Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spinelli recap week of 9-19-11

9/20/11 Maxie is not happy she lost Sam's engagement ring...again. She is however very happy and grateful Spinelli saved her life. Lucky comes and wants to know what happened. Maxie tells him about the punch & knocking him unconcious and saving her life. Neither saw the shooter. Lucky says whoever it was was probably not trying to harm them.

Spinelli says its a lost cause. Maxie says she can't give up. Lucky on phone with Dante (so blah blah blah).

Matt says Spinelli will be back on the computer in no time. He wants to know if he is sure its not more dire then that (Maxie is jealous clearly of Matt & Elizabeth) He goes to stitch up Elizabeth.

Spixie go to tell JaSam that she lost the engagement ring...again. Of course she started out with telling them that Spinelli was a hero and saved her life.

Spinelli tries to take the blame, and Maxie explains what happened (seriously I am not going to like if Maxie is going to continue to constantly interupt Spinelli again)

9-21-11Spinelli gives Jason breakfast. He also wants to discuss accesseries for the wedding. He wants to wear a coverbun, Jason says no. Edward comes and wants to discuss the wedding.

Edward doesn't want to change his mind. He likes Sam and says so would have Lila. Edward gives Jason Lila's ring. He says he can pass it along to their own children someday.

SPinelli and Maxie discuss the wedding over the phone. He says something about proper wedding attire. She wants him to send out a mass email to the guests. He says he hasn't gotten a guest list. She said she sent it to him. He is trying to get on the computer.

Spinelli wants to discuss the wedding. Jason wants him to find that 20 millon. Elizabeth comes over, she is happy to see Spinelli out of the hospital.

Elizabeth is happy for him. Spinelli wants Elizabeth to not say any hurt feelings. Jason wants him upstairs with his computer.

9-22-11Maxie is happy her Jackal is back, wants to know where his computer is. Doesnt want him to walk under a ladder. He wants to go volunteer at a soup kitchen. She says they have so much to do still for the wedding.

Spinelli says he will make his best effort to hack and fix things. Maxie is so happy he emailed the invites cuz otherwise Sam & Jason would be getting married in an empty church.

Spinelli is trying to get the music. He talks to himself. He has no clue what he is doing.

9-23-11Maxie calls Sam & Jason to say she better be there in 20 minutes.

Everything at the wedding is going wrong. Maxie has no time for Matt. She keeps talking to Spinelli about the wedding. Spinelli does lead Maxie out onto the dance floor.

Friday, September 30, 2011

According to Coastal Entertainment & the Port Chuck facebook page they are working on the dates/cities for 2012 tours (sounds like there will be 3)

Really hoping that most of the tix will go on sale AFTER the holidays. Oy!

Tix still are available for their NY appearance on October 23 go to for details.