Saturday, July 25, 2009

Help my nephew help children with cancer.

My sweet soon to be 9 year old nephew is having a charity concert instead of having a birthday party. I am so very proud of him. PLEASE think about supporting him. A donation for any amount will be a great help. It would mean so much to me.

More info can be had here. including how to make an online donation.

(I promise not to spam the board I may post one or two more times about this I am just so proud of him and want to support him)

Maybe it's me...

Maybe it is just me, but Spixie is everything I could hope for in a romantic story.  

Damian Spinelli has captured my heart through his gentle soul and different way of looking at the world.  A person like Damian Spinelli could easily become bitter and jaded but he seems to remain above the darkness with his ability to see the good in people.  And despite his (up until now) constant rejections, he has also remained a hopeful romantic.

Maxie has forever been a creature of loss.  She has lost so much that she had built walls that could not be broken, could not be gotten around.  Until Spinelli came along. With the simplicity of true love and belief in the goodness that resided in the deepest recesses of her heart, he breached those walls and found his way inside.

Spixie is a classic love story and yet, is so refreshingly different.

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this story right now, and hope that we get everything we deserve as viewers - young love and romance and true respect for a love partner.  Maybe it is because I am a hopeful romantic myself.  Maybe it is because of the actors - two phenomenal talents that jump off the screen.  Maybe it is because I still hold out hope for this kind of love in my own life.  Spixie is, in my opinion in the same category as some of the super couples in soap history.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bradford is on Twitter...

Bradford is on twitter.. Per his myspace its @bfordanderson

If you followed me on twitter you would already know..

From a Sewer to the Rooftop

Its rare but sometimes a real love story comes along. An epic story filled with heart and beauty. A bond formed when they both were in the a lowest point of their lives that carried them to this highpoint. There has been so much that has happend in the past year and a half, through it all they have both grown and achieved so much that they simply would not without the other.They complete each other...

I could be tired but I am seeing symbolism everywhere to Spinelli soiling her designer shoes in a sewer to giving her a ring on a rooftop.

Maxie had lost her sister and lover by tragic death while at a career standstill till finding real true love and getting the job of her dreams. Spinelli dreaming of becoming a PI to really BEING a PI and him fnally able to completely give his heart away to someone else.

From the Sewer to the Rooftop

The Sewer

The Rooftop