Saturday, December 20, 2008

Best Spinelli Moments 2008 Reader's Choice

I would like to create a list of reader's top 5 moments for Spinelli this year.

Can you respond here with your favorite moment or moments. All moments need to be submitted by December 30th. The top 5 fan favorite moments will be posted on December 31th.a

I will just list the 5 moments that are listed the most. The follow up with a poll to decide on ranking.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The year in review 2008 -Part 1: January

Its time for Penny's year in review. I decided this year I will break it in 12 posts.
check out last years 2007 year in review. Funtimes.

We started the year as we stated to get our first taste of Spinelli pursuing being a PI.

Spinelli saves Lulu
and Spinelli gives Logan the time of day ewww
To me it was the end of Spinlu and the start of Spixie.

Spixie Nation truly stats to form as Bradford and Kirsten really start to weave their magic.
Bradford mentioned Spixie in an interview.

January 29th Love Affair was released and we all got to hear Bradford sing "My Funny Valentine".
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Upcoming Holiday Treats

Set your DVR

December 23
General Hospital on ABC and later on Soapnet -Santa sends Spinelli on a very special mission.

December 25
Soapnet 8pm to 11pm Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms host a special marathon of General Hospital episodes from Christmas past.
Featuring Episodes from 1996, 1998 and 2004

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bradford to be on "The Bachelor"

Months and months ago at this year NH event in the summer the topic of Bradford being on the "BACHELOR" came up. He loved the idea of being on the show but he has girlfriend .... Darn..

Worry not you will find Bradford Anderson (and Kirsten Storms) on this season's "The Bachelor" as guest stars...(or is it guest visitors on a reality tv show?)

I don't know the date for their appearance but here is a link to a story about it. Check out what they will be teaching them........

I will be sure post any information about the air date when I get it.

Coming back in the New Year...

Back by popular demand will be recaps. I am so sorry they disappeared in the summer. I am pretty busy gal. One of my New Years reservations is to bring the recaps back. So look for them the week of January 4.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Something to be proud of...

Someone order a plate of unresolved sexual tension with a side of playful flirting?

Order up! The kids need to do this everyday. It makes the buildup better. Love the flirting...Yes, Spixie, go play mattress tag. I loved today's scenes and really feel as if we have been missing this element of tension for a wee bit. It's just days like this that make me happy I've been on the Spinelli and Maxie train from day one so I can say I've watched the whole magical thing progress.

Looking at the boards, forums, and the Spinelli Livejournal, the fans agree that today was a much needed dose of awesome. Every scene should be as wonderfully flirtatious. Kudos, Kirsten & Bradford.

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Sarah Brown talks about Bradford Who else have you enjoyed working with as Claudia?
Brown: I really enjoy playing with Rick Hearst a lot, and Brandon [Barash, Johnny].... Kristen [Storms, Maxie] is probably my favorite thing ever, she's like my toy![Laughs] I love her personally, and I think she's the cutest thing and the greatest little actress. She's so full of piss and vinegar. And Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), it's like he's doing King Lear every day. I take my hat off to that kid and hope he wins an Emmy. The amount he has to study and the things he does with that dialogue, which is so twisted and Shakespearean and cool, is not easy. I could not imagine doing it.

I dub today Spixie Move Forward Day,...

In the grand tradition of Naked Spinelli Day and Spixie Sex day ........

Today was perhaps one of the best Spixie days ever. If there was ever a concern about Maxie's feelings for Spinelli today sealed the deal. They are meant to be together Three Cheer for Spixie.


BA Fan Blog 2008 Awards

Biggest Treat for Fans
Its a TIE
My Funny Valentine track from Love Affair
(my toes are still curled)
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Camera Ready with Bradford Anderson Soapnet Webseries

Best Random Bradford Moment.

Bradford commenting on my shoes at the Boston in the fall.

Oddest Bradford Moment.
That walk on the beach in Camera Ready #9

Sweetest Bradford Moment
Bradford making a little sick girl's day at SSW

Spinelli's Most Surprising Ally

Spinelli Greatest Bully
Two words for you.. Freaky Boy

Biggest Shocker.....
Spinelli and Maxie have sex.
surprised everyone since it was not spoiled at all. We have not forgotten.

Worst Spinelli Story
Spinelli trying to man up and change himself

Best Spinelli Story

Spinelli PI with side kick Maxie Jones

JaSpin Disappointment....

I know I haven't blogged here in a thousand years. Life, life and more life seems to be coming at me these days! I still watch GH every night, even though a lot of it has become beyond painful and annoying to stomach.

I did, however, hold on to a smattering of hope that there would be a shining JaSpain moment when Spinelli arrived after Jason's "I-nearly-killed-my-son" moment. I so miss the days of their heartfelt conversations about "Stone Cold's Secret Pain." I know that the writers are capable of allowing Spinelli to have a "real" moment, and he, on more than one occasion, has had insightful, if not comforting, words for Jason. The fact that it was a simply more barked orders from Jason makes Spin seem more like an abused employee then a friend.

Clearly, Jason still cares about him as evidenced by his desire for Spin to move out; however, even that was a pretty short, and lame, exchange compared to the wonderful JaSpin moments we've had in the past.

I hope this Lulu/Maxie/Johnny roommate krapfest doesn't turn out to be another Three Stooges "hardy-har-har" storyline for Spinelli with plenty of supposedly hilarious "awkward moments" and painful shenanigans. It's becoming REALLY OLD. Spin - and Bradford - deserve better, and Lord knows, Bradford can bring it if they let him.

Sorry to sound like such a sourpuss after so long of a hiatus. I just want great things for our Spin!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The "Lookin' Dude" Game- 12/15


Look at this dude right here. Ole "I wanna be in Tiger Beat...just wedge my picture in below Chris Brown's pleeeease...some 12 year old with pink braces is photoshopping my face next to Miley Cyrus's and using it as desktop wallpaper" lookin' dude!

In other words, that's a very nice picture!

USA TODAY : Pop Candy Blog Top 100 people in 2008

Bradford is listed at 95