Saturday, May 28, 2011

YAY to Bradford working LOTS!

So if you took GH off your TIVO/DVR to record…Reset it now. If you are home during the day and have been watching something else instead…Fix that starting now. Several weeks ago vie his co-workers tweeting sounds like Bradford started to work lots. Sounds like he was filming with Kirsten, Kimberly, JT and Brianna (these scenes should be airing soon...sounds like there is a hostage with Lisa (I may be the only one but I like Lisa/Brianna has been rockin the crazy Lisa story), and Spinelli saving Matt and an injured Spinelli).

This week he filmed with Kelly, Steve, Kirsten, Maurice & Vanessa for sure. Filming lots with Kirsten? We also found out vie Kirsten that she did a photo shoot with Bradford. Does that mean a Spixie reunion is on the horizon? Together or not does sound like a story coming involving both of them (the photo shoot could be speaking volumes.) Who knows, I am just happy he is working more lately and with many different actors. And we should be seeing new adorable pictures soon. All good things in my book. I personally can't wait for more details to emerge.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What does a new head-writer at GH mean for Spinelli?

What does a new head-writer at GH mean for Spinelli? I honestly do not know. It could be the greatest thing in the world, or sadly it could mean the complete opposite. Since I choose to think it’s going to be the greatest thing in the world (even if those pesky rumors about GH ending in Sept. 2012 are true), I still think it’s fabulous.

During the writer strike, Garin Wolf (who has been on staff for years) took over as head writer. Need examples of what he wrote for Bradford/Spinelli during that time? Just look at post below. I remember the start of Spixie, seeing every character involved and Lucky actually getting to be the hero.

Wolf from what I remember wrote character driven stories. Even if you didn’t like what the character was doing or saying, at least you understood why. It made sense. A story that was started actually would have middle and an end. What an amazing ‘new ‘concept. I also, don’t recall the same characters involved in one or two main storylines that were going on. There seemed to be many storylines involving different characters, of course it’s only natural for some characters to intertwine into a few. I also, do not remember everything being about the mob or wanting someone dead. Wolf also understood the need for family, friendship, history of the show, love, adventure, etc, etc.

Are people going to complain under Garin Wolf’s reign too? Guarantee it. No one can please everyone at every given point, nor should they try. Everyone is different; everyone has their own ideas and their own favorites. No one will ever agree. The annoying Liason vs. JaSam wars will more than like continue even after GH turns its lights out for the very last time.

Getting back to what is really important…So what does all that mean for our Spinelli? Really the possibilities are endless. Maybe we will finally get to know why Spinelli was living with his Granny in Tennessee. Maybe we will get to know why he said up until Jason, his Granny was the only one who ‘ever gave a damn about him’. We know his Granny tortured him with a clown pitcher, and that’s why he is/was afraid of clowns. Does he even know who his parents are? If so, why and when did they drop him off with his Granny? Are his parents still alive? Maybe he was adopted and for whatever reason he ended up with his Granny. The possibilities are endless. Maybe he has siblings he never knew he had. (In my head I have always wanted Diane to be his mother, and Sam to be his sister. I fully believe Diane & Alexis would sleep with the same man.) Or seriously what happened to his family that makes him never mention them? Could these be in the secret files he doesn’t want Diane to ever see? If you want to learn about what makes Spinelli, Spinelli even more then we already know. If you want to find out more about his past, his childhood, etc let the TPTB know.

Do you want Spinelli reunited with his ex non-wife? Or maybe you have been waiting and praying for Spinlu to finally have their chance at love and happiness. Or maybe you have a different lady in mind for him (maybe a girl not in town yet), or maybe Siobhan, Elizabeth, Brooklyn, Carly, Sam, etc. Doesn’t matter who you’d like to see Spinelli paired with, but if you think he deserves to fall in love again. Let the TPTB know.

Maybe you actually want to see Spinelli working on some cases, and not just solving them behind his computer. I personally would love to see him out in the field investigating. Remember the Ian Devlin story? Remember the Text Message Killer story? Yeah, pretty sure both were under Wolf’s reign.
For whatever you want to see happen to Spinelli now that the possibilities are endless and there is pretty much a fresh start…let the TPTB know.

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