Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tis the season to love Jingle Jackal

Many of you may be wondering if we were going to be doing a charity project in honor of the Anderson family this year. We have helped so many wonderful charities this year, lets save our 'change' and do something else instead.

I love and adore all the projects we have done over the years. I love how generous not only daytime, General Hospital, but more importantly Bradford fans are. In his name for various causes we together have raised over $10,000. Yes, you read correctly. Not too shabby, eh? We have raised awareness to so many causes, we have helped so many people, children, touched so many people’s lives. Some we know…know we do not know. But this year with all the changes in daytime, I think it’s time to go back to the basics.

So this holiday season I am going to ask you all to drop a Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or a New Years card in the mail to Bradford. Can’t afford a card? A note on any paper you can find works perfectly as well. Whether you are currently watching, or haven’t watched in years. This talented man, who loves and adores us, needs to know we still love and adore him. He needs to know that no matter what, we have his back. Always!

Sure the studio is going to be going ‘dark’ soon for holiday break. It does not matter. Send the card this week; send it next week, the week after, whatever. Just mail it before Christmas. If he doesn’t get it before break, so what who cares it’s safe to say that Bradford wouldn’t mind getting a holiday cheer from you even after the New Year.

Sure you can write on his facebook wall or tweet him, but if you want him back on YOUR TV screen. If you want to see more Spinelli in 2012 and you think he deserves a storyline worthy of his talent…or even just want him on more, more involved, etc. It doesn’t matter what you want his story to be, who you want him to be paired with, etc. I personally am still curious why he can't remember his cyber skills. I am loving how he is being sneaky, and has more confidence in himself. He is standing up for himself more. But why the basketball? Why was he living with Granny? Where or who were his parents? There are still so many stories and unanswered questions about this loveable character, that I want answers to. I want to know what happens next...but in order to do that we need to actually SEE him on our screens more. Sure its hard to muster up motivation when he is hardly on, and we don't really know what his storyline is or where its going...but thats the thing. Frank and Ron are experts. They make me look forward and want to see One Life to Live everyday. I also love being spoiler free for that show. I don't like to know whats going to happen.

First we need to let his new bosses know Bradford is a valuable asset to not only to daytime, but is cherished and adored by the fans. His character has touched so many fans in so many different ways. I am forever reminded of Ari (the little boy at Zanies in Vernon Hills, IL who did not attend the event, but got to meet Bradford.) His real life Spinelli. I was lucky enough to witness this encounter. Bradford was a pro with him (like there’d be any doubt). I love people watching, and I love watching certain actors with the fans. Bradford truly does adore and love his fans, no matter what their exterior or interior package is. This little boy met his hero. It’s one of my all time favorite Bradford moments. If I wasn’t already a huge admirer and fan of this man, I think I would have become one at that very second.

Screw the French hens or turtle doves, just give me Spinelli.

So let us be elves this holiday season and spread the love and cheer. Bradford is Mr. Positivity, and Hopeful, least we can do is be the good little elves next to him cheering him on. He loves his job, he loves his co-workers, he loves his fans. He wants to stay there as long as everyone will allow it. Lets give him that wish. Let’s get Spinelli (and Bradford) back on our TV screens in 2012 where he belongs. Not only does he deserve it, we the fans deserve it too.

Bradford Anderson
c/o General Hospital
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027

Feeling generous and want to spread more holiday cheer? It is after all the most magical time of the year. Please write his new bosses at:

Frank Valentini
c/o ABC-TV General Hospital
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Ron Carlivati
C/O ABC-TV General Hospital
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Anne Sweeney
President, ABC Television Network
Disney Media Networks Division
500 South Buena Vista Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91521

Friday, December 2, 2011


Happy New Years, GH fans? (not really sure what GH is going to give me for my birthday... more Bradford on my screen perhaps? I'll take it.)

Brian Frons, ABC Daytime President is OUT!

Again, don't like to see anyone lose a job, but this too has been long over due.

What does this mean for GH? Especially with Ron & Frank taking over after the holidays? And the new daytime president very pro non-scripted TV? I guess we shall see what happens.

Keep supporting your favorite actors/actresses and characters.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas, GH fans.

Santa came a little early this year

I don’t like to see anyone lose their job, but sometimes it’s necessary (especially if it’s long overdue). When Robert Guza, Jr was let go…he wasn’t the only one at fault. He wasn’t the only one that should have been leaving. (I’m looking at you Anne Sweeney and Brian Frons & Robert Iger who clearly want more talk shows that people don’t want or need) but GH executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps was also on this list. But let’s face it; they aren’t really ever going to start making changes from the top (they will start elsewhere like most businesses).

Sure Guza & Phelps, etc brought us many of our past & current favorite actors/actresses/stories/characters/couples/etc... And I do thank them, but thats not why I am writing this. That is not the focus (and no I am not celebrating that fact people lost their jobs) I am however celebrating the fact that HUNDREDS may not be losing their job, and a genre may not be dying. That alone is worth celebrating. Worth being happy, hopeful and excited.

When Garin Wolf took over, I was ecstatic. I saw hope. I saw new life being breathed into a show that is on life support. There seemed to be more of a balance, more vets coming out that we haven’t seen in years. Everyone seemed to be involved. Though seems for the past two months, things have been in a way reverting back to the old ways. Same ol same ol everyday and several days if not weeks with out seeing certain characters or hearing about certain stories.

Well not only is General Hospital getting One Life to Live executive producer, Frank Valentini… They are also getting their head-writer ; Ron Carlivati (who was suppose to be coming before but then was going to do OLTL vie online…I won’t get into that as I am still VERY bummed One Life to Live is officially over as it in my opinion was and currently is the best one left)…WHICH means if we get two of the reasons why it kicks butt so much…either 1. ABC wants GH to go out with a bang or 2. ABC really would like to see GH survive.

I’d rather see a few people get replaced vs. even more hundreds out of a job. I haven’t seen anything that Wolf is officially out…Maybe he will be a breakdown script writer (again) or maybe he will be a script writer. I haven’t seen anywhere that he is officially out of a job. (Which is good). I think this could be really positive for mostly everyone (sorry we all know there will be changes) for everyone at GH.

Drop a little note to Bradford or his new bosses. Let them know that you adore Bradford and Spinelli and want to see much more of him in 2012.

Ron Carlivati/Frank Valentini/Bradford Anderson
c/o General Hospital
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027

Monday, November 28, 2011

GH on life support or almost flat lining?

Is there still hope for General Hospital?

When Guza left I was happy (not for the fact someone who told basically the same story over and over again lost their job or the fact they basically wanted the same 5characters shoved down my throat everyday). I was happy and hopeful that maybe ABC might have still been invested in General Hospital. Still cared about the fans. Issues with all ABC daytime went further than blaming the head writers. I’m looking at you all the executive producers and I am I’m looking at people even higher up then that, like you Brian Frons, Anne Sweeney, Robert Iger. I was not na├»ve though. I also knew that maybe they just wanted to end the show with everyone (i.e. fans) watching and being happy. Well, I sadly think it’s the second part of my thinking vs. the first.

If ratings go down vs. going up then ABC would have justification and reasons why they were canceling their shows for shows that no one is interested in (except ABC because they are much cheaper to produce) Bad, boring repetitive stories = fans will turn off their TVs, remove it from their DVR’s and well basically then the ratings will drop, giving ABC exactly (in my opinion) what they want.

Prospect Park gave millions of soap fans hope and something to be thankful for. They were going to take All My Children & One Life to Live and air them online. Seems like a very smart move if you ask me. Hundreds wouldn’t be out of jobs and fans will still have hope that their favorite shows & characters could be seen every day. For months fans have been very grateful to Prospect Park and very curious on finding out details. Sadly, just like the monsters at ABC who think viewers much rather watch Katie Couric (who is she??? I only know the name), a show about eating (The Chew) and then you eat so much you need to lose weight with Revolution. Prospect Park took away this hope. They took away this thankfulness they gave fans just like ABC did. First they did it with All My Children, and then they decided to do it with One Life to Live too. This means when General Hospital goes off the air (sorry no one is in denial here that it isn’t ending) it too will be the end. That makes me sad. It makes me sad for the genre, the shows, the fans and more importantly all the cast & crew.

When Wolf took over suddenly there seemed to be more of a balance, more characters had stories, no one seemed to be on daily. All very good things in my book. Everyone just seemed excited, happier, and hopeful. Well what’s that only saying, be careful what you wish for? I would say that ended weeks ago. Hmm what on GH am I actually interested in? The only thing that pops into my head is Elizabeth. This isn’t because Elizabeth is my favorite female character on the show nor is it because I think Becky is amazing and extremely underused.

Sonny & Kate—didn’t we see this story years ago? No thanks.

Spinelli & Maxie—though a different Maxie, Spinelli may be a little more clever with Maxie, a little more confident, etc BUT he is still chasing her. We have seen this before. He may be doing this basketball twirl thingy & no computer skills. I rather Jackal PI come back, at least they showed him at least once a week.

Luke/Tracey/Anthony—Move this story along already. Send Luke on another adventure.

Shawn & Carly—how many times will they have the SAME conversation?

Sam/Jason/Franco—rape/fake rape to get Jason to react to this psychopath…Er no thanks. Actually no thanks to anything Franco is ever involved in. A smidge different scenario with the same content…Get Jason to react. A little different set up, but same story. No thanks.

Michael/Abby—I thought each of them were getting a new love interest back in July. That hasn’t happened nor do we really ever see them. They have the same conversation about her past, his past and his father all the time. No thanks.

Lucky--Seriously he should have been paired with Elizabeth already.

Matt—finally we see him. That’s a good thing, but really what’s his story? He is on, but doesn’t really have one.

Olivia/Steve/Maggie/Robin/Patrick—Ok so Olivia all she does is meddling in Lulu & Dante’s relationship and insist she isn’t pregnant. Boring. And she & Steve seem to talk about Memphis…a lot. Move the story along already. And Maggie, er should she actually be allowed to see patients without actually be on staff? Tsk Tsk Chief Scorpio.

Ethan—Ethan talks to himself. Um let’s see the lady in white already.
Lucky talks to dead people instead of being hooked back up with Elizabeth (that fans have been waiting years for). Um no wonder why his portrayer is leaving. Don’t blame him at all.

Edward/Monica—think we have seen more of them since Wolf took over then we have since 2007. Thanks Wolf!

Elizabeth—this could be interesting…not sure yet really where it’s headed. So we shall wait and see. BUT it’s like the only story that has my interest right now.

Robin/Patrick—Really does look like they are gonna kill Robin off. I disapprove.

Lulu/Dante- OMG seriously they have been repetitive for MONTHS, or maybe even longer then that (ok maybe they are just so boring). Seriously she has issues with him being a cop NOW? Seriously? Lame.

Johnny/Anthony-- doesnt matter what they are doing or saying. They each are on so little these days (like Elizabeth & Spinelli) I am just grateful when they are on.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Port Chuck is going to be in the Hollywood Christmas parade. Its today at 6pm. Sounds like it will air through out December *so if you don't live in Hollywood or surrounding areas, check your listings*