Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bradford Singing at BROADWAY CARES

Susan Lucci will headline the 5th Annual "ABC and SOAPnet Salute Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS" benefit with previously announced co-star and host Cameron Mathison.

Talent confirmed to participate, include: Melissa Claire Egan, Bobbie Eakes, Ricky Paull Goldin, Vincent Irizarry, Chrishell Stause, Aiden Turner, Darnell Williams, Walt Willey and Jacob Young from "All My Children." Kristen Alderson, BethAnn Bonner, Kathy Brier, Scott Clifton, Kassie DePaiva, Mark Lawson, Hillary B. Smith, Jason Tam and Brittany Underwood from "One Life to Live" and Bradford Anderson, Anthony Geary and Kimberly McCullough from "General Hospital."
Additional cast and special guest stars to be announced at a later date.

Talent participation is subject to change.

The event is part of the "Soap Nation Tour," ABC Daytime Division's ongoing initiative to interact with fans on a year-round basis, offering greater access to stars in more cities, more often.

"The annual ABC Daytime Salutes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids benefit was created as a way for us to give back to the community and support a great organization. This event also provides a unique outlet to extend our brand while providing our loyal viewers the opportunity to see their favorite stars perform live on Broadway," said Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group.

TICKETS: $500 Premium Orchestra, $275 for Center Orchestra / Center Loge (both the Premium Orchestra and Center Orchestra/Center Loge tickets include VIP post show Meet the Evening's Stars reception). $110 Side/Rear Orchestra or Side Loge, and $80 Balcony.
For tickets and information visit or call - 212-840-0770 x 268

"ABC and SOAPnet Salutes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS" marks the fifth benefit BC/EFA has produced in conjunction with the network in support of the organization. To date, this annual benefit has raised over $1 million for the organization.

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA) is the nation's leading industry-based, not-for-profit AIDS fundraising and grant making organization. BC/EFA is the on-going, committed response from the American Theatre community to an urgent worldwide health crisis. By drawing upon the talents, resources, and generosity of this community, BC/EFA raises funds for AIDS-related causes across the United States. Since its founding in 1988, BC/EFA has raised over $140 million for critically needed services for people with AIDS, HIV or HIV-related illnesses.


I want to add:

I am pleased to announce that TEAM SPIXIE has taken over the 4th spot for TOP Power couple. $1,235.00 for Team Spixie. $15,731.00 from all of daytime fans!


Let's keep it going!! We still have plenty of time to donate.

General hospital Fan Club Weekend

Just a heads up.

Bradford's fan club weekend events tickets ARE on sale!

Main Event on Saturday July 18th from 9:00am -4:00pm (100 less tickets sold) on sale January 9th

Thursday 7-16-09
7:00pm-10:00pm Kick off party ($85.00) Ignachio's band will be playing (again)
10:00pm-12:00am Rebecca Herbst

Friday 7-17-09
8am-11am Bradford Anderson
1pm-4pm Greg Vaughan
5pm-8pm Laura Wright
7pm-11pm Tyler Christopher

Saturday 7-18-09
9am-4pm main event (only 330 tickets sold) $115 (members) $125 (non members)
4:30-7:30pm Maurice Benard
Megan Ward (more details later)

Sunday 7-19-09
7:30-10:30am Derk Cheetwood and Carolyn Hennesy
10am-1pm Kimberly McCullough & Jason Thompson
10am-1pm Leslie Charleson
1:00pm-4:00pm Rick Hearst
Evening event tba

Monday 7-20-09
9:00am-12:00pm Sebastian Roche
1pm Steve Burton (more details later)
4pm-7pm Brandon Barash (more details later)

Calm, and then a Storm (Play By Play)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Spinelli and Maxie walk into the living room (she's in a robe) all giggly and cute like they just had the best time evah.
Spinelli says that that night it was proof of the wonder of life. He woke up that morning and had no idea the day would end so wonderfully.
Smiles and giddy hand-holding. He's just in awe of life and she's glowing. She leans in, and says they have cemented their bond and no one will come between them, not even Winnifred. Spinelli gets a bad look on his face. He pushes her arms off of him.
He is horrified and tells Maxie she didn't want him at all. "You were staking your claim. Making love to me was a means to a selfish end".And they're off!
Whooooooa Bradford has that scary look in his face I've never seen before. I told y0u guys, if Spinelli ever got REALLY angry, he'd be the most terrifying thing on the planet...and thats kinda how he looks now. Dang.
Maxie asks, "why are we even talking about her?" They should be blissful. Spinelli replies that Maxie is the one who brought her up.
"You weren't thinking of me," he says. Maxie was thinking of Winnifred, that's why they had sex. She didn't approve, so Maxie manipulated him. Maxie looks really taken aback and on edge. She wants to know why he keeps saying "You" and not "Fair Maximista"...Yup, that's when you know Spinelli's pissed...he drops the names.
Maxie explains that she just wanted him to know that we're the best. Spinelli interrupts her, angry now and not playing.
"You solicited sex just to get what you wanted". Maxie replies that she just didn't want him to make a mistake. Spinelli is in tears. He turns to leave.
She looks desperate, like he isn't grasping the concept. Spinelli is in the doorway, thinking with his back to Maxie.
He turns slowly.
"Why didn't I realise what little esteem you hold of me" he says darkly, turning back to her. Spinelli says that Maxie thinks he is childlike and someone that can be maniplated.
Maxie's tone starts to change and you can hear the defensiveness. She tells Spinelli that everyone knows how brilliant he is, but when it comes to people and social things, yup he is childlike. Spinelli darkly states, "Please clarify".
Maxie goes for the jugular, bringing up Jason as an example of someone who uses him. Spinelli doesn't like that because he doesn't see Jason as using him. Maxie corrects him, saying he is sweet but naive, and Winnifred is being manipulative too. Spinelli snaps back with, "Thats perhaps the most insulting thing anyone has ever said to me". Considering he's been called a freak, that's a pretty powerful statement.
Maxie and Spinelli go back in her bedroom. "I didn't use you" she reiterates. Spinelli is done playing. He starts saying really painful things that sound more like his darkest fears and less like his own real thoughts---Things like she only keeps him around because she knows he's devoted to her. She only wants him around to be her tech support to save her job, like with the Crimson packages in the spring.
Aww....these are insecurities coming out into the light, but he's using them as verbal weapons. this isn't the first time you used me. He says the moment Maxie thought his devotion would be split she had to sweep in and seduce him just to get him again. Maxie is now tearing up.
"If you think I'm that shallow, you don't know me at all". With the stuff he is saying about his devotion, Maxie might be developing a small light bulb of realization about how he really feels, but not a bright light just yet. Just my opinion.
My BABIES. Let's talk it out, loves. ...Calm before the storm...And...Now...Maxie....Goes....OFF.....
This is the best paraphrase I have: "How dare you. Do you think I would have talked to you just for tech support? I could have had any guy help me with my computers that take less effort than you. You want the truth? I put up with you because I felt sorry for you. Georgie loved you and I pitied you. I slept with u because no one would ever love you. I guess it's true that no good deed goes unpunished. I guess that's me. I tried to be a nice person (by sleeping with him). I've wasted enough time hanging out with you. I'm done with you. Unlike you, I actually have my own life".
During all of this, Spinelli is staring off with his back away from her, in tears. All he says when she is finished ranting is "Done".
He grabs his jacket and walks out. Maxie slams the door and crashes into it, falling, in tears.
They've got it bad. And this hurts so good. I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...They've got it.
Later, Maxie is at her apartment looking over the journal Spinelli got her for her birthday, the one with all the fun facts. YES!!! Spixie get their very first flashback.
This one is to the scene at the hospital where he gave the journal to her. It plays out again wonderfully, and I teared up. I'm not the only one, as Maxie is crying over her journal too. Johnny and lulu come in kissing and happy in love, oblivious to her being upset until they finally break apart..
Maxie looks up from her book and says that she found what she was looking for, the flower of regret. Johnny and Lulu don't say anything, confused. Maxie wipes her eyes and closed the journal, standing to leave. She says she's messed it all up, but this time shes going to fix it.
Meanwhile, Spinelli is on the docks, sitting sadly. Maxie arrives with flowers. He turns to look at her and then feds show up to arrest him. Wow....
Folks, I want a cookie. I sat there and copied word for word what they said for most of this as they were saying it, so this is the most accurate recap I've ever delivered for you. I didn't want anything to be lost in translation.
And I'm sorry...with angst like that, the kind that they create all on your own, you don't DUMP IT for a quiet, calm, fake, forced, lifeless pairing. No one is that stupid, so you just HOLD ON soldiers.
Today is the most painful episode in Spixie's history...and yet the most solid proof I've ever seen that they are the next supercouple. I'm biased, but I'm also realistic. You don't get stuff like this everyday, or every decade.

Friday, January 9, 2009

You hurt the ones you love the most.....

I dont' have much time so I will be quick.

call the comment line now. 323-671-4583 Don't worry you just leave a voice message.

Did you see that acting today. Bradford and Kirsten both did amazing. Yes the story is heartbreaking but I warned you earlier today. I warned you.
They had like 30 seconds of happiness till the wall came down. It was heart breaking on both sides. We watched Spinelli's world come crashing down. He hit bottom. He was at the very end.. Well we thought it was the bottom till he got himself arrest. The Jackal will be behind bars. Will Spinelli ever be able to look at Maxie the same again?

Bradford in the NY Daily News

Has spoilers.
FBI puts byte on 'GH' computer geek

Hold on to your hats its going to be a bumpy ride.

First of like me get this out. (warning fangirl alert)

OMG OMG OMG eeeeeeeee OMG OMG. (Penny fans self) I am sorry but that was one of the hotest sex scenes I can recall. Bradford even surpised me. Who knew. I have already called the comment line (hint call:323-671-4583) twice requesting Bradford spend more time with his shirt off. one more time.

How beautiful is that

Ok now back to the Topic at hand.

I can't sit here with out warning you all. Its going to be hard. Like really really hard. I feel it going to be hard few weeks not days. Weeks. don't expect the dust to settle on this till we are into February.

edit to add I added a different video to right side bar. enjoy.---->

Charity update!

Just saw this posted on the Spinelli LiveJournal from the ever wonderful Jenna:

"WOW! I guess several people really did skip the bagel, coffee, donut, big mac, etc., today. I am pleased to announce that TEAM SPIXIE has taken over the 4th spot for TOP Power couple. $1,235.00 for Team Spixie. $15,731.00 from all of daytime fans!YAY!" --Jenna

You still can donate!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's getting hot in here? Well, well now!

*Screencaps in this recap are of a steamy nature.

Bradford, prepare to blush. ;)

After a fight earlier in the day regarding the motives of Winnifred, Maxie summons Spinelli to her apartment. She opens the door to him. He doesn't want to fight anymore. She swears the stuff is true about Winnifred and he turns to go, not wanting to hear anymore about the subject, but she pulls him in the apartment.
Maxie goes on to tell him that she isn't as perfect as he thinks she is, and that he's important to her. She pauses and says he's her best friend but he's more than that. Spinelli says "how much more?" ...Maxie replies, "I need you,". Mr.
Spinelli doesn't hesitate...doesn't stutter...doesn't squirm....He goes for it and they have another one of those really, really ridiculously AMAZING KISSES like the one in July.
This is where you guys can debate...What Maxie told Spinelli...was it an act, or the first time she's ever told the truth? After the kiss, Maxie leads him to the bedroom. He wants to know if she's sure that she wants this after there last sexual encounter. She says she is.
They go for it...we get her taking his shirt off (hears screams of NSync fans of days past) ...They lay down on her bed, making out very sexily. Can I just say that this was highly, highly impressive? It's not every soap couple that can actual kiss and look good doing it.
Just as things start to heat up, a voice over of Agent Raynor of the FBI starts speaking to Winnifred on the docks...Damian Spinelli is going away for a long long time...They have evidence of his treason and espionage...
The show cuts to Winnifred the Fed speaking with Raynor. She looks sad. She tells Raynor "I don't think he understands what he does is a crime"
Raynor reminds her they are using Spinelli to get to Sonny. Cut back to Spixie in bed, lights are low, they're under the covers. If you listen carefully, a million Spixie fans collectively sigh.
I've seen some awesome things today. Some fans who only wanted Spinelli and Maxie as friends switched sides. Some people got a little romantic with their significant others, "inspired" by today's scenes. That's what soaps are supposed to do...bring you love in the afternoon. ;) Kudos to Bradford and Kirsten for bringing it home today with one of the best love scenes this show has given us in a while.
I don't know what the future holds for this couple. I expect things to get messier as motives are questioned. I can only hope its a romantic future, especially after the reaction that I witnessed amongst fans. If you can deliver a quality love scene like today, that's something that shouldn't be messed with, because they are a staple of soaps. This is lightning in a bottle, folks. You are witness to it. If you love Spinelli and Maxie together, I would call the comment line and write the show. These sort of opportunities to seize chemistry at its peak only come along once in a while. Don't let it pass you by.

skip a cup of coffee.

in honor of today's special scene donate to Broadway Cares and help spixie in the Battle of ABC soap power couples

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dread in the coming days...

I don't know why you are a fan of Spinelli, but I know why he appeals to me.
He represents something real--something deep and painful inside us all. Yes, General Hospital's comic relief resonates loudly for me on a more dramatic scale.
Once, Spinelli told Maxie that they were similar because they were often (most unfairly) misunderstood. Just consider Spinelli for a moment. He is highly intelligent, fiercely loyal, loving, and kind. All of these positive attributes, however, do not seem to save him from being an outsider. Spinelli is still "The Jackal", computer hacker extrodinaire with a vocabulary rivaling that of Shakespeare and a deviant style of interacting with others. This causes him to be literally and figuratively misunderstood at times, throwing people off his wonderful characteristics at first glance.

So, if you have ever felt like no one understands you, that you're weird, that you are strange, or maybe just a little different from everyone else, Spinelli can appeal to you.

Why do I say these things? In the upcoming week (spoilers ahead, you have been warned), Spinelli will be presented with a character that mimics him in every way, almost to the point of identity theft, in the form of Winnifred. If and when she is revealed to be actually a federal agent trying to get information from Spinelli regarding the mob I dread the pain this character will go through. She won't be as similar to him as he thought, and I expect a moment of devestation. Within a short amount of time, Spinelli's definition of self will be in for some seriously painful times.

“How glorious it is – and also how painful – to be an exception.” ---Louis Charles Alfred de Musset, French author

I dread watching the pain of a young man briefly finding peace with the way he is only to have it shattered moments later as his trust and self image are challenged all at once. I dread the moment of pain that many will feel watching this slow realization fall over his face, as the audience connects his scene with a moment in their own lives when they were in his shoes. Every insecurity he has ever had will be pushed out into the direct light for examination and embarrassment.
I dread it, and I revel in it at the same time.

Soaps are known for having the hunkiest hunks and the hottest hotties, but there is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing a character that seems as flesh and blood as myself deal with real pain. It's in those moments that I don't see Spinelli; I see Lindsay--the quiet academic, the woman who will struggle to make something of herself in the boy's club of Hollywood, wearing her Converse tennis shoes. I also see my friends, my family, and my enemies, because we all know that feeling of being the outsider-- of wondering if everyone is in on the joke but YOU.

As a film student, this is the kind of stuff I live for, that I have shaped my future career around-- art immitating life. The scenes might not be longer than a few minutes, if that. They'll be quickly forgotten as the next dramatic scene takes precedence. Probably, even after such angst, Spinelli will return to doing a lot of comedic relief. But for a brief moment, Spinelli will be the most true to life character on the screen in a very long time.
For further reading, visit the Spinelli Live Journal here to see why Spinelli appeals to some fans.

Being a Bradford Fan in 2008

I was going to do one of those BEST OF 08 lists, but I couldn't think of anything that Penny or Spikey hadn't already covered. Instead, I thought I'd just comment on some things I really enjoyed about being a Bradford fan this year.

1. Turns out, the dude can sing. Like, for realz. Like...for real for realz. I mean, I never doubt Bradford's ability to successfully succeed, but it never crossed my mind that he would be adding ''singer'' to his awesomeness. I bought the Itunes version of My Funny Valentine and sat back, in awe. Once I had it on my Ipod, I let my mother have a listen without telling her who it was. She was like "I like this! Who is it?" I told her "THAT SPINELLI GUY!" (sorry, she didn't know his name and I don't know if she would have understood the coolness if I hadn't phrased it like that). She proceeded to take my Ipod away from me and listen to the song a few more times.

2. Bradford's has some friggin dandy fans. They are a feisty, intellectual bunch who appreciate a great actor and wonderful character when they see one. I have had the pleasure of getting to know some of them this year as we campaigned to see more of Spinelli and Maxie on GH and he should be proud. There are of course the wonderful people on this blog who deserve a lot of notice for being so cool. Also, you cannot mention great Spinelli fans without bringing up Jenna over at Opposite Attraction. She works so hard to help organize Spixie fans and I don't know where we would be without her.

3. Bradford is kind of...well...Really Cool. I was impressed by the way he treats his fans. Whether it be by messaging or blogging on his MySpace or traveling to dozens of fan events in order to connect with them, I appreciate his acknowledgement of supporters. Not every does takes the time to remember the fans, and anyone who does gets a cool point in my book. All of those fan events means time away from his own personal life. There is also Camera Ready. He allowed the cameras to follow him for a long time and we fans really appreciated getting to know him in a new setting.
4. By going to FCW this year, not only did I get to meet Bradford and Kirsten, but I got to take a trip of a lifetime with my sister to California. That was at a time in my life where I desperately wanted to go on an adventure, so thanks Bradford for giving me an excuse. I was thinking for months how I wanted to take a vacation, and that was perfect timing. I got to stand on Hollywood Boulevard with the hustlers, street performers, and other tourists with my sister at my side. For a person, like me, who has dreams of success in Hollywood, the first time you actually go there is one of the most surreal moments you will ever have, all because of what it represents. I stood there, amongst the chaos, just in awe. There was the Kodak Theater and the hand prints in concrete, history mixed with the clutter of hundreds of people clamouring get around. I wouldn't have been there if I wasn't going to FCW. So, I guess it pays to be a nerd on occasion.

5. I had some help with homework. Seriously. In my Media & Society class, we had to do a blog about product integration. The first thing that popped into my mind was the Campbell's Soup Heart Healthy promotion that happened on GH in the Winter, with Maxie and Spinelli investigating the TMK in the background. Also, in the same class, I had to write an essay on vertical integration (google it). Lucky for me, I knew how Disney owned ABC and therefore Soapnet, ESPN, etc, etc. So, I had some understanding of that. I got an A in that class!

6. In honor of Bradford's birthday Defy Convention was created, a totally boss message board, and I was really excited to be apart of it, though Spikey and Nami did most of the work. I think I had more fun making promos for that board than anything else this year, just because it was so much fun to tease people about our secret project. I think the board is a great resource for anyone who wants a vault of information on Bradford, with all the interviews and photo shoots right at your fingertips. I love it.

7. Campaigning is something new to me. I haven't ever written in or called a fan comment line for a show or anything before. Spinelli and Maxie appealed to me, though, and I found myself caring so much that I wanted to help out. That being said, I have to take time to speak about some really cool things some other fans did this year. KC sent in 200 Spinelli/Maxie post cards. It still amuses and amazes me. Also, earlier in the summer, fans rallied together and sent several bouquets of flowers to various people on and in charge of the show. I thought it was a really cool gesture for them to also send flowers to Carolyn, the actress that plays Diane Miller on GH, because Diane told Spinelli to "Carpe Diem". It's the little things in this fandom that really amuse me, and taking the time to consider other people beyond the obvious ones you want to support shows lovely spirit. Bradford should really be proud of his fans, but I've said that already. The Daisy is now the unofficial symbol for Opposite Attraction, the Spixie fan board.

It was a good year, and 2009 might just be as exciting, if not more so.

Comment LIne is working again...

Its been down for awhile.. Call and let them know how much you enjoy Bradford.

Keep it positive


Monday, January 5, 2009

The Jackal is happy...Today

I have thought and thought what I liked the most about today. It was The Jackal's smile. He was so happy to have his own little fan girl. So I will take that with me. I will hold that in my heart to carry me through the next two weeks If you have watched the promo. You know that his smile will be gone soon. Smile sweet and enjoy this moment.

Then we could talk about Maxie's jealously. You could see the steam coming out of her ears it was so thick. Maxie has good instincts but its being masked by her very thick jealously. She really said "My heal in your face.."

Now lets bring up Winnifred. Spinelli magically knew her name. We know nothing about this girl. Well ok some of us to do but still. I can just say I really enjoyed the exchanged today. The actress impressed me today, I have a hard time expressing what it was but she did. Speaking of the actress if your interested in knowing more about her visit her site. ( I am sure you will realize you have seen her before. She has got quite the long career.

Soapnet Sugar Free Valentines.

Bradford signing alert. He is in these two different videos.
click here to see the two videos.

Link to videos (they are the two in the middle of link:

I got your Babe

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SOC Dankie 2008 Nominations are Open

Show Bradford your support and get your nomination in at

please submit nominations before Monday, January 19th, 2009. Then on Monday, February 09th, 2009 the next step of the process will start.
You must make a nomination in at least ten different categories in order for your ballot to be counted.

Here is a Sample Ballot if you need help with some ideas . You can and should pick what you want.

Sample Ballot

Outstanding supporting Actor- Bradford Anderson

Outstanding supporting Actress- Kirsten Storms

Most Attractive Male Star -Bradford Anderson

Most Attractive Female Star -Kirsten Storms

Favorite Storyline- Maxie and Spinelli Friendship

Favorite Character -Damian Spinelli

Least Favorite Character- Logan

Most Memorable Moment- Spinelli and Maxie have sex

Outstanding Special Guest or Recurring Performer -Genie Frances