Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bradford cast in new pilot for TNT!

From the Spinelli Livejournal:

Blake Clark, Brett Rice, Bradford Anderson and Rhea Seehorn are set as the supporting cast of TNT's untntitled Allan Loeb pilot.

Based on Marshall Karp's novel The Rabbit Factory, the Allan Loeb project centers on recently widowed police detective Mike Lomax (Steven Weber) and his newly married partner, Det. Terry Biggs (D.L. Hughley). Rice will play their boss. Clark will play Lomax's father-in-law who serves as his surrogate father. Seehorn, repped by Phoenix Artists and Untitled, will play a hot and smart medical examiner. Anderson will play a top computer investigator working at the homicide offices

More info on the book series here.

Good one B-ford! Move on into primetime!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A personal plea

My daughter Abby has recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. She is my one of my biggest joys and she is slowly losing her sight. She is also a big Spinelli fan. (so see its on topic)  Her slight is now below what is classified for legally blind.  There is no cure. YET. Find out more here (

You can help.

vote for both Jeremy Poincenot and CURE Ride for LHON Research to get them to the national round.. They have made it to the national round. They get 10k for each category that wins the national round. Please vote again if you already did and if you hadn't its a great chance to start.

Please share this with your friends via email, social networking site. use this link if its helpful.

Follow these easy directions
1. Click
2. Find Most Influential College Student/Organization; vote for Jeremy Poincenot
3. Find Most Successful Fundraiser by an Individual/Group; vote for CURE Ride for LHON Research
4. Ask all of your friends, neighbors, colleagues, Facebook contacts and more to vote! Ask your friends to ask their friends to vote!
We’re competing against the winners in large cities, such as New York and LA, so we need every single vote we can get! Winning $20,000 for LHON research will have a huge impact on our ability to find a cure. Please ask every person you know to vote, and help us find a cure for sudden blindness!

Voting ends Nov. 5th

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Support Campaign

Jenna from the Spinelli LJ has put together a great Spinelli/Bradford support campaign called "Unshackle the Jackal". A few years ago the highly successful Hugs for Spinelli campaign brought our fave GH character some much needed support. Fans, it's time to push for more story for Spinelli's character. As Jenna wrote:

Spinelli’s storyline has decreased since his non-wedding to Maximista. For now TPTB have taken the character of Maxie into another direction, which is fine…But where has that left our favorite Jackal? It has left him in shackles at the penthouse. We have seen him leave the penthouse on rare occasion over the last several months. Twice it was to see Jason in jail. Another time was to see Carly at Metro Court, and lastly we know he left the penthouse to give Jason/Sam alone time…though we didn’t get to see him at his office. His office. That’s right our Jackal owns his own PI business. Why not give him a case (outside the mob) to work on?

This is something everyone can participate in. Our main focus though is to get Spinelli out of the penthouse, and having a storyline that is more focused on his character, while at the same time still having presence in other storylines (like Jason or the current Carly storyline). One can easily bring up the fact that if Maxie wants to snoop around for evidence about Lisa Niles…She would contact the Jackal.

The Jackal is so much more then Jason’s tech guy or Maxie’s latest boyfriend. He is a very valuable character on canvas. It’s time to unshackle the Jackal.

For more information on how the campaign will work, visit the main post that includes all the details you need, and keep checking back on this blog and the Spinelli LJ for updates.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Twit Pic!

Great picture posted from Brandon Barash's Twitter account of Bradford with caption:
BrandonBarash : @BfordAnderson saving London at the Minneapolis hero. Three Lakes, WI here we come!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Pics!

Here's some pictures from Bradford's FCW appearance. The man himself is pictured several times with his wife Kiera and their dog Huck! (...Pics posted with permission from @FansGivingBack on Twitter). Enjoy!

Where Do We Go From Here?

You know I was just thinking to myself how the Spinelli/Maxie drama has basically brought Spinelli's character to a clean slate. This is the perfect time for a completely new story and direction for the character. Personally, I think it's time to learn about the Jackal's backstory. That's been a long delayed question on GH: where are Spinelli's parents/family? Where did this strange creature come from? So that's the direction I'd like to see GH take with his character now that things have settled in the "Spixie" area.

What about you? Do you want to see a backstory play out? Or are you still hoping for more "Spixie" scenes? Or maybe you've thought of a completely different idea for where his character could go. Let us know in the comments!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Bradford-y Updates

Here's a bit of brief Bradford news:


A schedule of Bradford's various events up until September can be found here.

Also, in case you missed it...From the WHAT IF series on SoapNet.Com...

...What if Todd Manning (One Life to Live) Met Damien Spinelli?


Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Daytime Emmy Awards: A Review

Last night I was so excited.  It was Daytime Emmy night. I haven't watched GH for weeks (maybe months) I was still excited. I had twitter  set up. I was watching red carpet internet stream (thank you by the way) 

I told my estranged husband that I was watching the Daytime Emmy Awards and thats that. I was set. The only thing missing was my BBQ chips and orange soda.   I was so excited.  

I will start by saying while very few of the nominees I was rooting for won that doesn't' mean they were not deserving and it doesn't mean the people who won were also not worthy (I just didn't know any of them)   I am used to award shows in that matter betting an upset.  Not the reason I am so bitter.   

First lets start off by no Red Carpet coverage by ether SoapNet or CBS. Huge Fail.  Its one of the most exciting things that happen.  It gives some of the actors there only  chance to shine for a moment.  I am grateful that gave us an internet stream. Even with the tech difficulties I was grateful for the effort and realize this was something new for them. 

Remember last year when it was on The CW?  It was a bit too young and hip but you know what that was ok.  They tried and it was still the Emmys  The Emmy last night was a horrible.   I adore Dick Clark Love him, but to waste 20 minutes of the Daytime Emmy awards for a tribute. A tribute that was wasn't something most associate with Daytime.   The music guests was a horrible choice.  Its not that they are bad its just that it was like watching granny vision.  Actually it would have put most old people to sleep.  

If that was the only issue it would have been ok. Its is Dick Clark.    

Then we were given fillers of time for some Broadway shows shorts.  There was at least 3 maybe 4 (maybe more ) were also  'treated' to a tour of the Vegas hotel. Was this all a big joke?     Then when it came time for the awards.  The names of the nominees were said they were said too FAST. I am surprise the announcer didn't pass out from not breathing.   Then umm NO actor reels NONE.  We had a few QUICK clips for Best Soap t.  That was it.  These amazing actors are nominated and they were not honored in anyway.  We could have taken all that lame fluff of those Broadway numbers and given daytime the party it deserved.  This may be our last Emmy award broadcast. This will be our final memory.   

Oh I forgot ATWT was given a tribute. Thats good right?  no wait it was way too short. If you blinked it was over. 

I gave up after the first hour.  I went back later and fast forward through most of it just stopping at the real award show parts. 

Oh and those that think they fell asleep and missed the little bit every award shows has remember the people who are now gone. Nope you didn't miss it they didn't' have it.   This is an award show staple. 

It was a disgrace. I am so embarrassed for Daytime.  The art form of the  daily serial may indeed be on life support and about ready to breath its last.  

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Watching the Daytime Emmy Awards Now CBS

Watching it right now. Bradford nominated.  Second year in a row.

Bradford spotted wearing pink bow tie..  This Doctor Who fan knows that  "Bow tie are cool"  (thanks Lindsay LOL)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Incredible Bradford Fan Video

SoapFanKatie, over on the Spinelli Live Journal, created this AMAZING video in honor of Bradford Anderson...So sit down, sip an orange soda, and enjoy 10 minutes of Bradford glory! If they don't get this man an Emmy this year, I'm losing my faith in the system.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bradford Anderson nominated for Daytime Emmy award.

This just in Bradford Anderson nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award second year in a row. Congratulations Bradford.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looking for a few good bloggers

I am looking for some help with the Bradford Anderson Fan Blog.  Due to my personal issues I can not keep up with it..  I just renewed the domain. This blog has been around for years (has it really been 3 years?)

I am looking for one or few people to update the blog with related content (episode discussions,  links to interviews,event recaps and news) Looking to see it get updated at least once a week but anything is better then it is now.

Only rules. (that its respect
 respectful (no fan wars) family friendly and no spoilers)

If you are interested please respond off list at . I may  not be able to accept everyone that offers but all serious offers will be considered.  There will be no compensation.  Just the chance to help out.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bradford Anderson on Stardish Radio 3-29-10

Bradford was guest on Star Dish radio last night
ether play the interview below or use the link below it if you want to listen.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dankies at SOC VOTE

Thanks to Spikey for posting on the live journal about this I don't go to SOC often.

the Dankies are BACK.. Bradford/Spinelli has been nominated in quite a few GH categories.

BEST STORY (Unwedding)


Thursday, February 4, 2010

blurb on Bradford's injury.

I just read on on the Spinelli Livejoural. There is a soaps in depth blurb about Bradford recent injury on the Soap Cruise and how it will affect the show.

"Since GENERAL HOSPITAL's Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) needs surgery to repair his Achilles tendon — which he reported on his twitter page that he fully ruptured during last weekend's Soap Cruise — will his alter ego soon be hobbling around Port Chuck as well? Yep! According to a GH spokesperson, Anderson's injury will indeed be written into the show. "Spinelli will hurt it off camera," we're told."
               Soaps In Depth   ( link : ) 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WOW sorry

i just realized i have not posted here in over 3 months??  If you look it was around September that it all went down hill.  Well thats when my marriage started to fall apart. I am sorry. I will work harder at getting stuff posted and besides the stupid thing with Maxie and Franco very little has changed in Spinelli's life so carry on..

I have started blogging my marriage or rather end of it here

Oh in other news I found GH great the last two days.. Well as good as it could be when its about shotting your own son you didn't know (Darn Sonny is one annoying bastard.)