Thursday, July 24, 2008 the Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge Meets Spinelli and Maxie! This was so neat I had to link it. :)

The day that never ends.....

All kinds of things have happened 'today' (or would that be yesterday now?) on GH. Ether that or Spinelli and Maxie have been in the same clothes for a week.. ummm..

The day started with Spinelli in the bar to drown is sorrows and Coleman refused to allow him to get more then one because JASON would have Coleman's head. Is Coleman his last name like Spinelli is Damian's last name.. umm interesting.

Spinelli went to Johnny to let him know that Jason knew and then did an amazing job covering up their discussion (and Johnny outburst) by saying he was using Italian and inadvertently insulted the Z family men (LOL)

Then Maxie went to the penthouse (and Spinelli was there) and asked for Jason's help. Jason ran off to the PCPD leaving Spixie all by themselves with the couch there. They had a bittersweet discussion.

Jason went to the station with just enough time to witnessed Bonny and Clyde breaking out of the PCPD.

Spinelli almost got arrested at the PCPD when Mac calls in Maxie to talk to her about her visit with Johnny earlier . (funny they never questioned Spin on his visit with Johnny)

Spinelli and Maxie almost have a sleep over at the penthouse (i wonder if it would have involved bunny slippers) till Mac came over after getting Maxie's message. Mac wanted her to go home in a squad car with lights. Maxie threated having sex with a bell boy if he did that and it worked LOL.

Spinelli took Maxie home. She goes in and find a half naked Dr Doom. Spinelli hears her screams of shock and disgust and rushes in all ninja and ends up pinned on the floor. Maxie saves her hero with a fire poker. Robin shows up to tell them Mac rented out Georgie's room (was he drunk) and that Dr Doom has a lease. Gross.. Yesterday ended with Spixie ploting to rid the house of the infestation.
Did I miss anything? LOL long day ...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remember your polls!

For Spixie fans:

I think these two polls are the most important out there right now...public opinion is very powerful.

Should GENERAL HOSPITAL's Jason Cook (Matt) be paired with his former DAYS love interest Kirsten Storms (Maxie) or someone else? (You can only vote once)


Can Spinelli and Maxie make a relationship work? (You can vote everyday, so please do!)

Go get 'em!

Bradford Anderson interview from SOAPS.COM

Part 2 of the interview with Bradford Anderson from He is compared to Tony Geary. Part three is next week.

Part one of the interview is here:

Also, got a runner up Sudzie award:

Best Young Actor in a Dramatic Series:

Winner: ATWT's Van Hansis (Luke Snyder)
Second Place: GH's Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli)
Runner-up: DAYS' Darin Brooks (Max Brady)

From interview:

Bradford told me that before coming on General Hospital he had never seen anyone on soaps that looked like himself. "To be lucky enough in any medium to find a character this rich that I can live in, that's the gift. This family that I've inherited (the group of) fans, actors, crew, is an unbelievable bonus." As he spoke, my mind was scrolling through my thirty-plus years as a soap fan in search of another male character that defied traditional "hunkdom" and became a leading man because of his unique self. Finally I had my parallel - Tony Geary.

Monday, July 21, 2008

SoapTown: GH FCW recap

"SoapNet" wants to know.

Have you ever been to the SOAPNET site? Bradford is all over the place. Just saying..

Anyway.. SOAPNET wants to know what we thought of Spin and Maxie's first love scene. What do you hope will happen? They give us a bit of a hint as to what's to come, too.

Let them know.

Sunday, July 20, 2008