Friday, February 13, 2009

Help US reach our goal...

The clock is ticking away you have till just February 27 2009 to make your donation to the Battle of Soap Super couples for Broadway Cares.

Team Spixie has reached 67% of its original goal already. Lets show Bradford and Spixie our support.

there is two ways to donate..
donate to the main team page at

or make the donation of the blog's donation page (it will go into the main teams totals)

Minimum donation is just $5.00. Don't have coffee for a day. Put one less thing in your cart. Yes its hard economic times but its hard for worth while nonprofits like this too. Think Just 5 dollars . If you still can't donate or already have spread the word.

I have made three donations for this campaign totaling $40 dollars. the last being for just 10 dollars a few minutes go.

Come on you know you want to.

Its hard to leave the ones you love.....

He leaves behind his laptop today as to not get it too close the fire. The jackal ends up locked in a supply closet with out his eyes and ears. The horror. Please reunite these two soon.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Marginalizing Genius.

How brave and comforting he is here.
Robert Guza head writer is not been one of my favorite people when it comes to General Hospital. I completely disagree with many of the directions he has taken the show. His disregard of history (killing off Alan and Georgie for stupid reasons for example) and his understanding of what the viewers really like. I will say he had done one thing right in his tenure. Damian Spinelli; The Jackal. A remarkable character that was a the perfect storm of a quirky writing and a brilliant actor.

He should have stopped were he was head on this feat. Instead they have made a faux copy of the Jackal. She may strangely mimic his mannerism and voice patterns. (Senta is don't a commendable job with the garage) she is NOT Damian Spinelli. He is not some cookie cutter formula you can copy and call it a day. Damian Spinelli would be one of the most annoying characters on the show save for one very important unduplicatable ingredient, Bradford Anderson.

Winnie- "I will have you, see I can be just like you. You will be mine" Jackal- "Umm I don't know about that.

To top the day with a big bitter rotten tomato we got treated with this:

Eww, What where the writers thinking? Were they thinking? Agent Leeds you barely know the Jackal stop acting like your leaving your beloved behind. Your an FBI agent. You should be stronger then THIS. eww. When you juxtapose this scene with Lucky's and Elizabeth's scene it makes it even more vile.

If Spinelli is one of Guza's greatest creations then what does it make Agent Winnie? I venture to say she is getting close to rivaling Logan.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The complexities of being a character fan first in a couple fan world

I am a Spinelli fan first. What that means is through every potential storyline and paring I support and enjoy Spinelli first. An example being I could easily throw Maxie under a bus if she burns my Spinelli. I am watching you bad blonde one.

Well Spinelli has found himself into a major couple fanbase. This scares me. As a supporter of a character I want no door closed. If it Spixie or nothing I don't think i could watch. I have to believe there is hope for Spam and Spliz. I need to respect this friendship with Winnie no matter how much it pains me.

I remember the days when we wished Lulu would just give Spin a date and take him seriously.

I love Spixie and I am still hopeful we will get there but i refuse to not enjoy my Spin during the journey.

the fan blog interviews a viewer.

its a safe bet to call her an off-liner.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Next Stage Of the Dankies are up for voting

Bradford and Spinelli where nominated for many different categories.

You need to be a member but its worth it to just register. It just takes a few minutes.

Outstanding Supporting Actor Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli, GH

Favorite Storyline Drawn together by the tragic loss of Georgie Jones, Damien Spinelli and Maxie Jones team up to find her killer. Despite their differences, the two soon realize that they are kindred spirits. (GH

Favorite Character Damien Spinelli (GH)

Favorite On-Screen Couple or Duo Damien Spinelli and Maxie Jones (GH)

Outstanding Overall Performer Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli, GH)