Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Sky Is Falling.

Yes Chicken Little we hear you now.  The sky truly did fall today in the soap world.  Today BOTH One Life to Live and All My Children have been canceled.  Poof Gone for some low cost junk television. We will lose AMC in September and OLTL in January.  My heart has sunk for the end of these programs but I truly fear for the end of the genre of soap operas completely.   The writing is and has been on the wall for while. I really believe not only will there be no soaps on ABC in 5 years I don't think there will be any on regular broadcast channels at all  Including CBS and NBC.

I am numb.  I grew up with ABC soaps.  I was always a GH fan first but through different stories I watched both AMC and OLTL.  I actually had a much more drawn out blog post in my head before I started and now all I want to do is cry. My daughter will never reach an age that we can enjoy these shows together.  That I can share the history and the life in soaps that other show just can't have.  There is something about telling a story in serial daily format.  The excitement of a drawn out story which can weave in history since the show is 30 plus years old.  I actually loved the stupid soapy things that happens. People having evil twins, switch at birth, coming back from the dead, weaving in fantasy and supernatural elements.