Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spinelli recap 7/28/11

Writer: Michael Conforti (I LOVE seeing Garin Wolf's name as head writer, that will not get old for awhile)

Jackal PI & Maxie are in sewer. He doesn't think its a big deal she lost the ring, as Morgan is loaded and can buy a new one. Maxie goes into her usual what 5 minutes of why that ring is important and why they need to find it. Maxie is on laptop.

He never figured Morgan for domestication. Maxie explains why people get married, even people who first meet who find each other annoying when they first met. Maxie explains that soul shapes pinned together, becoming a better person. Blah blah blah. Jackal isn't interested. Maxie says the friendship turned into something more. Something wonderful and unexpected. Jackal PI says don't tell me you fell for it. Maxie said he was wonderful man, kind and had an amazing mind. (um I thought Jackal PI remembered all the Spinelli memories???)Funny, smart and braver then he ever knew. Jackal PI wants her to get over it, he is sour eyes. Jackal PI said the guy just wasn't into her. She says yes you were. You loved me.

Jackal PI claims he has had a lot of dames and not to take it personally. Maxie says thats not true, she was the first and only as far as she knows. Maxie says just because they didn't get married, doesn't mean they didn't love one another. Maxie says they were just as much in love when they were non-married. He says if that were true, how did she end up with Patch over at GH. Maxie says they were on a stakeout, his first. Maxie says they kissed. She said that he got mad at her, not because she invaded his personal bubble...but because he thought he didn't learn anything from the courses and the 46 rules. He corrects her and says 49. He says its common knowledge (notice 'Spinelli' ism there) Maxie said even though he had chlorformed himself he still saved her from the killer. He said all in a days work, onto the next case. He can't afford to get tied down. She says but he did get tied down. She says it wasn't love at first sight. She hated school, but then he decided to teach her about all these beautiful things, and then one night they became the beautiful things. She quotes the poem. He goes to mock it, then she yells at him saying it was romantic how he purposed on top of the roof. She gets called sugar lips again. She yells at him that she is Maximista. He looks at her. She says Spinelli. (notice the Spinelli-ism again)

She says Spinelli again, is that you? She just wants him to say something. He sees icing, he licks it. Says its evidence. He says they must be working through down there. He claims it tastes different from the ones he took (really regular ones from bakery and ones stuck to the nasty sewer wall would taste different? Good to know) He wants her to try it. He thinks she is watching her figure. She says she isn't but has a personal trainer and does pilities 6x a week (there's that Spixie with # 6 again) He says gotta keep a good form to catch a guy. She says what? No. He says she is blonde and blue eyed dime a dozen. She says you don't think I'm toned? He says when a guy wants something they go after it. He says he wonders how much dope runs through this place. She says he better not try to kiss her again. He says you want to know how to tell if a guy is really into you? He kisses like he means it not like he wants it or he needs it but like he means it. All she says you really don't think I look toned?

He is going on about what to do. She doesn't want him to leave. She says he can't leave her until he finishes helping her. She wants to know if he heard that. He is behind her with his hand covering her mouth.

He thinks its the cupcake people. She thinks its maitnance men or sewer people. He wants to go find out who it is. She stops him saying he isn't going, he already got shot by crazy Lisa. He says she can play nurse again. He says a man has to do what a man has to do, its rule 38. The bars come down (he is now holding laptop) Maxie says YES. He says that noise better be that she knows how to get them out of there.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watch Cupid and Eros on the big screen.

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros is an official selection of the International Television Festival and the entire Season 1 will be shown on Friday, August 5 at 4:00pm at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles, which includes the episodes that feature Bradford Anderson as a guest star . 

Details and you can order tickets here 

If I wasn't on the other side of the country I would be there. If you are able to you please go and support a wonderful show.  Its my favorite web series.  (I really do watch other web series including The Guild which I love also but Cupid and Eros is better)

Oh congrats to Josh Heine has been nominated for the ITVFest best male actor in a comedy series.

GHFCW 2011 Recap

Some may say Bradford & Brandon’s event left the PG or PG13 zone (though I don’t think it did). But since I don’t know the age group of this blog nor do I want to offend anyone who may find certain topics to be too racy. I also don’t want this recap to end up on other sites that will twist the words I write or not understand my sarcasm, and or the guys...I will edit so none of that can happen.

It’s been 3 years since I have been able to attend FCW (basically to put it another way would be the last time I was at FCW was when it was at Sportsman...which is where it was held again this year) It was strange and exciting to be back. Many friends I have met over the years no longer watch the show (though they should start again) and or just cannot afford the expense (it can get quite costly) so both reasons are perfectly understandable. So that was the strange part, but at the same time I was able to meet many new nice people.

To some FCW is about the actors, celebrating the show...and while sure both of those reasons are legit, to everyone I know it’s about seeing friends you have made because of a specific actor, character and or couple on the show. I am a people watcher. I enjoy seeing the 'crazies'. They aren't just in cyber world, they really do exist. It makes me giggle.

Some highlights:
Becky gives credit and gratitude to her fans for getting her job back. Actually, many of the actors kept thanking the fans for watching (ok they always did, but much more sincere & different this time) and know it’s because of the fans they get to do what they love to do...and get a paycheck. And as someone who thinks the JaSam vs. Liason wars are lameo, especially when it turns into one side bashing the actor vs. character (both sides are guilty of this)...Moving on!

Mr. John Ingle got a standing o from not only the fans but his fellow cast mates. I can't say the same for Jill Farren Phelps (the cast did though)

Kimberly had someone to meet on the luncheon day, but refused to leave. Bradford & Laura also had to duck out earlier (Laura actually was there a lot longer than I would have thought) but there were announcements prior to the actors coming out on stage that Laura & Bradford's time was limited (so I didn't even bother going to either line) but Kimberly wasn't mentioned in that announcement and she stayed until the very last person who wanted to see her and or JT did. (Many actors stayed till the very end, it’s not required---nor is them actually showing up, but with one of their bosses there & not wanting to disappoint and its wise in my opinion to at least show up for a little bit (most do if they can).

Port Chuck rocked the house. There were at least 500 people in that room, including some of the boy’s families & friends. Scott even put his two children to work. His daughter was putting wrist bands on everyone, while his son was showing people where they could sit. Leslie Charleson was there and I heard that she wasn't the only one (but I forget who else was said to be there.... Brianna may have been one of them) but the only one I for sure was Leslie to support her TV son. Aww cute.

It was nice to see the guys on a bigger stage...and lets just say Bradford being Bradford took full advantage of this.

Every time someone mentioned Bradford being a new Dad, there were cheers & he had the biggest smile on his face.

At Bradford & Brandon’s event they came in holding hands (skipping sort of) and set up a picnic of just wine (aww cute) Fans were toasted for coming, being supportive, etc.

Avi came to talk about and show clips of Cupid & Eros (check it out if you haven’t) And I was told briefly of a story idea regarding season 2. Hopefully more funding comes in and there will be a season 2 because I want to see it. =)

I guess there is something called a ‘push’ gift (which like no woman in the room heard of before) but Bradford got her an electrical apple (which of course was basically turned into being dirty) and Kiera got him a 4 cord baby song book so he could play for Juna (and Brandon broke out into a lullaby but changed the words…but don’t ask me what they actually were…I can however say it was a funny lullaby)

“YAY story” Less hyjinks (his words which ironically is what many fans have been waiting for) for Spinelli or perhaps even Jackal PI. Think lost & darker. Sounds like we may actually find out what’s wrong with him (I assume why he is Jackal PI) which in my opinion is about time as I think all of Spinelli’s friends under Guza’s reign suck. Jackal PI takes a dangerous turn, he loses it a bit…There are challenges ahead. Bradford is looking forward to us seeing them.

Look for Port Chuck to play during the MDA telethon over Labor Day weekend. (As a nanny & a aunt of an infant I would love if Port Chuck made a kid song album)
Lots of praise for Garin Wolf this week (and not just from the boys) seems everyone is working and everyone is involved and people who normally don’t work together are. Seems studio has life in it again. Lots of hope and lots of people looking forward to going to work.

If Port Chuck is headed your way, go check them out (though sadly I am sure the cost is one of the reasons some can not go even if they are near where you live). You won’t be disappointed. and to keep in touch when Bradford may be coming to YOUR town and or check out Coastal Entertainment (site and or facebook page)

Looking forward to next year already! (Pictures to come hopefully within next few days in a different topic as this one is long)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Turn your TV back ON

If you stopped watching GH for whatever reason at whatever time, today is the day to change all that. Put GH back on your TIVO/DVR...and or turn the TV on when GH is airing (if you can)....While yes a lot of people would watch clips vie youtube, we need to prove people are actually invested and want to watch (though I fully believe there are other ways & things that need to be added into all that...) basically just WATCH.

Nathan Fissel wrote todays episode, but today is the official first day that Garin Wolf is head writer. I was intrigued even before opening credits.

So far we have Monica & Jason (Sam).
Johnny shirtless in a towel/Krissy

Monday, July 25, 2011

Operation Cupcake final total

Amazing news!!!! Announcement Time!!!!

Bradford & Kiera's fans donated to Project Night Night in baby Juna's honor (aka babyshower we nicknamed Operation Cupcake). 60 homeless children will receive a tote in her honor (worth $1,200.00)in hopes of having sweeter dreams and finding a little bit of comfort. Each tote consists of a blanket, a book & stuffed animal. Thank you to all the fans for making this project a super huge success. Baby Juna got her own tote as well. While PNN totes usually only get 1 book (we took suggestions from fans & then voted...Those are the top 3 vote gettors) and thanks to Carolyn for makin the adorable blanket. Thanks for Project Night Night for all their help, and all the people who helped organize this project for baby Juna. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word, made book suggestions, voted and of course donated.

Congratulations Bradford & Kiera!!!!

Message from Kiera vie twitter
@bfordsgirl Thank you for the Project Night Night donation in Juna's honor. I am blown away by your generosity... Means so much to us!

Spinelli Recap 7-25-11

Maxie is playing secretary for Jackal PI. She is on the phone when he comes into office...and hung up on who she was talking too. Maxie goes on a 'quiet' rant saying she is not his secretary, his assistant or even Maxine. She calls herself Maximista & says she is someone who cares (well Jackal PI kisses her). She gets frustrated that he kissed her again. He says he had to shut her gorgeous yap somehow. He cracked the case. Maxie wanted to know how. Jackal PI said he scoped the guy at the bakery. Jackal PI thinks its Johnny Z. He said he moved the cameras and a few minutes later he came out with a very suspcious package.

Maxie runs over to tell Johnny that Jackal PI is coming to kill him and not to let him shoot himself again. When he knocks she goes to hide. He sees AZ with the goods and he is happy that he caught him with them. AZ says with baked goods? Johnny says they are just cupcakes. Maxie is making faces from hiding spot. He then says he thinks. Jackal PI says yeah very incriminating cupcakes (again I am sick of that stupid toothpick) Johnny has a confused look on his face.

Jackal PI wants him to spill the beans. He says he will tell Morgan to go easy on him. Daddy Z is confused. Jackal PI explains. Johnny thinks he made a mistake. Daddy Z goes along with story. Daddy Z wants him on his side. Johnny tells Maxie to get out there. Johnny tells her there is nothing going on. Johnny tells him his father is making a joke out of him. Jackal PI says they are still going down. He tells his sweet cheeks they are leaving. She wants him to stop calling her that (oh so do I, so do I) Maxie thanks Johnny for not hurting him.

We need more Bradford/Bruce & Bradford/Brandon scenes...if you agree let his bosses know

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In other news on todays show...Well that blows that Helena learned quickly that Dante was indeed a spy vie Lulu...I was hoping *though I knew she wouldn't) would do what Helena does best and basically serve him for breakfast to Lulu. Oh well. Gotta keep the faith that someone in Port Charles will eventually make him fishy food.