuff). Spinelli starts to talk about the tea when Jason asks what is on his computer screen. Its video streaming of Mr. Sir's business rivals. He says its simple but brillant. He says that the Zaccarrah's brillantly framed him for burning down the warehouse. Jason says he wasn't framed.

Spinelli thinks this seems uncharateristically of him. Jason tells him its the only language Anthony understands. Spinelli talks about Anthony and then wants to know why he would antagonize him. Jason says he has an agenda, a temper and he hopes this burning of the warehouse pisses him off, he strikes back...and then Johnny will realize war is too high and will shut his father down.

Jason tries the tea, he isn't impressed. Jason wants that same video feed at every one of their properties...which was the plan. Spinelli wants to know if he is ever worried he will freeze in a moment. Jason never thought of it. Spinelli wishes he could, instead of falling to pieces. He tells the choking tale of Maxie at Jakes. Jason tells him to forget Dr. Hunter, he has other strengths. Spinelli doesn't think computer skills are all that manly (oh geez not this again), Jason tells him he is one of the most brillant people he has ever met. A beep goes off on his computer and he says he has to go.

Spinelli walks into Crimson. Maxie is on the phone and Spinelli wheels her out of the way and says he watches things from afar and she has a computer virus. She says it sounds terrible. He says have no fear the Jackal can defend you from the forces of darkness. She is grateful. She is happy to see that he is back to his old self. She said when she saw him at Jakes the other night he seemed down and droupy. She says she thought something was wrong. He was surprised that she thought of him. She said of course just like he still looks out for her from afar. He says so we are still connected. She says of course. (Lets hope this doesn't turn into Spinelli pining over Maxie or her always asking for help with work, cuz that will get real old real quick)

Maxie comes in asking if he fixed the virus. He has. She gives him bbq chips and orange pop. He is thankful for the gesture. Maxie says its kind of like old times, but not really. She pulls up a chair and asks how he has been. Maxie asks about investigations. Spinelli says they have put on hold as his assistance is needed elsewhere. Maxie says Jason? Break into another fantasy. Spinelli says he torched the warehouse down, something with guns ablazin, and they had to stop Big Daddy Zarcarrah. (this fantasy was Spinelli/Jason)...The phone rings and back to reality as Maxie answers it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6-7-11 Spinelli recap

Spinelli is sitting at Jakes on the phone. Maxie sees him and says she didn't know he was gonna be there (er um Maxie he hasn't reported to you his whereabouts in 11 months). She even apologizes for not seeing that he was on the phone. He asks her if he has heard from the Original Blonde one and mentions all the messages he has received from her (to locate Luke), and her taking over Haunted Star. Maxie fills him in. He wanted to know if he should assist her. Maxie doesn't think so. Maxie says its like his book, where every case ends up ok in the end. Maxie went on about the book. Praising him. He calls her Maximista. She points out its been a while and she thought he never would again. Matt, Robin, Patrick see them and comes over. They discuss why they are late. Maxie gets up and leaves poor Spinelli at the table alone.

Spinelli watches/listens as the 4 of them enjoy themselves. He gets up and starts to walk away. Robin calls him over to enjoy fries with them. Robin admits she hasn't read his book yet, but hears its great. Maxie says its amazing. She says it made 3 of the summers best reads list. Robin gets him a chair. Robin says she always wanted to write a book, and wants to know how it feels. Maxie says she would have invited him over to join them, but she assumed he was working. Maxie points to Matt/Patrick saying she assumes they haven't read the Secret Life of Damian Spinelli, but they should because its excellent. She then gets a phone call. Maxie goes to take the call from Kate. Patrick wants to buy another round as he has never sat and had a drink with a real author before. Matt wants to know what he he drinking. Orange soda it is. Maxie comes back complaing about Lulu. Maxie starts to choke. Spinelli askes if she is ok.

Matt does the hylimic on her. Spinelli apologizes. She says to Matt that he really is her hero.