Friday, November 28, 2008


Update on how Team Spixie is doing in the Equality Fights Aids charity fundraiser...Spinelli and Maxie fans have donated $770 in less than two weeks!! Amazing job! Soap fans are doing marvelous things. For more info check out the link on the side of this page (-->) or go here! We have until Feburary to donate and everyone is doing such a great job. I'm truly impressed!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SSW interview with Bradford by Michael Fairman
Scroll down a bit to find the part with Bradford

Holiday Soapnet Promo (clothing)

Spinelli November 17-21

Most of the time when Bradford does soemthing really amazing on General Hospital I take the time to make a big wonderful post about how awesome it was. But, words really don't do justice to how awesome it was to see Spinelli take on a really dramatic role last week. I hope to see more of it. It's a travesty I can't write down all my thoughts right now but the Holidays have made me busy...I think a few posts down there is a feature from SoapNet about how great the scenes were. I think that sums it up pretty nicely.

So, this is a short but heartfelt "Kudos, Bradford".

Monday, November 24, 2008

Three Soapnet Holiday Promos

There is more..

Go Team Spixie!!

So far, over 500 dollars have been raised by our Spixie team for the Broadway Cares project. Scrubs are only beating us by a little bit, so keep it coming!! It's a really good cause.


Here's the deal:

Direct link to team Spixie:

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Bradford sang last year at the charity event.

Soapnet "Performer of the Week"

Performer of the Week: Bradford Anderson as Damain Spinelli. Bradford is a highlight in any week, just because Spinelli is such a change-of-pace character. The verbose, jumpy counterpoint to the intense calm of someone like Jason Morgan. But Bradford got to play a bunch of different colors for Spinelli this week. His reaction to finding Maxie unconscious in the park was shockingly real -- the decision to drop the "Fair Maximista" talk and just call out "Maxie" was fantastic. And the rest of the week, spent working Spinelli up into a murderous rage, then playing his ultimate inability to do anything with it, and finally his shame that he couldn't -- Spinelli covered a lot of emotional real estate this week. Plus, his face-off with Max at midweek was an epic confrontation between Port Charles's twitchiest liar and its most dunderheaded bodyguard. Loved it.

Holiday Promos on Soapnet featuring Bradford

and Kirsten too.

Bradford and Kirsten are featured on Soapnet's Holiday promos. There is a LOT of them. (more then 5) They are very cute. If they end up online I will share them with you. They are so great I have already watched one.