Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dankies, last days to vote..

Tommorrow is the LAST day that you can vote for Bradford and Spixie in the Dankies final --best in SOAPS..

Beginning way back in Sunday, January 04th, 2009, visitors were encouraged to nominate their choices in a series of categories. From all the nominations made, a final ballot containing the four top vote-getters in each of the various category. These final ballots were placed up for vote for each soap between Sunday, February 08th, 2009 and Sunday, March 08th, 2009.

Now, all of the winners from each soap have been placed on one final All-Soaps edition of the ballot. Fans from all soaps are encourage to once again vote for their choices and help us determine the best of the best of the soaps from 2009.

The winners will be announced after balloting concludes on Sunday, April 19th, 2009.

Here's the results for General Hospital, which put BA in the finals.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Defy Convention issues...

If you have been having trouble joining or logging on DEFY CONVENTION, the BA message board, IT WORKS NOW! :)

Can I Get a Little JaSpin, Please?

Is it just too much for me to hope that in the midst of all this Jackal angst that we might get a little JaSpin comfort? Remember the good ol' days when Jason and Spin were there for each other? When Spinelli was Stone Cold's grasshopper, but, just as important, Spin was there for Jason during his "secret pain?"

I guess I'm supposed to realize that Jason still cares for Spinelli by the emotionless good deed of helping he and Sam get set up in the P.I. business. For Spin's "safety." I would have rather had a good sit down between the two of them with Jason actually seeming to care about Spin's feelings. I know, I know, the odds I'll win the Powerball are probably better.

It seems the only interaction we get these days is a command from Jason for Spin's tech services or a slap on the wrist for playing with "big boy toys." After Spin's absolutely gut-wrenching and painful break up with Maxie, we didn't even get the usual Jackal breakdown in front of Jason, followed by a reprimand from Stone Cold to basically "get over it and get back on the laptop." Either he's maturing or Spin has finally learned his lesson that he isn't going to get any sympathy. He'll just suffer alone in his regrettably pink room.

Come on, Guza. I know it's not directly mob related, but can a gal' get a little JaSpin? Jason is in the mob, and Spinelli lives with him, so it's kinda sorta mob related! Please? Is it so much to ask that Spinelli have ONE constant relationship in his life that doesn't cause him pain and humiliation?

SOAPNET performer of the week..

Performer of the Week: Bradford Anderson as Damian Spinelli. Watching Bradford play the soul-crushing hurt in his scenes with Maxie this week brought home (once again) what a great performer he is. He even sold us on Spinelli threatening Johnny -- we didn't think he could scare anybody, but if we were Johnny, we wouldn't take that lightly.

New Banner @ OA Inspires

The new banner at the Spixie board Opposite Attraction is not only beautiful but it I find it inspiring. What's more important for supporting your favorite couple than hand writing a letter?

Check it out here. Thanks AshleyN for the amazing creation.


At first I thought Spinelli was going to be wearing that HORRIBLE hoodie in his scenes with Maxie today, scenes I have been looking forward to seeing for a long time...

BUT, this is proof there is a God that answers prayers...Because he changed clothes!


Defy Convention..

IF you need clips for vidding, there is a huge archive of Spinelli story in it's entirity at this site under "CLIPS".

It describes what happened that day, too.

Also, if you want pictures or articles, description of events, --they are all there.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Gun Saga

Spinelli's character has a long and strange history with guns on General Hospital.
There was his Hostage Crisis stage where he was terrified of being handed a gun by Jason. There was the time he shot himself in the foot on Night Shift. There was the time Georgie showed him how to properly load Jason's gun. There was the time he went to the firing range to practice. There was the time he stole Sonny's gun to get revenge on Russian thugs who messed with Maxie. Note, he never fired it.

Today, again, he had a "gun" moment. Jason found one in the box of goodies he intended to take to the new PI office. He even made a comment about whether or not having a broken heart would make him a better marksman. I don't know about you, but I found that strange. So, the observant fan in me has to wonder why they constantly reiterate two things: Spinelli has a fascination with "looking powerful" and packing heat seems to be a part of whatever vision he has of what that means. Secondly, they reinforce Spinelli's ineptitude with firearms.

Now, if I was a gambling woman (and I am, Blackjack baby!), I would suspect that this is important to his character. Is Spinelli doomed to being shot? Will he kill another, accidentally or intentionally? Could he simply be at the wrong place at the wrong time and look guilty? What about something out of left field...a gun can do many things. Or perhaps it's just another thing GH likes to mention but never explore when it comes to Spinelli.

Maybe this is just GH's way of insisting upon the idea of Spinelli's incompetence. Or, are they really trying to insist upon his humanity? Is he the type who could kill without remorse? No, not at all. Jason often tells Spinelli the importance of his innocence in the ways of taking another person's life--how killing someone doesn't prove you are a man, and often does the opposite.

Is it simply a metaphor? And if so, of what? Manhood, good guys, impotency, heroes, self esteem? Pick any one of them and it can be a reference to Spinelli at the moment. The resonance is there, with many different directions to go.
Is there an inevitable climax in this cat and mouse game between Spinelli and guns? If so, what could it be, and what would it mean for the character?


What is THIS hoodie?!

Why did you put me in this hoodie!?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The praise keeps pouring in.....

Mallory from Serial Drama loved Spinelli on Monday too..
Is it really sad that I am more excited about this then the SOD bit?

I must be a masochistic because I love this blog. They usually hate on my Spinny.

Kudos from SOD for Bradford

look under Quick Takes on the main page There is also a great picture of Bradford posted to.
"Anderson's powerhouse performance is not to be missed. Angry, hurt and exasperated all at once, he punched Johnny, laid into Maxie and later, when he saw Johnny again, told .. Spinelli was chosen "Best Hero" in last year's Best And Worst issue. Bravo, Bradford!"

Is Spinelli unlovable?

I took this from Lindsay's most recent vlog.
Is Spinelli unlovable?
( surveys)

Ok that is a deep question. How does it make you feel? Upset you a little bit? Now call the comment line 323-671-4583 and write General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV 4151 Prospect Avenue Hollywood, CA 90027 Let them know how ridiculous the idea of Spinelli never getting the girl is.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Longest Vlog

Hey folks. Some of you already watch my vlog (video blog) on Youtube. I have decided to link it here. My vlog focuses on discussing Spinelli & Maxie and other things going on within General Hospital and soaps. As a television student and an avid fan of Youtube Web 2.0 culture, this is just how I've chosen to use new media and combine it with my love of the serial drama genre.

This is a link to my latest vlog, which I've titled "The Longest Vlog" because it is very very long and posted in three parts. Most of my videos average aroun 5-8 minutes usually, but this one is special, so I hope you excuse the length. Enjoy and subscribe!

If you say essential person one more time I am going to scream ....

It all came crashing down yesterday.

My already cracked Spixie heart was shattered.

Spinelli confronted the slimness that is Johnny and Maxie.

He even punched Johnny (and Penny cheered)

I can give you brooding and I have better hair then him.
Maxie realized she may lose her essential person and Spin told her to stick it.

now I understand what they mean by loose lips sink ships
Then our brokenhearted hero proved he still cared about Maxie by threatening loser Johnny.

I don't know where I stand with Spixie at this point. I really think Spinelli has had enough. Maxie is going to have to kiss a lot of buts before I see her worthy of the Jackals affections. Someone commented in the last recap that he needs someone like Winnie.. Well he doin't need Winnie but he needs someone that cares about him as much as he cares about them.
caps from spixiegirl27

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Jackal's World shatters. ....AGAIN!

Why I ask you does Damian Spinelli keep having females in his life that disappoint him. Some examples of this...

  • Allusion to mother issues
  • Realizing Sam's involvement in Jake's kidnapping
  • His Lulu crush
  • Jolene being a serial murder
  • Maxie being skanky Maxie.
The guy can't catch a break. He gets so close to the brass ring and then his world comes tumbling down.

Friday's episode started of with Spinelli talking to his client Tracy out the case she had him on to find out more about Ethan.

It was a great scene. I love Tracy and the Jackal together.

Happening at the same time a bomb went of in Maxie's and Lulu's apartment. The bomb that was set the night of the blizzard when Maxie started to slowly go insane.

Poor Lulu's heart was broken. Johnny being the wimp that he is broke it off with the orginal blonde one. The bad blonde one made it worse blaming it all on Lulu. Poor Lulu. I so wanted to give the girl a hug

Well after that slithery Johnny and insane Maxie ended up at the docks right near Spinelli's forgoten cellphone. Well poor Spinelli retrived his cellphone just as Maxie and Johnny kissed. ugg. Why do the writers hate my Spinelli so? Why was Maxie all worried that Lulu would ruin her 'thing' with Spinelli when she can do a better job herself ?

that was the look on my face too Spin. Why Maxie WHY?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spinelli Fans Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Remember when I wrote that at the Chicago event Bradford interacted with a little boy named Ari and it was just the most adorable thing ever? Well, Ari's mom Lisa wrote a wonderful piece to share with you guys about her son, the experience with meeting Bradford in Chicago, and why they both connect with Spinelli.

It is a very interesting read and makes you think more about the significance of the character Bradford portrays on GH everyday. I hope General Hospital understands the weight and gravity they have in Spinelli, and if they do not, perhaps this can be an eye opener:

We would like to thank all of the wonderful people that we met at Zanies. It MADE our experience so special that you could not believe it. My name is Lisa and my son, Ari, is a very intelligent boy with autism spectrum disorder. He is in love with Spinelli and watches General Hospital on a routine basis. He finds Spinelli to be similar to himself. He is very sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, and funny.

Yet like Spinelli, he is trying to figure out what life is all about and how to fit in. Spinelli is a hero to a lot of children and teens with autism. He is able to function with really cool people like Jason, and have a group of very caring friends such as Sam or Maxie. Oh yes, not forget Maxie.....every child's dream is to have a relationship. But when children are born without these skills and have to be taught socialization skills...It can be very draining on them.

Poor Ari had a horrible year at school. He had several teachers at school who made his life miserable. They were unwilling to work with him or accept him because he was different. My little sweet boy had a serious regression which was very scary. We took him to the emergency room because he was shaking so much. We were afraid that he was having seizures. Instead it turned out to be stress from school.

This has been a very bad year for us and hope that Ari will be placed into a new school in the near future. He has been suffering because he has friends at his current school, but a school staff that is unwilling to accept him. When I read that "Spinelli" was coming to Chicago, I called Zanies and they were wonderful. I kept telling Ari that he had a big surprise. When we arrived at Zanies, we were met by some of the most wonderful people. It felt like being with family.

During the hard months, Ari sought comfort watching General Hospital on Tivo and fast forwarding to Spinelli. He loved going on Youtube and playing video clips of the Jackal. So, you could only imagine this rare opportunity of meeting someone that means everything to you. It was like meeting President Obama. Bradford was sooo amazing with Ari. I took some pictures and videotaped them. We can not thank all of you enough for your kindness and warmth that you showed us. We feel like we found some new friends and will always cherish this perfect memory. Since meeting his hero Spinelli, Ari is a lot am I!

Much love to all of you...

----Lisa and Ari. ( My little Spinelli)

Thank you so much, Lisa, for sharing your powerful story with us! Ari was precious. I'll never forget how he said "I'm Jason, Spinelli!" to Bradford. It was a highlight of the event. Good luck to both you and Ari!