Friday, August 8, 2008

Spixie related poll:

Do you think SPINELLI should be with Maxie?

Laughing with "The Jackal"

Soap Digest did an online interview with Bradford..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Mis-Adventures of Spinelli

Cindi Rinehart blessed us with a wonderful Spinelli montage today, highlighting Spinelli's "mis-adventures" of the recent months. All this leading up to a spoiler on an upcoming storyline... The link is below!

Click here!

UPDATED: The link now goes directly to the correct video. Sorry about the mix up!

Do you want Spinelli and Maxie together?

General Hospital is known for taking huge risks over the years. Luke and Laura were a risk...Robin's HIV was a hot button issue...Lulu had an abortion. So many stories over the years, so many iffy choices that paid off in the long run. Besides storylines, there are characters like Spinelli that are wickedly risky. He's not the soap hunk du jour...He's odd, extreme...And yet, he's one of the most popular characters on the show.

There is a big issue going on right now. The show isn't doing so hot. Risks can't really be taken...or at least people are extremely afriad of rocking the boat. People are honestly ready to turn off their TVs. I don't need to tell you how hellish last week was. If you take Spinelli and Maxie out of the equation it's hard to find something to really root for.

So the writer's have this one really good thing going for them. Spixie. Pretty, shiny Spixie. With flowers, and rainbows, and loveliness. Little angels flying around them singing in their heavenly voiced "SUCCESS! DON'T MESS THIS UP! IT'S A SUCCESS!"

Uh oh. *wrings hands* Such a delicate beautiful thing! If you rush them...they crumble. If you don't move them forward at all, people lose interest. We could put Maxie with this one guy...cuz...well....It's we should do that? But wait! That means we would risk losing Spixie.

Uh oh!! UH OH!! UH OH!!

Do you see the issue? Right now...they know that people like Spinelli and Maxie in the same room together, friends or more. That's safe. While most fans lean towards a romance for these two, some are still on the friends fence. So we stay in this weird limbo for a while...wondering...waiting...where is this going?

Moral of the story: GENERAL HOSPITAL is not about playing it safe.

So, I call on you to remind GH and powers in charge to remeber that there are some risks worth taking. When you write and call the show, tell them that Spinelli and Maxie are people who deserve a real romance, and with each other. Tell them about what an incredible pairing they could have. ROMANCE, not just friendship. Cuz it is STUPID to think that friends can't be lovers, and lovers can't be friends. Also, there is a fear that Maxie and Spinelli might lose themselves if they become a couple...that simply is not the case. Spinelli is a grown man, and Maxie Jones isn't a character from The Hills. They can be a legit couple and keep a part of themselves, if they are willing to TRY.

If there is a fear of rocking the them onto the ship.

We are growing used to our support rituals, slacking off at times. That's how we will lose, though...forgetting to call and write.

Romance. That is what you want. Say it loud, say it proud, make it clear that you are ready to make the jump. Leave no room for doubt about your feelings. This is a soap opera, it shouldn't be that hard to make them understand we want to feel the love.

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"The Jackal Struggles" GH Spinelli

My character study of GH's Spinelli. This video would be my answer to any notion that he's only comic relief.

I hope to show the depth of this complicated character --cruelty, moving friendships, social struggles, tragedy and a mysterious past that left him wounded.