Thursday, August 14, 2008

Regarding the Last Camera Ready

Hehehee....Okay, so you all know now that Bradford answered my email on Camera Ready (awesome!!). The question was does he prefer the rapper Nas or the rapper Jay-Z. If you are a fan of rap, you know that this is a sort of funny question and it's pretty much the same as asking someone if they prefer Batman or Superman (both are great, it's a redundant question).

I pretty much just asked this question thinking that there was no way he'd answer it, but if he did, he would be a certifiable awesome dude. (And besides, it's a trick question anyway, we all know Jay-Z is better!). You will not understand how thoroughly amused I was when I realized it made the cut!

So, thanks Bradford for answering my question and making me chuckle at the same time. You're awesome. And I prefer Jay-Z and Batman if anyone is wondering. *wink*

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nami, Lindsay and Baby Bradford.. OH MY!!!

Check out the latest "Camera Ready". In this episode, we see Bradford's doing early theater (such a Divo during the Batman scene with his cousin, Josh, The Joker). He also answers our very own Lindsay's questions, and GH Spinelli's beloved Nami question!! (GH Spinelli Pimp: Cool points!! Also, he mentioned the shelter again--(the place we saw A flash of brown, which was obviously Penny)

This may be the best one yet: