Friday, September 16, 2011

9/16/11 Spinelli recap

Spinelli is getting frustrated with his computer. He thinks he is useless. Sam comes into penthouse. They discuss Krissy. Sam wants to know if he is having luck. Spinelli lies. Says he doesn’t need any help. He said Maximista wouldn’t be happy if he interfered with the wedding plans. He doesn’t want her to he runs out of penthouse without his computer—Sam finds it strange.

Lucky wants to know why Spinelli took off. Spinelli says he had to see Stone Cold. Lucky says there are no clues. Spinelli disagrees. Spinelli sees icing on the dumpster. Spinelli isn’t listening to Lucky. He says something about no doorbells again. Spinelli eats the icing, he says it’s a message from Maximista. He says what are you trying to tell me?

Spinelli says fear not Maximista the Jackal is not far behind. He is back in the alleys looking for her.

Spinelli still looking for clues. He finds something and picks it up. He takes it as a sign from the stars.

Spinelli sees Maxie run out the of the warehouse she was in.

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Debbie Morris just sent out her mass email:

3rd Annual House that General Hospital Fans Built for Habitat

This year’s build will be on a much smaller scale (a 3 house build) so space is limited. Cost is a minimum donation of $300 to build but fans can raise and donate any amount and a great prize will be given to the fan donor. Space is limited to 40 fans. The build day is December 10, 2011.

There will be only 1 shift this year from 9am – 3pm instead of 2. Breakfast, lunch, a tee-shirt, photo, meet and greet and all supplies are included.

Talent that is confirmed at this point
Kelly Sullivan
Nancy Lee Grahn
Jane Elliot
Leslie Charlson
Lisa LoCicero
Lexi Ainsworth
Ronnie Marmo
Sean Blakemore
Kirsten Storms
Andrea Bogart
Jason Cook

The following are pending their availability…
Dominic Zamprogna
Julie Berman
Jason Thompson
Kimberly McCullough
Bradford Anderson

There is a website in the works….more details to follow.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

9/15/11 Spinelli recap


Spinelli still dressed in a suit walks into Jason's hospital room about them discussing Maxie. Spinelli says he has distressing news about Maximista. Sam says did you just say Maximista? He responds saying it is the name that best suits her. Jason looks at him and says Spinelli? He waves.

Jason wants to know what happened to Maxie. He says Maximista was drawn into Jackal, my ill fated to disifier the riddle. Sam wants to know what riddle. He says its lost in the stars. Jason says he hired him to stake out the bakery. He says what he has done is forgotten. Spinelli says he doesn't remember. He says its a allusion. Jason wants to know what brought him back...the answer: he saw Jason and needed to be his friend and he no longer wanted to be Jackal PI.

Jason says he missed him. He is happy to have him back. Spinelli gives Maximista credit. Sam wants to know if he remembered the trip to the sewer. he remembers, and going to Georgie's grave. Sam wants to know if Maxie knows, if he has seen her. Spinelli says he hasn't made himself clear. Maximista has vanished. He says evidence shows she was abducted from the bakery. Jason says nothing is going on there, he just sent him there...Spinelli says Jackal PI put the pieces together. He says the movement of drugs is happening at lucinda's and the answer is in the stars. Sam says whatever he thinks he saw was a coincidence. He says Maternal One Elizabeth is also missing. He says he told Dante & Lucky. He says they are aware. They found Elizabeth's phone in dumpster. He says he also has proof but it can not be seen by the bride to be.

He says he did find it. He says its hard not to trust your own mind. Jason says he will have Shawn on the case. Spinelli apologizes about intruding and about Krissy. Spinelli returns the ring to Jason, but won't let Sam see it. Spinelli is still dressed as Jackal PI. Sam leaves them alone. Spinelli says he is honored to help with the nuputials in anyway he can, no matter how small it may be. Jason tells him he's been a great friend to him, he says it would be a great honor to him if he would be his best man.

Spinelli says its very gratifying and he is touched to even be considered. Jason says he has done so much for him & Sam. And they want him to be apart of the wedding. Spinelli says he was the Valkeryie's best person at her wedding and he think he should return the favor. Jason says that Carly isnt really fighting the wedding, but he doesnt want to put her in that position. He says about Michael or Mr. Sir. Jason thinks he doesnt want to be in the wedding. Spinelli says the Jackal is more trouble then he is worth. Jason doesnt know what he is talking about. He says he trusts him with his life. He says he has never failed him or Sam. He says whenever Sam or he needs him, he always shows up. Something about failing miserably to the man of action. Jason doesn't know what he is talking about. He says he is a genius on the computer and saved him more times then he can count. He says not as many times as you saved me. Jason says he believes in the committment that Sam & him are making and that makes him more qualifyed then anyone else. Spinelli was hoping for this and gives Jason a hug. Jason pats his arm.

Jason says before he does anything for the wedding, he needs him to get on his computer and hack into the security cameras n the waterfront and see if they can find anything on Maxie & Elizabeth. He says he will do his best. Jason says then he needs him to call Bernie and tell him you're back and transfer that 20 million to whereever you put it and transfer it to the Grand Keys. Jason says now. Spinelli says he looks forward to er I think talk to the Bernificant one. JAson wants to know where he put the money. Spinelli says its much to complicated to relay in simple conversation. Jason says its good to have him back. Spinelli leaves (oooh what is that boy up to?)

Spinelli is sitting at the penthouse with his computer....Hmm what is the pure little evil amazing genius up to?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Since I am guessing it will involve Bradford/Spinelli at least a little bit. It looks like there will be a Maxie recast for 1-2 months. A Disney actress (I guess from ICarly) named Jen Lilley will be taking over the role for 1-2 months while Kirsten gets better (what she has, has not been announced yet)

Sounds like Jen starts filming today.

Feel better soon, Kirsten! We all know Bradord will take good care of Jen and make sure she does the character of Maxie justice. =)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/13/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Susan Wald

Spinelli still outside bakery is trying to remember what happened there.

Rub a dub dub 3 men in a tub. Spinelli is still trying to figure out what happened there. He eventually leaves and doesn't see Elizabeth.

Spinelli laying on the docks singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He is looking at the stars, sees a peice of paper fly by and he picks it up. its a sugar bag. He remembers.

Lucky calls Elizabeth. He hears the phone ringing in the dumpster. Spinelli says so was Maximista after picking up Sam's ring. Spinelli says the question is now, where are they?

Monday, September 12, 2011

9/12/11 Spinelli recap

Maxie (er I mean slightly older version of Maxie)--Kate finds him under her desk laying down. (trying really hard to give new actress a chance but don't get why they couldn't just bring Megan Ward back)

Kate isn't happy to see Lulu. Blah blah blah girls would kill for her job and she quit and now Maxie needs a favor. Luly says she will leave but Kate says Lulu can't go anywhere til she deals with that, and points to her floor and Spinelli (or maybe its Jackal PI) sits up.

Kate is ordering Lulu around. She threatens to fire Maxie if Lulu doesn't take care of this (I'd say screw you Kate, you aren't my boss, but yes I will get Spinelli to do your own work) Spinelli is sitting on the floor, not speaking. In a daze. Lulu kneels down beside him. He speaks Spinelli. He says gracious greetings blonde He says it was a unique experiance. He is still having trouble. He says he knows who he is, was. He says his time as Jackal PI is scattered into pieces. He says it was like he was besides himself watching this whole other persons life play out. Lulu says it was kind of fun at the beginning but then she said she was a little concerend thinking he was going to act like that forever. He remembers being in the sewer with Maximista. They were looking for something. Lulu says a ring. He says yes Fair Samantha's engagement. Lulu wants to know what else he remembers. He remembers dangerous parts with Anthony Zarrarrah. Lulu says that he pulled a gun on him. Spinelli says thats absolutely insane, normally the demented one would send the Jackal into the corner like a coward. He says Jackal PI wasnt afraid. He was stronger, better. Lulu says he isnt better, he is apart of him. He still is.

Lulu wants to know if he is looking for Maxie. He says something about how Maximista said the stars will allign. He thinks the stars might mean something. Lulu is confused. He can't remember. He knows its the key to something. Kate wants to know why she is still there. Kate is impressed that Lulu grew a spine. She said if she wants a job, its waiting for her. She said if she wants Maxie to keep her job, she will get ahold of Fredirico before she goes. Spinelli doesnt wait and goes in the elevator.

Spinelli is in alley, where Elizabeth gagged with handler has her holding her (hiding).