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Spinelli Feburary 2011 recap

By Valentine’s Day, the good old overly used plot point came to Port Charles, though it did include Spinelli’s wonderful snarky hatred for Dante (love that). Lulu remembered Spinelli was her friend, of course it was purely for selfish reasons because she needed his help, and Spinelli being Spinelli, went and shared his heartache with Dante (and Mikey) so Lulu could plan a special surprise (gag me).
That night he spent it with the Valkyeri at Jakes where he found out that Carly was not the one trying to sabotage the wedding, and Sonny wasn’t listening to her warnings about Brenda and the baby. It was now time to step it up.

A different day, Carly informed Spinelli that she would expose Dante & Brenda at the wedding. Hanging out with someone who has mastered the art of lying, Spinelli did manage to lie to Jason & Sam why Carly really stopped by the PI office, but of course St. Jason knows Carly like the same black t-shirt he wears every day, and told her not to try and pull anything. Then did what he ‘does’ best ordered Spinelli to get back to work. Spinelli was to compare Alesander’s DNA with the suspects.
During the month there were more PI fantasies and more getting ordered what to do and when by Jason. Spinelli was still curious to what Carly was going to do at the wedding.

Spinelli saved the day (as usual) and found the true identity of the Balkan. Let’s face it Spinelli truly is the mastermind and hero of Port Charles.The Balkan was Theo Hoffman and Alesander’s father.
Spinelli escorts (or one could say her bodyguard) Molly to the wedding after finding her hiding in Diane & Alexis’s office and learning the truth that Theo is the Balkan. At the wedding is also, very sadly he made mends with Dante. =(

The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli

A Review of The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli
By: Carolyn

As a huge fan of the character of Damian Spinelli and General Hospital I throughly enjoyed this book. It was a departure from the usual storyline that is actually on the show with a lot more fantasy which is at the core of who the Character of Spinelli is. I wish the show itself would use more creative license to go this route with their storylines for Spinelli.

Carolyn Hennesy depicted Spinelli well but I feel at times she may have utilized too many cliche references to Film Noir or old movie classics. I like the utilization of it because that is a technique that is used on General Hospital when Spinelli is in PI mode but I think she went a little overboard. But all and all her writing made me laugh and I had a good time reading it.

This book, whether you enjoyed it or not, was a tribute to a wonderful and unique character that only could be developed on a Soap. Soaps are all about fantasy and it is a genre that should be celebrated. Buy the book if only to show how much you love Soaps and hope that you will be able to watch for some more years to come.

My special thanks go to Bradford Anderson without whom this character would be as flat as a piece of paper. Damian Spinelli is a success due to his creative and talented nature. I'm glad I read the book and would recommend to all who are fans of Soaps.

To order the book please visit (where you can also write a review--even if its just to show Bradford & Spinelli the love) has the book too, but its more money.

Port Chuck cd

Can't make it to a Port Chuck show or just looking for your favorite guys singing your favorite songs? Then get very first Port Chuck Volume 1 cd at or download it at CDBaby is a great site I have been getting music from them for years now (If you're feeling up to it, maybe write a little review on it too there, even if you ordered it from the PC site?)

My personal favorites on the album are Feels Like The First Time, No One Like You (oh geez I wonder why?) and In The End, Living On a Prayer

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spinelli January 2011 Recap

At the beginning of January, Spinelli barged into Diane’s office while she was in the middle of a meeting with Theo Hoffman. Of course Theo wasn’t pleased, and was even more unpleased when Spinelli sneezed. Theo was afraid of getting his germs. He threatened to stop working on the Brenda/Dante case. Diane, naturally praised Spinelli and how brilliant he is and Theo didn’t quit. What comes next is the start of the writing of the Spinelli book (I should have known better that GH/ABC was going to take a beloved character, pimp the book through the fan favorite character of Spinelli and actor and not actually show the character involved in a storyline at the time the book was released…more on that at a later date and time)

Spinelli had a brilliant idea. He asked Diane to help him write a book about the Jackal, PI. At first she laughed at him and brushed him off, but later agreed. There were some disagreements and laughs during their discussions and story ideas. Jason wasn’t too pleased when he first heard about Spinelli writing this book.

Spinelli also worked with Sam & Jason to find more information about Theo Hoffman. During the month, Sam was thinking that Spinelli didn’t want to work with her anymore. Spinelli just needed something creative to do. She assured him he would meet a great girl, because he was a great guy.

Spinelli started to help Brenda plan her wedding to Sonny, even if at first he was against the marriage. He hired a wedding planner. Later, Brenda & Spinelli discuss how hard it must have been for Sam to lose her own child (when really talking about her own loss)

Spinelli also shared scenes with Lucky (and even one with Siobhan). They thought that maybe Jerry Jacks was Alesander’s father. (Later this turned up not to be the case).

Spinelli also was working with Carly, who was still out to ruin Sonny & Brenda’s wedding. She would wait for the perfect moment to tell Sonny that Brenda had a baby. (Like women don't have babies every day or something...)

At one point Spinelli and Mikey discussed the weather while standing on a sidewalk.

Operation Cupcake (a charity babyshower in honor of Baby Girl Anderson)

Operation Cupcake
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We invite you to help us celebrate the soon to be birth of Bradford & Kiera Anderson’s daughter by giving other children the comfort of a good night. Project Night Night is a charity that free of charge gives out over 25,000 free totes to homeless children each year. Each tote consists of a stuffed animal, a book and a blanket.

For more information about Project Night Night, please visit

To follow Operation Cupcake’s progress or how to donate please visit

Thank you!!!!
Upcoming Bradford upcoming events, including Port Chuck Tour dates

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He will be on Fashion Stage (the Main Stage)

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Spinelli recap 5-13-11

Thank goodness for Spinelli being on todays episode...

Spinelli comes into the penthouse to see Sam laying on the couch. He wants to know where Jason is. Sam says she shooed him away, that she can take care of herself. Sam is worried about pushing Jason, Spinelli wants to know if the surgery was a success. Its too soon to tell. Spinelli thinks they will be excellent parents.

Spinelli knows she can take care of herself, but made her tea. Spinelli offers to take on more at work. She says just because she had the proceedure, doesnt mean she will have a baby. its not just her decision. He brings up her brother. Spinelli says Jason made decisions to protect his child. Spinelli says Stone Cold will embrace any child put in his arms. He says not to let the fear interfear with having a baby. He says Jake can not be replaced, but thinks Sam will be a great Mom.

Dante calls Spinelli. Spinelli has access to know what she was saying in the car, vie the radio. He also breaks down the car, so they can not get away. Carly wants to know if they have the right house. Spinelli wants to know if he doubts him. The picture in the frame is not Lucien.

Brenda bangs on the door. She wants to know where he is. He thinks she means Jason, who he says isnt home. Brenda says she is his mother. She has a right to know where her son is.

Brenda wants to know where he is. She is begging him. He says Mr. Sir is doing everything he can and will keep him safe. She figures out that Dante & Carly are with Sonny.

Spinelli says he doesnt have exact details. He knows Sonny & Carly willl return with her toddler. Spinelli thinks he may not wanted to get her hopes up. Brenda just wants to be there when they find her son. She knows he is very good at his job.

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