Saturday, April 25, 2009

Michael Fairman interviews Bradford Anderson

Lots of good stuff. There is audio and a transcript.

thank you to Amy from Scrubs Hub for the heads up on this.

Feeling like a Yo-Yo.

Since the start of the year Spinelli's storyline has been all over the place. Big highs with HUGE lows. I am dizzy.

Lets review for those who have forgotten.

Maxie and Spinelli have sex but get into a major fight after when Spinelli realizes it was over jealously of Winifred. (that was good)

Spinelli gets arrested by the FBI (good)

Kate hires Johnny as Maxie official escort. (lame) Spin and Lulu share their first meaningful scenes in years. (good)

Jason and Spinelli track down toxic balls (weird) while Maxie gets drunk an kisses Johnny (gross) Spinelli gets caught in fire while going through an air duct at the same time Maxie goes into the burning building to get her essential person (riveting) Maxie then needs to be saved by Johnny (stupid) while Maxie see Spinelli leave the burning building they kiss (sweet).

Spinelli goes on the run to protect Jason and says goodbye to Maxie (ahhh) He goes on the run with Winifred (WTF)Spinelli becomes the a hacker slave to an art thief (what?) He is even handcuff to a computer(yeah). Sam and Jason save Spinelli with Maxie help. (good)

Spinelli prepares to go back on the run but Maxie convinces him to come back to Port Charles with her because she needs him (good) and she may hook up with Johnny (wtf).

Maxie makes out with Johnny in the limo after convincing Spinelli to return at his own peril (gross skanky gross gross skanky gross)

Spinelli walks around his pink room in a towel (always good) While Sam and the Jackal take care of the evidence against him (great) with Winnifred (umm ok)

Spam PI is born (genius)

Johnny tries to steal Maxie gum on the dock while the Jackal looks on (gross and heartbreaking)

Spinelli and Maxie have a heated argument (angry Spin always good) Spinelli punches Johnny (YES)

Maxie asks Jason's help to seduce Spinell and she says she is not attracted to Spinelli that way (WHAT!??)

Then we see the spoiler pictures for three weeks from now (confused)

Anyone else have whiplash?

Bradford Looking good in HD

Daytime Confidential did its Top 5 GH Actors in HD and Bradford Anderson got an honorable mention.

There is a poll you can vote in to support Bradford

Bradford has always looked good but HD Spinelli looks more like Bradford in my option.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bford updated his "My Space".

He just changed what he'd previously written, so we didn't get the e-mails that he'd updated this time. (I didnt' get it, anyway)

It's concerning that Soap Mania cancellation stuff.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A beautiful video. It made me cry....

This is a reason I loved Spixie for over a year.....this is why

After today I am so confused and in pain but perhaps I am not quite ready to be trained to give up on them.

Call the comment line

323-671-4583 today was hard for fans today. Let them know your not falling for it.

General WTF a GH Parody. **

these are great. while I have shared them in twitter i have not posted them here. They do at times use some adult language (as a bit of a warning) but they are sooo funny. The creator is amazing.

Link to channel. <--- Guza sits down with Bradford Anderson

The Greg Vaughan is truly inspired. <----

**Lindsay the expert says it should say satire.

All I want from GH...

Celebrating The Possibilities

This Spinelli Fan's Wish List:
1. I would cherish seeing Spinelli finally get the girl he is in love with. All Maxie has to say is that she's attracted to Spinelli in a deeper, more meaningful way, something more intense than Lyke Omg Hawt shallowness.

2. I would like Spinelli to become more fully rounded. Boxing him in as only comic relief when so many fans see him as a deeper character will hinder his character from growing.

3. I want Spinelli treated like a grown man. He calls Jason "master" for god sake.

4. He can be an adult nerd and still function in society. I do it everyday.

5. Even if they never go into his family back story, I'd appreciate knowing something about him beyond the random Granny in Tennessee. A stray mention of his parents at this point would astound me. We never hear anything about them.

6. I'm tired of him being limited. We've seen Bradford Anderson dominate every single piece of script he's ever been given. I can't say I agree with his acting instincts at all times, I'm not that sweepingly accepting...but I do appreciate that he is willing to bend and twist with his character. Give him the material, and let him take the character and the audience anywhere.

7. GH has a huge cast. Let's see him interact with them. Anyone else want to see him with Diane & Patrick more? Love their chemistry.

8. Spinelli's character of TODAY needs to be married to the hippie/punk I remember him being when he first started the show. And yes, that includes smoking weed. Hah. (...I bet Diane smokes...) Let's join the quirky sweet guy with the snarky trouble maker of his initial days. It's great seeing that bitter snarkiness, but it comes out very rarely.

9. Once again, Spinelli is a grown @$$ man. Let's update the wardrobe slightly. I encourage his unique style, but I never want to see him in that superman hoodie ever, ever again.

10. Take advantage of the uniqueness that is Spinelli...He can be comedic and dramatic. He doesn't need to have floods of comedy followed by floods of angst. Balance him with the occasional dramatic monologue juxtaposed with a PI adventure or sexy fantasy and tell me you don't have a next generation Luke Spencer on your hands with all of his versatility.

Ready? Hands in the circle....GO Spinelli on three! 1, 2, 3 BREAK!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Soap Mania" tour bad news...

Dear Soap Fans,

We regret to inform you that Soap Opera Mania on tour has been postponed indefinitely.

If you have already purchased tickets for an upcoming event, WE WILL BE REFUNDING YOUR MONEY IN FULL DURING THE NEXT SEVERAL WEEKS. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

We are disappointed that the tour must be put on hold. Our mission has never wavered: our goal is to bring you a first class, unforgettable, interactive fan event with today’s biggest stars. But we know that soap fans nationwide much they want to attend Soap Opera Mania on tour, the current economic circumstances prohibit many from being able to afford attendance at this time.

We want every soap fan who wants to attend to be able to attend. So rather than continue the tour where only some of you can come, we are going to postpone our plans until everyone who wants to come can do so.

We don’t want anyone’s ability or decision to attend to be a burden when we created this tour to be a fun, entertaining, fantasy-filled experience for each of you.

With our sincerest apologies,

Michael S. Gold - President
Soap Opera Mania on tour

Help out the Manchester Animal Shelter...

Its free!! Easy! You just need to vote for them.

The Manchester Animal Shelter is cause Bradford supports

go here:

then in the search information put NH in the state and Manchester in them. then click VOTE. It will help them win money

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Wordless

Folks, we don't bring over fan fiction here that often, but I just read a truly amazing piece of work that I had to share with you.

NOTE: It is rated for mature audiences for sexuality, so it's not for kiddies.

Anyways, The Wordless is the story General Hospital should be telling with Spixie at the moment. General Hospital, carpe diem! Take this moment and create something that will resonate for generations. I've heard time and time again that happiness just doesn't sell in soaps. I don't know if that's true, but I know what does sell on soaps...ROMANCE. Telling stories about bonds that have meaning about two characters falling in love. If a fan fiction writer can do it and create something so good, GH should be able to do it too.

Here is your map.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bradford Wins!! Dankie All Soaps Results ...

Bradford Anderson wins the Dankie for Outstanding Supporting Actor second year in a row.

Spixie got Favorite On-Screen Couple or Duo

other GH winners
Outstanding Lead Actress Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos, GH)
Outstanding Supporting Actress
Carolyn Hennesey (Diane Miller, GH)
Outstanding Younger Performer
Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones, GH)