Friday, June 5, 2009

A new Bradford Interview on Fancast

He talks about nomination, emmy reel, Spixie, Asperger Spinelli angle, and upcoming country fest.

Real life comes crashing down...

on February 27 2007 I got this email from a concerned Bradford fan about his contract talks. We started a dialog not only did we become stronger fans of Bradford but we became friends.

Spikey has cancer. If you follow her on twitter @spinlj she has been updating a lot on there. She is just starting her treatment and I wanted to publicly call her out and express how I am concerned for her health and how much she means to me.

Many times when my own life had not allowed me to post to the blog she has stepped up. There would NOT be a Bradford Anderson Fan Blog with out her. There would be no Spinelli Live Journal with out her. Two of the major fan websites would not exist with out her influence.

She is going to beat this but she has to go through a bit of hell as she goes through treatment first. Can anyone that reads this give her positive thoughts, prayers and love her way.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bradford’s schedule for All Star Block party at CMA

June 12

1 pm autograph session Bradford & Laura Wright

3.15 pm BINGO with Bradford & Brandon

June 13

1:50 pm Q&A with Bradford/Brandon/Laura
(though keep checking for the time for that, as I doubt Q&A is 10 minutes long)

2 pm autographs with Bradford/Brandon/Becky

The rest of the schedule can be found here:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Soap Opera Central bias against Spinelli

Do you find SOC unfair to Spinelli, Bradford an his fans? Have you noticed a bias of even the mods. As an example. Threads and posts that bash Bradford and bait his fans are left stand while people who post fair, intelligent rebuttals to the haters are deleted and and his fans get marks against them an even banned.

I am considering bidding SOC bye because the haters are allowed to run a muck. My concern is they win though don't they? Maybe we should write letter to their advertisers? I tried writing a message to Dan who runs the site and so far got no response. Ideas? this can not stand. I am ready to fight.

please vote in my poll an respond to this post with ideas.