Saturday, June 14, 2008

An afternoon with Bradford in NH

Well the Second Annual Meet & Greet to benefit the Manchester Animal Shelter is over and it was another great event. Bradford really takes time with everyone and makes no one feel second rate.

I had a busy morning pre-event. My baby had his six birthday party. Is it bad that I scheduled the party so that it would not conflict with this event?

I left my house a little after 2pm. I made it to the location before the event started though I was a little late because I could not find the place. (THANK YOU ALLISON FOR SAVING ME) I sat with my girl Allison during the event. She got some great seats. (uncomfortable but nice)

Bradford arrived shortly after 3pm. (I heard rumors he got just as lost as I did )

He did an question and answer section. I got some of it on video but I missed a lot of the first questions. (link to videos)

Some Highlights:

Spinelli may or may not have Aspergers. Its something thats been discussed and alluded to but its not something that is 'official' because its never been on the screen. They planned a more related storyline but he not sure if it will ever get picked up.

When Sonny called Spinelli "Freaky Boy" it was adlibed when the higher up said that Sonny needed to be mean to Spinelli. Maurice got Bradford a shirt that says FREAKY BOY three times.

Bradford is going to the Emmy's he is presenting with Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms. His date is his mom. No really He is bring his mom. Isn't he the sweetest guy ever.

Bradford would LOVE to do Dancing with the Stars but does not feel he is big enough.

I asked if we would get another Naked Spinelli Day. He said perhaps we just may. He then discussed he feels he has shown more skin then most everyone else on the show. He mentioned the scene where Spinelli was being 'trained' by same and he was shirtless. The lighting director asked that he be bronzed because his white chest was making the light reflect.

He spoke a his high school alma mater graduation yesterday (Friday) and he is getting excited about his upcoming high school reunion.

He was not asked to do Night Shift 2 and will not be in it.

He discussed his thoughts on both Maxie and Lulu. He loves working with both Kirsten & Julie.

He then took a recording for his web show on

After that he visited every single table to get a chance for people to take pictures and visit. When we got to our table he commented he had just show his mother this blog.

They then did a group picture & presented Bradford a letter of recognition. He seemed generally touched. and we hung out awhile and then I had to go. The kids needed me. Time to go back into mommy mode. I was going to bring my daughter today (I even paid for her to go) but the girl needed to rest and honestly it would not have been a good place for her to hang out for 4 hours :) Maybe next time. If you ask my daughter what her favorite Spinelli moment is her response is "When he was Naked Momma.. It was so funny" Did I mention she was 4?

It was all and all a good event. How special it is Bradford is so eager to give back.
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full recap coming soon.

Videos From Meet & Greet

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Video 2

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Leaving in 20mins

check here for updates

"S" for Spinelli

Okay, before I watch Friday's episode where I will undoubtedly have my excitement stomped flatter than Sonny's personality, let me savor the moment - swoon...swagger...swoon...

Let me also say that my DVR doesn't know what to do. For the first time in months....YEARS?...I actually hit the rewind button during an episode of GH instead of the fast forward! A little screen actually popped up that said "Are you SURE?"

Jasper Jax, King of All Things Suave, decided to take our innocent jackal under his well-tailored wing for a bit of Sauve Training. A few gambling lessons here, a cool-way-to-down-a-scotch there, not to mention a wonderfully-snooty tailor, and WAHLAH! Like Clark Kent morphing into a superhero.....

We go from The Jackal, Supernerd....

to Damian Spinelli, SuperMAN! - and he's "Pleased to Meet You."

Now I know, the contrived Australian accent was a bit over the top, but I dare anyone to say that Jax did not do his job in making our Spin the most debonair man in the Metro Court lobby! Might I even say HOT!

From the looks of the previews, it appears that when I do finally watch Friday's episode, I'll witness Lulu bringing her succubus powers to the Haunted Star to, once again, suck the joy from our charming Damian's new attempts at the debonair life. Pleaseeeee...just let me savor the feeling for just one more BRIEF moment....

I must also add that I KNOW we are supposed to hate Giselle, but God, how I love this woman. Why?

  1. She was uber-charmed by the super-smooth Damian Spinelli. GREAT expression.
  2. She loved Maxie's wardrobe. :)
  3. She obviously loathes Kate, and I'm sorry, as much as I wanted to love Kate, she has turned into Sonny's latest super fan, defending everything from his smarmy advances to his desire to further show what a selfish slimeball he is by not giving up his daughter to protect her life. Eww. Also, for someone who runs a fashion magazine, Kate's wardrobe choices are the PITS! She looked like June Cleaver yesterday, complete with PEARLS!
However, the biggest reason I heart Giselle? Well, I mentioned earlier in the week how much I wanted Maxie to give Lulu the proverbial bitch slap. It didn't come from Maxie, but I know to take my happiness where I can get it!

"Uh, Kate? Your assistant looks like a skank."

Lulu Spencer - Bitch Slap Victim

Screencaps Courtesy of LaurieLuvsLiason

Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 10th-11th Recap

June 10th

Spinelli and Leyla are still dancing. He explains he learned to waltz online. He swings Leyla into another wedding attendant and she cuts Leyla down and makes fun of Spinelli as being a pathetic date. Leyla tells Spinelli he's a wondeful date. As they are leaving, a man calls Leyla a good looking terrorist. Spinelli punches him instantly. Spinelli got arrested. Bad timing too, because Mayor Floyd was just telling Mac to start arresting some mobsters before the city starts losing faith in him. Leyla said that Spinelli deserved a medal while Spinelli looked quite pleased at his situation, counting up the Cool Points he earned that evening.

Look at that face. That is the face of ultimate glee.

Mac tells Spinelli, "You can't go around punching people Spinelli". Spinelli and Leyla, Nikolas and Nadine stand around talking back and forth about their relatively strange arrests. Alexis comes in and whips the boys of the PCPD into shape, letting Spinelli go free. Spinelli apologizes to Leyla for their evening ending that way. Leyla tells him nothing is wrong, and that he is her hero. She kissed him on the cheek and Spinelli got *that look* on his face.

June 11th

Spinelli goes into the coffee shop acting uber confidant. Little did he realize, the guy he punched the day before (after the jerk called Leyla a terrorist) was sitting at Sonnybucks having a cup of joe. He called Spinelli a terrorist lover and said some other horrible things. Spinelli went to take another swing at the punk but this time the neanderthal got the upper hand and pushed Spinelli face first unto the nearest table. Materializing out of the air like some mystical Justice League, Diane, Milo, Max, and Jason showed up, guns out. Diane gave the punk a verbal beat down.

Spinelli demanded that the guy apologize to him and then asked for all of his money. The jerk was confused, but Spinelli took his money and said it would be donated (in the Jerk's name) to the Red Cross (because they defend all people without care for their race or creed). THAT was funny. Jason wanted to know why that guy was so upset at Spinelli in the first place and Spinelli recalled the night before, telling everyone proudly that he knocked the guy out with a single punch. No one seemed to believe him. Jason told Spinelli to not fight anymore because he didn't want him getting hurt. Spinelli was offended.

Later, Spinelli went to the Metrocourt and spotted Jax. It seemed as though a light bulb went off in his head. He told Jax that he wanted to be just like him. He lamented that no one saw him as a man except for Georgie, and he didn't see her in time. Jax seemed a little annoyed at first, telling Spinelli that he should just be himself. And then Spinelli replied "Myself is not good enough." He told Jax he would gladly change anything and everything about himself if it would make his love see him. He also said that he didn't understand why everyone else finds love but not him. In the end, Jax agrees to help him out. Spinelli replied with a hearty "Hazzah!" ...Jax said that word had to go.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11 Are you con-KISSED yet?

Lets have as many postcards and snail mail letters postmarked with June 11 as possible.

Remember Sonya Eddy did say that 1 letter. 1 single letter counts/weighs for like 2,000 people. Your ONE letter can make a difference. Together...we can get what we want and what we deserve.

Jill Ferren Phelps
General Hospital
c/o ABC - TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Robert Guza, Jr.
General Hospital
c/o ABC - TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Brian Frons
President - ABC Daytime Programming
2300 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91506

Anne Sweeney
President, ABC
500 South Buena Vista
Burbank, CA 91521

Soap Mags
Soap Opera Digest
Sound Off
261 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Public Opinion
c/o Soap Opera Weekly
261 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

What's On Your Mind
c/o Soaps In Depth
270 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Mr. Michael Logan
c/o TV Guide
Radnor, PA 19088

Count down to the Meet and Greet

I have just a few days till Saturday. I will be attending the Meet & Greet to benefit the Manchester Animal Shelter.

I plan to post from the event with my camera phone at this blog location ( like I did last year.

I am so excited

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vote! Poll!

Do you think Maxie belongs with Spinelli? Vote here:

What a difference a year makes....

I have been lamenting for a couple of weeks now about how much difference a year can make, and where Bob Guza’s GH storylines (I use the term loosely) are concerned, it can mean going from complete love to absolute loathing and back again until you decide to start carrying sick bags from the spinning (no pun intended). In the life of Spinelli and his ladies, it’s beyond belief.

Lulu in particular has made a complete 180 for me in a way I NEVER thought was possible. Remember last year when Lulu looked like this, so fresh-faced, upbeat, strong willed but kind and compassionate? She was the best of the supercouple that is Luke and Laura from whose awesome loins she was born.

Remember just a scant year ago when Lulu was a true friend to Spin and he to her? Even if his love went unrequited, they were there for each other whenever it counted. Remember when we thought scenes like this were so eeeeeeeee-inspiring that we couldn’t wait to get to the blog to post about it? SpinLu Forever!

Or so we thought. Just a year later, we find this:

A shrill, shrieking, self-destructive, meddling, smug, spoiled brat of a banshee whom I can barely stand to see on screen. I'm convinced she's a succubus. Spin is now an afterthought or a convenient comfort if she doesn’t get her way about something, which apparently is often given the amount of tantrums she throws. They didn’t even have her show up to provide comfort to poor Spinelli after the death of Georgie! Are you kidding me?? I can’t believe it but it happened - Guza has made me hate the CHILD of Luke and Laura.

  • AUTHOR'S EDIT: Let me just throw in here that I realize Julie Marie Berman is an actress, and, as such, is NOT Lulu Spencer. She is a lovely lady - I've met her, and she just radiates sweetness and charm - so I'm hoping that perhaps some of the shrill shrewishness were getting right now is partly due to JMB's own frustration with the turn Lulu has taken - or perhaps she's hoping if she plays her brittle enough and we complain loud enough, the PTB will take notice and change her course. I hope she's not holding her breath.

Did we NOT see the beautiful scenes between Lulu and Laura last December when it seemed so clear that Lulu wanted to honor her mother?

Now she's decided she wants to emulate an entirely different family member:


Georgie - so beautiful, vibrant and sweet, and she and Spin were the cutest of cute. Hope was in full bloom for one of the most adorable pairings on daytime TV.

Not EVEN a year later…

Nuff said

While Nadine was probably too old for Spin, they did make a smashing couple at the Black and White Ball.

Her sweetness and loyalty haven’t changed, but she and Spin have spent nary a screen second together since the ball. Guza seems to be assuring that they are never seen together again, lest we be intrigued by them as a couple, and he would then have to find a way to thwart Spin’s possibilities for a romantic relationship once again. Bastard. It’s also worth mentioning that apparently Nadine’s taste in men is considerably fickle. You can hardly compare Spin and Nikolas – but I digress.

Again, a COMPLETE 180 for me in the Maxie Jones department – one I never saw coming! Just a year ago, I loathed her very presence. She slept with Lucky and fed him pills. She tried to ruin Lulu at every turn. Causing pain for TWO Spencer children is cause for execution! Plus our Spin didn’t like the “bad blonde one,” and that was good enough for me! Not to mention she had HORRIBLE taste in clothes AND hairstyles:

What a difference a year can make!

Maxie has become absolutely adorable and spunky, still a trouble maker, but thanks to her friendship with Spinelli, we've seen a side of her that shows us there is so much more to her heart. She is fiercely loyal to Spin, much more than Lulu ever was, even at the expense of a job she would kill to keep (and if it means killing Lulu, I'm not averse to it right now). Anytime there is a Lulu/Maxie showdown going on, I can hardly contain myself in the hope that Maxie will give Lulu the bitch-slap she so desperately deserves.

Now our eeeeeee-inspiring moments look like this:

Who would have thunk it??

But rest assured, Guza is already in full swing, looking for a way to destroy any hope of SpinMax as a couple.


--Screen caps courtesy of Laurieluvsliason and General Hospital Happenings

JUNE 10, Comment Line Tuesday

Today we flood the comment lines. Call as many times as you can. Get your family and friends to call as well. If you feel shy about calling, then please call one of the comment lines where all you do is talk to a machine. Remember you won't ever know who is listening, therefore nothing to be embarassed about.

GH Comment Line

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ABC Switchboard

SOAPNET has a poll..

Maxinista and Spin? Hmmm..

Monday, June 9, 2008

Freaks and Geeks

June 4th-9th Recap

June 4th

Spinelli's attempts to impress the lady at Jake's turned out to be futile. She wasn't exactly interested in him, or any man (if you catch my drift). Maxie showed up after the failure and told him to get rid of his spam posts on Robin's blog. He almost let is slip that Patrick was paying him with Ladies Man Tips for spamming her blog in the first place. Maxie tells Spinelli that since she had to leave work to sort the whole thing out for Robin he must help her at Crimson in order for Kate to stay off her back. As they go into Kate's office together, Spinelli and Maxie crash Kate and Sonny's very own private party. Spinelli was horrified, but Maxie made a comment later that she would like a man who could sweep her off her feet like that. She is attracted to the kind of man that makes you forget to lock the door.
June 5th

Spinelli tries to get Jason to help him out with wooing Maxie but he is too busy. Jason tells Diane to help Spinelli out. Diane hears Spinelli's version of the events at the Crimson office and insists that Maxie was dropping hints. She believes that Maxie wants HIM to "seize the day" again. Spinelli goes back to Maxie at the office, determined. He sweeps her up in a kiss.

June 6th

Kate interrupted the kiss action on her desk between Spinelli and Maxie. Maxie assumed just he was kissing her as a cover for her snooping in Kate's office. Maxie KISSES Spinelli in thanks for his genius. Kate banned Spinelli from Crimson until he could keep his hands to himself (Maxie later fought with Kate on this subject, waxing poetic about what an awesome person her friend was, and pretty much demanded Kate give him some respect.

Spinelli went to Jason to get some man advice since Maxie seems determined to see him only as a friend. Sonny came into the conversation and told Spinelli to leave. Spinelli wanted to apologize to Sonny again for I guess existing. Sonny got angry and, in front of Jason, repeatedly called Spinelli "freak boy". Spinelli took the abuse in strange silence, zoning out as if blocking it all out, then left. He wound up on the docks, looking as though he were about to cry, when Leyla came down the stairs in a great dress, asking if he was okay and if she could help.

June 9th

Leyla and Spinelli were at the wedding already when the show started. Spinelli was wearing a suit. Horrible shirt, but nice hair and general appearance. He told Leyla's mom what a great guy Leo was, which made Leyla turn green thinking that her mother would be pressuring her to get married. She explained that her mother bugs her a lot about settling down and having babies. Spinelli gave Leyla a great pep talk that led Leyla to say that Spinelli was the perfect date and she wouldn't want to be there with anyone else. This made him grin, a wee bit shocked. The last we saw of them, Spinelli and Leyla were waltzing, having a good time.

Bradford at CMA:

LilyRose posted about her adventures of seeing athletic Bradford in Nashville this weekend.

June 9--email for Spinelli (and or Spixie)

For three days straight we are going to flood the email boxes, we are going to call the comment line so much, people are going to complain the box is full, and then we are going to send so many letters about Spixie, the interns will be sick of hearing about them.

If you read spoilers, rumors, etc. you know what is coming. We need to fight hard and dirty for what we want. We deserve this story to be told, and more importantly our very own talented Bradford & Kirsten deserve this story to be told. We know the Spixie online and offline support is strong, or so insiders have said. BUT we can't stop, especially know what is/and or could happen. If we want this story told, if we want our Spixie we need to be LOUDER. We need to step up our game. We need EVERY single member here to participate as much as you possibly can. Emailing is FREE, Posting is FREE, Voting is FREE, and if you have cell phone free/nights weekends--Calling is FREE. Postcard stamps are 27 cents, and regular postage is 42 cents.

June 9 Email Frenze Monday
We flood the email boxes of TPTB and the magazines. We have some very gifted writers here. We are all intelligent and creative people. Lets get Spixie related letters in every single magazine.

Also, don't forget to VOTE in the magazine polls. Lets get them in the top spots where they deserve to be. (this one for some reason works for some but not me) (again this one doesnt work for me, but works for some)

ABC Soaps in

Little Reminder...

Meet Spinelli IN PERSON on June 14!!!!

That is why, for the 2nd year, he has agreed to donate his time to do a MEET AND GREET which will benefit the Manchester Animal Shelter (Manchester, NH)!! Bradford Anderson is a sweetheart of a guy and last year spent lots of time speaking with his fans and even visiting their tables while they hung out and ate appetizers! You are sure to love him even more if you come and meet him in person!!

Here's the details:

Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 3:00 pm
Hudson Hill Tavern at 11 Tracy Lane, Hudson, NH 03051 (all ages allowed!!)
$30.00 per person (includes appetizers!)
*Please bring your own camera and item for Bradford to sign*

All proceeds will benefit The Friends of Manchester Animal Shelter!!!
For more details call the Manchester Animal Shelter 603-628-3544
Or visit our site and see Spinelli holding a homeless kitten in 2007 (which we named Spinelli, natch!) at

BTW the Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization and the shelter is a no-kill shelter. Thanks!!!