Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey Arkansas fans...

Meet & Greet (with Q&A) with Bradford
Phoenix Expo & Trade Center
When: May 22 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm
Where: 4600 Towson Avenue
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Looks like tickets are $3 or $4
He will be on Fashion Stage (the Main Stage)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love For Spinelli

Have you checked out the Love for Spinelli plead? Go here please for details and how you can get involved and help Spinelli find love in Port Charles.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garin Wolf named headwriter of GH

Soaps In Depth, Soap Opera Network, Soap Opera Source, and etc are all reporting what we all have been dreaming and praying for, for a while now. GUZA is out. While I hate to see anyone lose their jobs. I think its way past time. Its time for someone who understands history, actual storytelling, characters not being on everyday, love, adventure, friendship, family, have characters tell the story vs. plot points.

Garin Wolf is in. Remember Garin Wolf? He has been on the GH staff for years, but named headwriter during the writers strike. This man seemed to understand telling the whole story vs. plot points. He also wrote for everyone. Stories weren't as predicatable (remember when Jason didn't play the hero for once?)

Another good thing is it was the start of Spixie. Remember the sewers? I'm sorry drain storm?

There are a LOT of webseries out there. Turns out a lot of daytime actors have been or are currently involved in webseries. Looking for a webseries to watch? Please read this

A few suggestions that some of your favorite or ex-daytimers have starred in or are currently starring in:

Venice: Crystal Chappell, Hilary B. Smith, Jessica Leccia, Jordan Clark, Gina Tognoni, Gelen Gering, Nadia Bjorlin, Lesli Kay, Michael Sabatino and Tina Sloan

The Bay Stars: Tristan Rodgers, Real Andrews, Matthew Ashford, Daphne Bloomer, Dylan Bruce, Nicolas Coster, Lane Davies, Mary Beth Evens, Jade Harlow, Gavin Houston and more...

Cupid & Eros: Bradford Anderson

Imaginary Bitches: Eden Riegel, Elizabeth Hendrickson

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All of Bradford Anderson's events can be found at the blog's facebook page. Just check the events, all information you need should be there

May 4 and May 13 Spinelli recap

May 4 and May 13 Spinelli recap

Spinelli found Diane snooping at his office. For my sanity, he didn’t believe that she was looking for a pen to write him a note (in which he picked up a container of pencils on his desk). He then started to get snippy with her. She then tried to pull off she wanted an update on the Brandon case, in which Spinelli’s lips were sealed. She tried to change the subject to the novel. She said they needed to start the sequel, and wanted to go through his cases. He informed her they were sealed for a reason. He brushes her off and says he has to work; she leaves and of course now is thinking he is hiding something.

Spinelli was at Sonny’s with Dante helping them track down Suzanne. Brenda comes in and started to demand what is going on. Sonny doesn’t want her involved as she is too emotionally attached. Spinelli later located Suzanne. She was in San Antonio and took money out of Theo’s account.

Once Sonny and Dante left and Brenda returned, she apologized and basically started to beg for information. He did let slip that Carly went with and that she may have reason to rejoice soon.

*Now that recaps are all caught up for 2011, they may come weekly vs. daily/monthly*

Monday, May 16, 2011

5-16-11 Recap

Writer: Michele Val Jean

Brenda is going crazy that they still haven’t heard anything. Spinelli has confidence in them. He sticks up for Carly. Spinelli says to Brenda, as long as her son comes home does it really matter who brings him? Brenda still wants more information. Spinelli didn’t give up information. Spinelli doesn’t think his opinion is relevant on whether her son is safe with Sonny, Brenda disagrees. Spinelli basically says he is a good father, and will do everything he can to give her son a happy and healthy life.

Spinelli walks in on Sam reading his novel. She is enjoying it. He brought her a gift for her & Jason to share together (romance mood enhancing stuff).
Sam & Spinelli talked about her finding out that Alexis being her mother. She talks about losing her daughter (again). She is overwhelmed. She is unsure if she wants to have a child. Spinelli tells her she would be a wonderful mother. He says he knows bringing a child is a monumental decision. He apologizes for overstepping. She appreciates his support and says he is a good friend. Jason calls Spinelli to find something on Jax because he wants to fight Carly for custody of Joslyn.

Jason comes in (Sam reading novel on couch) and Spinelli is looking for information to use against Jax.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spinelli April 2011 Recap

While it may have been raining almost the whole month of April in some states, in Port Charles they were suffering a Spinelli drought.
There was no April fool’s joke in Port Charles this year; Spinelli actually shared scenes with his old flame Maximista. He went to Crimson to tell her about the book (where he found her with mourning Lucky). Maxie and Spinelli gave each other many compliments. Bradford & Kirsten proved yet again they still have the magic and they still sparkle on screen together. She admitted she would always love him, and he admitted she was his inspiration for the novel. Maxie was going to write an article about his book in Crimson.

Spinelli was not interested in celebrating the release of his novel when his best buddy was grieving the loss of his son. He found out from Sam that Jason was being questioned for Brandon murder. (Not watching and wondering who Brandon is?, eh don't worry about it.) Spinelli quickly was looking for evidence to prove Jason was innocent. Maxie showed up and she had set up a book signing for him with Diane (yes that’s right Spixie fans…TWO days of scenes). She even brought him an outfit to wear. Maxie & Sam convinced him to go. Did we get to see all the ladies adoring him at this book signing? Sadly, no =(

Several days later, Spinelli was not willing to help Dante speak to Jason about the ‘Brandon’ case in which Jason was the primary suspect (though Dante believed Jason & Mikey were both innocent of the crime.) Diane lets Spinelli know that the novel was a huge success. She believed they would be asked to write another one. Spinelli said some of his files/cases were far too confidential for publication.

Then Spinelli went MIA for 17 episodes (aka the rest of April. While yes some could agrue time is different in fantasy land, 17 episodes is still 17 episodes.) I am thinking he was hired by the Queen of England to be head of security at Kate & Will’s wedding.

Looks like come June the drought may offically be over, things begin to bloom for our Spinelli.

Cupid & Eros

Have you checked out season 1 of Cupid & Eros yet? Are you a fan of Greek mythology? If so, what are you waiting for? Even if you aren't you should check it out because not only does Bradford make an appearance (near the end of the season, but Kiera makes an appearance at the beginning of the season). Check it out, you won't be sorry. I promise!

To see how you can help fund season 2, please visit this website

Spinelli March 2011 Recap

Seemed like it took a few weeks before Spinelli went to visit Sam at the hospital, or be there for moral support for Jason (quick recap Sam was put in the Sonny & Brenda’s limo at the wedding and it blew up. Think Lily style.) Spinelli was reading Sam tales from the book he & Diane were working on, while she was in the hospital recovering. Jason should have realized by now he would of course be a character in the novel. He wanted Spinelli working to find Brenda (who had been MIA since the wedding) instead of writing the book. They made a deal…he could use Jason in the book if he found information on where Brenda was.

Spinelli figured out that Suzanne (her alias name) was not only married to Theo, but also Aleksander’s mother. Jason & Spinelli shared this information with Suzanne (who agreed to help save Brenda…I forget but somehow Suzanne & Theo are let go) and of course Jason is still seeking revenge for him almost killing Sam. He demands Spinelli to find him.

Jason was getting impatient as Spinelli continued to look for information on Theo’s whereabouts. Theo had a connection with the Trujillo family (whoever they were), but turns out they were being loyal, they refused to help Theo and gave him Johnny’s name.

While Jason was on his ‘errand’ Mikey stopped by the penthouse. Spinelli spilled the beans that it was about Theo. A call from Bernie came in about a shipment, Michael convinced Spinelli that the guys could handle it and not to bother Jason about it.

Spinelli showed concerns to Sam about her headaches. Jason gets back to the penthouse; Spinelli fills him in on Sam. Abby shows up to tell Jason what she thought Mikey was up to, Spinelli says he must have overheard him on the phone with Bernie.

Many episodes after Jake’s death we finally got to see Spinelli comforting Jason. It may have been a short scene, but my favorite part was Jason knowing Spinelli was going to hug him and basically invited him in for the hug. Spinelli offered to help find the driver, but Jason said the police could handle it. This was also the day that Spinelli received his copy of the finished book. Spinelli felt the book was insignificant, but Jason didn’t want to delay the release.