Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Support Campaign

Jenna from the Spinelli LJ has put together a great Spinelli/Bradford support campaign called "Unshackle the Jackal". A few years ago the highly successful Hugs for Spinelli campaign brought our fave GH character some much needed support. Fans, it's time to push for more story for Spinelli's character. As Jenna wrote:

Spinelli’s storyline has decreased since his non-wedding to Maximista. For now TPTB have taken the character of Maxie into another direction, which is fine…But where has that left our favorite Jackal? It has left him in shackles at the penthouse. We have seen him leave the penthouse on rare occasion over the last several months. Twice it was to see Jason in jail. Another time was to see Carly at Metro Court, and lastly we know he left the penthouse to give Jason/Sam alone time…though we didn’t get to see him at his office. His office. That’s right our Jackal owns his own PI business. Why not give him a case (outside the mob) to work on?

This is something everyone can participate in. Our main focus though is to get Spinelli out of the penthouse, and having a storyline that is more focused on his character, while at the same time still having presence in other storylines (like Jason or the current Carly storyline). One can easily bring up the fact that if Maxie wants to snoop around for evidence about Lisa Niles…She would contact the Jackal.

The Jackal is so much more then Jason’s tech guy or Maxie’s latest boyfriend. He is a very valuable character on canvas. It’s time to unshackle the Jackal.

For more information on how the campaign will work, visit the main post that includes all the details you need, and keep checking back on this blog and the Spinelli LJ for updates.