Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bradford presents at the Emmy's

Here's a clip of Bradford presenting the award for Best Writing Team along with Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook (dun dun dun...)

Friday, June 20, 2008


New Soapnet promo about One Life to Live and General Hospital features Spinelli and Maxie.

Don't forget Bradford is at the Emmy's tonight.

Bradford will be presenting at the Emmy's tonight and seated with Tony Geary and Brian Frons. Should be getting lots of face time, since there will be cameras at each tables, also he should be on the red carpet. (SOAPNET RED CARPET 6-8, Emmy's 8-?)

LOS ANGELES - The Daytime Emmys are turning to tables.

Friday's live broadcast of the 35th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on ABC will feature talk show and game show hosts, TV judges and soap stars gathered around their own tables in a new setup similar to the Golden Globe Awards.

"Usually everyone is sitting in a row," co-host Sherri Shepherd told The Associated Press before rehearsals at the Kodak Theatre on Thursday. "This year, it'll be like a wedding. We're also going to do something so that fans will be able to get a view of what's going on at the different tables."

Digital video cameras will be placed at each table and attendees will be asked to document their experiences during the show. Throughout the ceremony, the footage will be uploaded to

"Part of having the tables will be to bring that party atmosphere to the show," said co-host Cameron Mathison. "Really, what I'm hoping for is that people at home will get a real true sense of the energy here."

The stars' tables have already been assigned. Ellen DeGeneres is situated between the tables of Barbara Walters and Tyra Banks.

Behind them?

The tables of the various judges competing for the first-ever legal/courtroom program Emmy.

During the ceremony (airing 8-10 p.m. EDT) "All My Children" star Mathison will wear an Arnold Brant tuxedo while "The View" co-host Shepherd will wear gowns by Badgley Mishka and Angela Dean and jewelry by Chopard.

"I've got three dresses, three wig changes and enough jewelry that they gave me a bodyguard," said Shepherd.

The ceremony will also borrow something else from the Golden Globes: an open bar.

"Liquor is always an added bonus," said Shepherd. "But Cameron and I won't get to drink 'cause we'll be working.


Here's a picture from the Pre-Emmy party:

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Campaign Coming..

I don't know how much you are aware but a new character is coming to GH. It may have a negative impact on Spinelli and Bradford..(there has already been a negative messages about Spin on boards lately) The word is 'may' but always the proactive ones we have decided to take action.

Think up some good ideas. We want Bradford to get some great storylines from GH and lots of positive buzz... There is no way to really know for sure how affective our campaign in February was but i personally believe it had something to do with all the great Spineli stuff we got from March to May. Hey I can wish right?

This is going to be positive. There is no reason to get into a fanbase war. We already know that Bradford and Spinelli are amazing..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 16th Recap

Spinelli has been caught by Maxie in front of Giselle talking in his Aussie accent. He fumbles for words as Sonny comes over and mocks Spinelli (calling him freaky boy again). Spinelli bolts and goes to the bar to down some vodka while Maxie tells him that he better not be messing with Crimson. She seems to think that this is some sort of Jackal PI undercover investigation of his that is interfering with her job.

Spinelli tries to explain about "Damian" but fails, popping in and out of his accent. Maxie seems to have something else on her mind that is stressing her and she is rude to Spinelli, telling him to leave and take his annoying personalities with him. Also, it should be noted that Spinelli is obviously tipsy at this point, making communication a wee bit tiresome between the two of them. Spinelli leaves the Haunted Star all sad faced at Maxie's anger.

Later, on the docks, the vodka has obviously gone to Spinelli's head. He is drunk and crawling around on the ground, singing to himself in an Aussie accent. Yeah. He then has this odd little monologue with himself, spotting a shiny object on the ground, Claudia's bangle. She comes around and finds him talking to himself like this. He begs her to leave him alone because "we" mean no harm, alluding to The Jackal and Damian. His split identities seem to leave Claudia confused. He explains to her that they are both him, his personalities, but are both socially inept and losers. He laments about how easy it was to be Damian, because Damian was cool and calm and knew what to say. However, Damian fell apart when Maxie showed up.

Claudia doesn't understand whats wrong with him except that he is drunk. It's a great scene, his monologue is both funny and heartbreaking (the definition of Spinelli), and, dare I say it, Emmy worthy stuff. This is just one of those rare scenes you watch over and over.

Claudia tries to give Spinelli a piggyback ride home. Jason comes into the penthouse and finds Spinelli (brace yourself) lying on top of Claudia, giggling, on the couch. Claws just shrugs innocently. This should be fun.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Camera Ready with Bradford Anderson Episode 2

link has bigger picture then embed video (I think)
Camera Ready with Bradford Anderson Episode 2

Latest vid by me..

My sparkly and unique Spixie.

Also, my "MAMBO #5" vid made final nominations at CAPTURE THIS: (along with Gaby's fabulous "CRUSH, CRUSH")

I suggest if you are a fan of GH that you watch all of them--I am honored to be included because these vids are beyond amazing: