Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spixie's Bond Video

by hollyg3

The Soap World on Twitter **UPDATED**

Well I have found other Twitters from other Soap topic sources. I thought you would find the list helpful..

Former and Current GH cast
Sarah Brown

New Brandon Barash

Tristan Rogers

New Scott Clifton

RĂ©al Andrews (played Taggert)

Other great sites

Spinelli Live Journal

Wubs Net

General Hospital Online Fan Site

We Love Soaps

SoapOpera Network

Soap Opera Digest

Daytime Confidential

The Scrubs Hub

Soap Opera Source

Daytime Emmys

As you know the fan blog is on Twitter..
I think its been going pretty good. You can find alerts on blog postings, exclusive Spinelli centric SnapRecaps on the episodes and other Twitter appropriate content. The spoiler feeds has all the Spinelli related spoilers I can find from reliable sources
If anyone finds anymore respond. Now if Bradford would just twitter the world would be right.

Audio :Bradford Anderson on Stardish Radio

Bradford is in the middle some where. Its a good show even in the non-Bradford parts. He talks about my dear Spam, his event this past weekend, talks about communicating on MySpace, wine bar Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dankies reminder

if you haven't done so, be sure and vote for the ALL SOAP ballot at the DANKIES..

BA is up in alot of categories:

The winners will be announced after balloting concludes on Sunday, April 19th, 2009.

Hot Spoiler.!!

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Ok you know I don't post spoilers very often but I had to post this. I read it on both a message board and some soap magazine nether I have the link or name for.

Spinelli is going to off Sonny and take over the mob. He will shot him between the eyes after Sonny calls him freaky boy again.

Then he will frame Johnny for the murder. When thats finished then he will slowly take over control of the Port Charles mob. They won't even whats going on till its too late.

Rainbow Dim?

I was kind of excited yesterday to see a genuinely friendly-looking interaction between Lulu and Spinelli. They haven't had one of those in awhile. Even though she was giggling at Spin's worries over Maximista and "The Former Mob Prince" going out on yet another "non-date," JMB definitely played it more like the nervous laughter of someone trying to convince THEMSELVES that what they are saying is true instead of the "oh Spinelli, you're such a DORK" way she has done in the past. I love the Spinmax pairing SO much more from a romantic perspective, but I would certainly love for Lulu and Spin to get back to a normal, healthy friendship again. If Jax and Alexis and Jason and Carly can have these platonic friendships, why not these two?

Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy yesterday's scene as fully as I'd like to because of this:

Seriously? A 1970's Rainbow Brite shirt? REALLY?

Seriously, her outfits of late. Who did she piss off in the wardrobe department? Isn't it bad enough they've ruined a legacy character by making her into a shrill harpy who sneers constantly, but they have to have her do it in BAD FASHION? Then you bring in Maxie in her cuter-than-cute trendy outfits, and it's all the worse. Even Spinelli is dressing better than her now!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sonny and Spin... Why can't they be friends?

Why can't Sonny and Spin be friends?


Bradford to be on Stardish Radio tomorrow night

Bradford Anderson is due to be on StarDish Radio Tomorrow
"You are invited to Stardish's 1st Birthday! Come Join me and several guest stars including Bradford Anderson, Kristen & Eddie Alderson and many more as we celebrate 1 year of LET'S DISH BABY!"
--StarDish Radio

Call-in Number: (347) 945-5423

Well, then...

Top 4 Passionate Fan Bases:
1. Liason, GH
2. Otalia, GL
3. Nuke, ATWT
4. Spixie, GH

Scrapbook of Chicago Trip

Check out my "Wicked Good" trip to Chicago in scrapbook form here

The Saga of Snownelli

We killed a snowman in Vernon Hills just to see him DIE.

Why? Because he TALKED.

Monday, March 30, 2009

What Happens in Chi-Town...

Stays in Chi-Town...

All right guys. I have returned from the event. It was a blast. Bradford (along with some audience members) did karaoke and played charades. It was a lot of fun. weekend ever kind of fun. Bradford put SO much effort into the whole thing, writing on his clothes & doing the karoke and charades games. I believe everyone really appreciated the show he put on.

Just so you know, his introduction was a little different than usual. He did a little strip tease. ;) As for spoilers, not much in that regard. If you read his interview from a few nights ago that was linked on this site, that's basically what he said in regard to story. So, nothing new, same old information. He seems chill about it all. We all just kind of chit chatted about stuff and it was a very light hearted ,stress free environment. There were the usual questions about who writes his lines and how he memorizes info, etc...I asked him if Spinell and Helena were going to have scenes cuz she's a badass and he said that would be awesome. Also...He said Santa Claus is not a Diva (Steph asked). LOL.

At the end we got a group photo. Bradford also took a picture and talked with an abosolutely precious little boy and it was probably the highlight of the day.

Great adventure. Please accept that this is as much of a recap as I will be doing. You guys know if I had some sort of mindblowing thing that needed to be mentioned I'd bring it up. If you take this information anywhere you will feel the wrath of the Goth God Zune.