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Just a few of my Port Chuck Concert pix

What did we learn from Port Chuck Fall 2011 tour? That when Bradford says look at your picture...look at your picture and do not just throw your camera down and continue to talk. Otherwise, you get what I am now going to refer to as the 'Burton' look. It cracks me up, therefore a-ok in my book =)

Has anyone figured out yet why Brandon went for the Rambo look with the bandana? (thats what it looks like to me). I mean I guess to try and keep the sweat off him? But the camera dude (sorry don't know his name...bad PC fan I guess) had one on too.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tubey Awards

Go vote for Spinelli. He is up against some very likeable geeks.

Hurricane Irene puts damper on the Chuck...

It looks like even the hitman of Port Charles can't take on Irene (and for their safety and everyone elses safety its wise choice)

Port Chuck & Coastal Entertainment facebook pages

Port Chuck show on Sunday Aug. 28 at Governor's in LI, NY has been cancelled due to Hurricane Irene! A new date to be scheduled! If you purchased tickets, please call Governor's at 516-731-3358 ASAP

Port Chuck show in Long Island has been canceled. Mohegan Sun is still on as the storm is not supposed to get into CT until late Sunday. The guys are ready to rock it!!!

Bradford back to Orlando

Super Soap may have ended years ago (way to go Disney for not wanting to continue to pay to support the soaps, but whatever...moving on)

While you may be seeing Port Chuck Sept. 3 in Orlando...Brandon & Bradford will be back in November.

Many of your favorites from General Hospital & One Life to Live will be in Orlando the same weekend when SSW would be taking place. How awesome is that? Though I never went to SSW nor would I be able to handle the crazies of SSW, I know many who loved it for what more then a decade. Debby gets it. Debby will be taking a group of GH/OLTL actors to Orlando. Bradford of course will be there. The following info comes directly from Debby O's recent email.

Make your plans now to join us at the Marriott Courtyard Lake Buena Vista in the Marriott Village, 8623 Vineland Avenue, Orlando, FL 32821-6499 on Saturday and Sunday, November 12 and 13, 2011. This is the same great hotel we used last year, which is a mile from DisneyWorld, has a complimentary shuttle to and from the park, and you can buy your tickets in the lobby to save you time. So, check your calendar, pack up the family and get ready to head to Orlando for one last blast before the holiday season begins!!

We are still waiting to hear back from one of your absolute favorites about setting up a breakfast to kick your day off into high gear, but … in the meantime, get ready ….. to rock the house!

Roll into the afternoon with the wonderfully delicious Brandon Barash and his special kind of “Fun in the Afternoon” magic!! We’ll nosh, share stories and catch up from our last time in Orlando, as well as find out what he's up to next. This event runs from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, November 12. Tickets are $70.00 per person.

Finish up your day with the Inimitable, totally unique Bradford Anderson!! Get ready hear all kinds of great stories about his new baby girl, what's going on with Jackal PI and have fun, fun, fun with Bradford on Saturday evening, November 12from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Tickets are $70.00 per person.

The Daytime Diva's & The Alderson siblings will be hosting events on Sunday.

For more information/to order tickets visit

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8/25/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Kate Hall (who is she???)

FYI this marks 4 days in a row of Bradford being on our screens. I approve. Do you? If so, let his bosses know.

Jackal PI is talking into a tape recorder in the ally, he opens up the dumpster and hops in.

Max sees the trash all over the ally. Jackal PI calls him Bruno. Max says he is not cleaning that up, he wants to know what he is doing. Jackal PI says working. Max reachs in and grabs him to get him out. Something with Jason, something with Sam. Something about drinking beer when Diane cancels on him. Jackal PI back in dumpster. Someone is coming, Spinelli grabs Max and they hide. All we see is white legs throwing away a trash bag. He tells Max to pop a squat that it was going to be a long night.

Diane scares Max & Jackal PI. They are speaking that book again. STOP PIMPING THE BOOK already. Diane says they need to be practical. Max wants to know what that means. Jackal PI says it means she just isn't that into you.

Diane says he can't come along. She uses Jason & Sonny as excuses. Diane doesn't want him to wait for her. She thinks it makes most sense. He wishes her luck on book tour. She tells him to take care of him self. She tells him to have light beer. He leaves. Diane wants Jackal PI to distract her. He has no leads, but he tells her there are no doorbells. He says people look down when they pray but he says to look up and you won't miss anything at all.

Diane laughs at his tape recorder. He makes a note to look something up. Diane says he doesn't have to...She gives him the history. Phone rings. She gets up and leaves. Jackal PI says this isn't the original recipe.

The flour bags say Luzetta's. Jackal PI says starlight, starbright, the first star I see tonight. He seems fascinated. One has the word star on it...the other not so much.

FYI this marks 4 days in a row of Bradford being on my screen. I approve. Do you? If so, let his bosses know.

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Bradford Anderson/Garin Wolf/Jill Farren Phelps
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GH Facebook page:!/generalhospital

Bradford's birthday project (which by the way HE LOVES)!/groups/181503651922809/

If interested in participating in a SUPER easy (and FREE) way to help Bradford celebrate 5 years on GH...Let me know will get ya the info

Port Chuck recap

While I have many fun memories of Vernon Hills: Zanies (and I'm super sad to see its closed), I am extremly happy that the venue for Illinois changed. Very happy we were not in the 'tiny' Zanies at Pheasant Run but an actual ballroom. Though the room was hot, I loved that they baragated the platinum tickets. Yes, it was sectioned off. We had tables. 8 tables of 8 (though I dont think each table had 8)....Oh and we were allowed to move around...aka closer to the stage. I could breathe, I had a smidge bit of elbow room, I could see. The staff was super friendly (well some were from Zanies they are awesome too), but basically I didn't feel like a sardine. Who-hoo!!!!

I was at a table with all people I had met at their last stop in Illinois, well minus one lady who was new (but with some of the ladies). It was her first Port Chuck show...and her first time meeting Scott, Bradford & Brandon. I love watching fans interact with them, especially if its their first time.

I clearly talk about Bradford's wardrobe options a little too much (but fyi its not just me guys who does it...but I probably the most vocal about it), yet again Bradford & Brandon brought it up on stage. Though I shouldn't be one to give someone fashion advice, I guess I go into 'protective kid sister' mode with Bradford, I want him to shine like the rockstar that he is. Brandon & the camera dude (sorry don't know his name) were wearing like rambo bandana's around their heads...And Bradford was wearing his Jackal PI type hat (he and Mo both wore them during FCW)

Set list per how I have it:
Walk This Way
Pour Some Sugar On Me
some honkey tonk song where I totally plugged my ears like a 5 year old
Billie Jean (Bradford did Michael proud)
American Girl
No One Like You (Bradford lead)
Rock the Box ???
We Were Born This Way
Knocking On Heavens Door
Hellejuiah (sp)
In The End
Dontcha Want Me Baby (Bradford lead)
Come Together
I'll Be There For You (this tours serenade song)
Don't Stop Believing (Bradford lead--I tell ya he needs to go play Kurt's boytoy on Glee)
Devil Went Down to Georgia
Rock and Roll all Night
Jessie's Girl

Pictures to come soon!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/24/11 Spinelli recap


Just finished watching Bradford kill it on stage tonight...and per order rushed home to see what I have heard...kill it on screen. He asked me (er or well my table if you want to be technical) if we had seen todays episode. Um no, we were all in line for the concert. He said we must see it.

Maxie wants to know how Jackal PI knows about her heart. He says he knows its not what it used to be. He said its not hers at all. She wants him to continue. He says she can't be getting ten times emotional. He says she has to stay cool. She has to protect the new merchandise (er technically its old) He says like she said, the important stuff is all in there. She says about her? He says about everybody. She says he is right there. She wants him to grab ahold of it, and not let go. She wants him to tell her other important things he remembers. He looks lost & puzzled.

She thinks him remembering the heart transplant is a good start. She wants more. They are sitting on bench now. He wants her to ease up on third degree. She just wants to help. He says she is helping herself, not him. She says its not true, usually it is, but not now. He says the doc sliced her up. He says its a big deal but he didnt get attached to his arm??? He says she is reaching for something, she can't have. He says if that hurts, he is sorry (er Jackal PI just apologized? Jackal PI doesn't say sorry) He says she wants him to place her somwhere more then just a colorful distraction, he says thats all she is. He says all the sewers and cemetaries in the world can not change that. He says desperation doesnt go with her life. She says she is not some desperate dame trying to get him to feel sorry for her. She says she will not be treated like a loser. He says she isnt a loser, she is just a dame with second hand broken heart. He says it all of us. She says even you? He says huh? (ooh cover up), he says its time to roll. He is starting to get frustated. He says the roses are starting to cry. She says what roses? He says all of them. She says maybe just one. She says maybe its Georgie's. She said you said you remember important stuff. She wants to know what important things he remembers about her. He said he remembered he failed her (I think my heart just broke yet again)

Maxie wants to know why he says that. He says he should have been quicker, smarter, he says there were signs flashing like 10 feet tall. He says he missed them. He says he put it together to late, and he got to her. He killed her. He says he killed your sister. Maxie says even the police force couldnt do anything (thats cuz Guza hated cops and makes them look like fools). He says Jackal PI should have known better. He should have tracked down the clues, he should have read between the lines, those whatyamacallits, those gizmos, Maxie says texts. He says the ones Georgie used to write to him. Maxie says emails. Maxie says beautiful ones, about how she felt about you. Maxie says only you didnt discover them until after she was gone. He says she was really gone from me. Maxie says really. He says he should have known. He says he let her down. Maxie says he doesnt let anyone down. He is getting mad again. He says what is that stupid box, that gimzo that she put the things in. Maxie says its the computer. Maxie says its one thing they shared in common. Maxie says she admired his cyber skills, she thought you could do on a laptop was amazing. He doesn't get it. He says he was just a sap in a room alone, jamming his words in this worthless junk. Maxie says it wasn't worthless. She says he opened her eyes to a world of wonder. He says don't you see doll, you were the real world. Maxie says he was brillant about everything. Finally a Granny mention. Maxie says it all started with that computer Granny gave him. He says Granny says it was a toy. Maxie says the best toy you ever received. She said that he told her that working with a computer made him feel in control (was this pillow talk we missed? Or those so called late night phone calls they spoke of in 2008?) He says that wasn't the truth. He says it was just a bad alabi. He says they don't open up the world, they suck you in. He says then before you know it, you can't talk for yourself, think or feel you just push buttons. Say it and save it. Keep it locked in, keep it locked up (what is ON that computer that we need to know about? What has he said and saved it and locked up?) and thats why. He says your sister never told me those things to my face and now shes dead (er or not if you want to go by Jenna's theory) He wants to know where the magic in that is. Maxie says he couldnt save her. He says but he is Jackal PI. Maxie says no, you are Damian Spinelli. She says he might not have been able to save Georgie, but she thinks he saved her.

Maxie says Lisa Niles had that gun pointed right at her and then he dove in front of her. He says it was part of the job. She disagrees. Its part of being you, Spinelli. You acted with out thinking. He says she is trying to cram things into his head that arent there. She says he put her life on the line for her. Maxie says Spinelli has a heart and soul. Maxie says he doesnt get how special he is. She says even Jason has a soft spot for him. Maxie says she thinks thats why Georgie loved him so much (er Georgie wasn't in love with him. Yes she had a crush, but love? NO) Maxie says why she loved her so much in that special non-spouse way only they could. Maxie says its why I miss you. Maxie wants him back.

He says its been a good ride, but this is where he gets off. Maxie says he can't just get off his own life. Maxie says she is trying to be helpful, and it doesn't happen very often. He says so what. You want me to be some Einstein, who puts himself out for everyone else but ends up alone? He wants to know where the up side is. Maxie tries to show him pictures of their non-wedding. She says look how happy you are. He says what happend next? He says did we stay non-married? Maxie says they have a bond that will last forever. He says he sees the angle how its good for her. He says he will be by the phone if she is ever in a jam, but she will be off with Patch. Maxie says its not like that. He says he had a thing for Moonlight, but she didn't get him. He says your sister had a thing for me, but I was too thick to see it, and you were tied to a geek and you gave him the ax. He wants to know why would he want to be that sad? Maxie says because what they had was real and Jackal PI isnt. He says you could have fooled me...knocks on his head. She sayd he was the first person besides Georgie that believed in her. Maxie says she told him her dreams and he didn't laugh. He took her serious. She wants him to stop talking like a tough guy, like he doesnt care. She says he changed her life. He says where did it get me? You? He says you are telling me if I go back to being that geek, you are going to fall in my arms and we written in the stars? He says right. He says he can't get too attached. Maxie says everyone has feelings. He says it doesn't pay to care too much. You hurt people, you can't get them back. You miss them and they are gone. He says he can't let that happen again (please let this be further then just losing Maxie & Georgie). He says he can't lose again. He can't lose anyone else. He says he needs her to stay the hell away from him.

Maxie says you want me to stay away? He says thats what he said. He says he doesnt want what she wants. She says she will stop pushing. He says he is a man of action. He says he paid his repects, he has to go. She wants him to promise he will be careful. He tells her to go find Patch, feel this love that has her all hot and bothered. He says he will be fine. He walks away, turns half way and says shes fine.

Yo, Kiera make room on that fire place mantel (providing you have one) for that Emmy that they should just ship to your husband.


Pictures vie Aaron Nardi & Jeremey Ross vie twitter

Those going to the Illinois show tonight. Have FUN!

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Since the announcement of this birthday project for Bradford (in Gwaddy's honor) at least 3 other fans of GH have said they too have lupus, and 1 fan of the show (sister). I am so happy we can do this, not only for Gwaddy but for all those who suffer or know someone who has suffered from this incurable disease.

Gwaddy is one of the most caring, generous people I have met. I met her a few years ago at Bradford's first FCW event in July 2007. She was at my table. I am so glad she recognized me and remembered me a few years back when she found me on twitter. All I remember I sat next to a really nice married couple (her & her hubby), and a little girl who was super excited to meet Bradford. Gwaddy has lupus. If you follow her on twitter, she isn't shy about sharing her experiance. I was really excited because I was finally going to get to see her and her husband again and sit with them at another Bradford event, all these years later. Sadly, she had a flare up the weekend of FCW this year. Gwaddy was as at home in bed.

If you would like to wish Bradford a happy birthday, or support Gwaddy or know someone who has or had lupus, please consider donating

Thank you

8/23/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Nathan Fissel

Jackal PI doesn't understand why he is there. Maxie says its a special place for her, even though Georgie is gone. She still feels close to her. Maxie is hoping that Georgie can help him.

Maxie says wise Georgie, thats what you used to call her. Maxie thinks it was a perfect name for her, as she was the wisest person she knew. Jackal PI thinks its a game to use her dead sister to get to him. MAxie says she knows he doesn't want to be with her. She feels like no one no one is going to be there to stop her when she starts to drift a way. She reminds him that he feels that way too. Jackal PI seems confused. Maxie just wants him to reach out.

Maxie said when Georgie died it changed everything for her, it felt like a part of her died. Maxie couldn't stop thinking why her (er don't worry all these years later I am still asking GH why her, why her). Maxie says it didn't seem fair, it should have been her. She says she should have done more. Jackal PI says he doesn't think thats possible, doll. She says your not? Jackal PI says she has been giving him the third degree for weeks trying to help him. He says if she fought half as hard for her sister as she is for him, he assures her she did all she could. Maxie says she didn't fight for Georgie, she didn't do anything at all. (During all this we do see glimpses of Spinelli trying to peak through)

Jackal PI tells her not to worry her pretty little head. WHats done is done. Its in the past, move forward, dust yourself off and get back to the mean streets. He says sounds like your sister Georgie was a real sweetheart. She says sounds like? She says you knew her, Spinelli (here we go again with the Spinelli talk). She was your friend, she meant something to you, she meant a lot to you. How is it now that she is just a name on a headstone? Why can't you remember how much she cared about you, me, everyone? Why can't you feel anything? You are suppose to remember important stuff and Georgie is important stuff. Jackal PI stops her, he doesn't think she should be getting like this. She says why? Woman don't do this in that fantasy world you are living in? He says no. He just doesn't want her to allow herself to get upset because of the problems she has with her ticker. Maxie stares at him. We see a Spinelli glimpse of a look.

To those going to Nashville Port Chuck tour tonight... HAVE FUN!!!

GH Comment Line: 323-671-4583

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8/22/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Michele Val Jean

Jackal PI is laying on the ground with a chef standing over him about to beat him up. Maxie is dragging Lucky behind her...Well Jackal PI was going through everything at bake shop and making a mess. Lucky tells the guy to let him go.

Lucky thinks he knows the baker . He offers to give him a discount if he keeps the nut job away from him. Maxie says you see what I mean? Maxie says he is sick in the head (so where is the professional help he needs that you claim he doesn't? This isn't being a good caring "so called" friend) Lucky takes off to go by Siobhan, stops to look at his pill bottle but then Elizabeth called.

He sits down next to the dumpster so he can stay focus. She wants to know why he is doing this. If the mind isn't focus it takes the mind someplace where the puzzle can't be solved. There Maxie goes again calling him Spinelli. Maxie claims she has tried everything she could think of to get him back (Maxie would have tried sex) He says he is right there sugarpants. She says but you're not really. He is staring off into space. He says he is not her geek. She saye he never was her geek. She says he was just different. Almost looks like Jackal PI is having a seizure. She says she took them every different place that they wound up (er except for Jakes, the warehouse, the morgue, her bed, his bed, Georgie's grave, the steps where he found her & Georgie, Kellys, where they got married) She says she even got them stuck in the storm drain which she never wanted to see again. He is struggling (she does nothing) he says back to the scene of the crime. Maxie says losing what they had, that was the crime. She didn't realize how much until right now. She says they were stuck in the Crimson office. She said when the storm was happening she had to suck it up and see what she would do to get him back (clearly not sleep with him) even just a piece of him. Jackal PI says he doesn't do it for her does he. Maxie says he was hitting on Lulu right in front of her calling her moonlight and beautiful and saying she looked great in a dress that I wore better (er thats your opinion and he is entitled to his...just sayin). She says she was willing to take that chance to see if anything would reach him and remind him of who he was. What we had together. Maxie gets up. She says she is starting to think she only has one more shot at this. She helps him up. He doesn't want up. He says he is on a stakeout. She wants him to forget about the stakeout and go with her. He gets up and asks where they are going. She says he will see. She takes his arm and guides him off.

He wants to know why they are there. He doesn't know why they are there. He says he knows its a people plot. Maxie says its a cemetary. She says she goes there often, though she wishes she didn't have to. He says its not ringing a bell. Maxie says the landscaping has changed a little bit the the last time they were there. He reads the name and sighs.

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Birthday Project

Also, November marks Bradford's 5 years on GH....A bunch of us are working on something (no momentary donations involved)...If interested let me know how I can get the information to you...and I will.