Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enjoy the Ride...

Are you like me and you try to dissect everything on your screen? Do you sit in front of your tv and try to understand the motivations characters and future plots? My husband gets really annoyed with me when I do this. We will sit down to watch a night of tv and I will keep pausing the program to discuss what is going on. He will then look at me and put his arms up in the air like he is on the roller coaster."Can't you just enjoy the ride?" he asks...... really. But, with GH, Spixie, and Spinelli's storyline, I am going to try. Why don't you give it a try too. This is a soap. Nothing comes easy. There is no easy payout. A couple's happiness is short lived. Sometimes we get so invested in the big payout we forget the big picture. It is a soap...where you can be murdered by your evil twin and come back to life to save your grown secret child whose father could be 1 of 20 people.

So tonight think of me because tonight is Survivor and I will be trying to be three steps ahead of everything and I imagine my husbands hands will be going up at least 4 times tonight.

Sit down. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Its going to be bumpy and it may make you sick but keep holding on. You may enjoy yourself in the end and then get back in line so you can go back on again.