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Ultimate Kid Fest Co.

Bradford left the luncheon, and now he is to attend The Ultimate Kid Fest Co. in Kenosha, WI July 13, 2008

Nancy Lee Grahn will also be there.


For more information,

Just Say No : To All Spinelli & Spixie Soap Fans.

In the craziness that is the online soap fan community there is a phenomenon called a fan war. Its not pretty. Many died on the battle fields of Liason vs. Jasam. In the end was ether fan base happy?

Its important at all costs you save yourself from falling into a fan war. It can creep up at you before you even realize it. Help a friend up and steer them away way from the dark side. Not only is it a waste of time it can negatively impact how your fan base (characters, actors and couple) is viewed by the 'outside'.

Don't worry about what other people feel or think. Your not going to change their mind and they are not going to change yours.


1. Stay clear of rival fan bases boards. Really do you want THEM reading yours? Its all about having fun and talking to others who feel the same as you. (though all boards I don't care who or what you are should not bash actors)

2. Don't make comments or rate other fan rival fan videos. Do you want your videos to get the same treatment.

3. Don't bash other fan bases on large boards. Its not healthy, focus on your on fan base and don't give attention where you don't want it. Be better.. Defend your favorites but don't waste your time stooping to their level .

4. Use your energy for good not evil. For every negative post a misguided person posts post two positive posts for your fan base.

5. Remember posters are people too.. Never call a person out on a public board if you have an issue go to them privately if possible. You never know you could become friends.

6. Don't fall for bait. Run from a trap.

FCW-- Best of GH:

Coming out of Fan Club Weekend, these were voted the best of the best:

Greg Vaughn and Becky Herbst won Best supporting Actors.

Favorite character was SPINELLI.

Best Couple--Scrubs.

Laura Wright and Tyler Christopher won BEST ACTORS.

Julie Berman and Dylan Cash won younger actors.

A update from FCW

Eye on Soaps. posted an update for the FCW.

Its includes some stuff from Bradford's event. Its nothing we have not already heard though.

Friday, July 11, 2008



Met Bradford today! Good times!

Okay, I’m finally back in my hotel after spending the morning with B-ford and the rest of the day playing tourist in Hollywood.

You probably don’t care about the touristy stuff, so I’ll skip to the uber-goodness of my Bradford Anderson Experience (sounds like a band…).

(click here to read the rest of Lindsay's Adventure)

First of all, dude came in HYPER. He said good morning to us all in his own Bradfordy way and then informed us that he was going to switch the order of things, doing the pictures/autographs first and then the Q&A at the end. I think I get why he did this now, although at the time it seemed like no big deal. The Camera Ready crew was there filming, watching him go through his antics. Some fans gave him a Red Sox gift (or as JenniferLyn called it “the Non-Yankee team” LOL). He basically worshiped it. Another table busted out a t-shirt for him…it had an Emmy on the front and on the back some sort of message implying he was robbed. LOL he seemed highly amused.

After to going to only about three or four tables, he jumped back on the stage and told us we all had to stand up because he was going to teach us his “excited dance” (which basically means you do a jig and then shake your bum around like a spaz). The dance was in honor of the fact that a very special guest was there, his “Maxie”, Kirsten Storms. :) She came in all bouncy and there was much love for her in the room.

They decided to start the Q&A session right then. and what I’m going to tell you are the things that I thought were most important…

*Someone asked if there was pressure because of Jason Cook. Kirsten said there was no pressure at all, that he’s a great guy, and that she knew Bradford and Jason would hit it off. Bradford agreed with her and added that he wanted to poke fun at the guy but didn’t know him THAT well yet so he would hold off. Lmao…

*This inspired someone to ask if there would be a triangle. Kirsten sheepishly grinned and said “I would love that”, to which Bradford gave her the one two punch of puppy eyes and sad-face. She quickly explained that it would mean more men for her. People laughed, and Kirsten explained further that Maxie should end up with Spinelli. Girl was quite enthused.

*Someone asked if they thought TPTB were invested in Spinelli and Maxie, to which Bradford and Kirsten almost stumbled over each other in their responses. They both made a big deal about the fact that they were being promoted, Bradford even saying something about the fact that they were airing the promos on MTV and Style as if they were the hottest thing in Soaps. LOL you had to be there to understand how fun it was when he said that. Kirsten told everyone how just a few days ago she was watching television with her boyfriend and the Sex Promo came on with her unbuttoning her shirt and her boyfriend gave her a look. Hahahaaa…..Bradford jumped in the air all proud.

Also, and more important than anything else, was what Kirsten added about the show’s investment. She said that there were some ups and downs coming, but they aren’t anywhere close to being done with Spinelli and Maxie. There seems to be some hopeful plans around the end of summer that will give hope to the cause. In other words, get ready, there is drama coming, but there is a silver lining. I’m thinking that we need to keep her words in mind. Bradford added that people seem happy with their work together. He knows the viewers like them.

Ladies and Gents, after SEEING them together and hearing the way they spoke about Spixie…I really, really really really really want you to keep your faith. There is nothing these two said or did that made me feel as if they are over or even CLOSE. Trust me just this once...if you keep up your support, this story isn't going anywhere.

*The sex scene was discussed briefly…Bradford talked about how funny it was that he’d been shirtless so much. He said that sometimes he just wants to say “really? REALLY?” (as he rubbed his tummy LOL).

*Leyla was brought up. Someone said they liked the scenes at the wedding and asked how Bradford prepared for it. As soon as the words were out of her mouth Kirsten groaned. LOL Territorial much? Whatever, I like that. Teehee, lets me know where she stands. Bradford commented on how he was so shocked that the writers came up with that racist remark about Leyla and that he was glad to punch the guy.

*Someone asked if he came up the his Spinellisms…Bradford said NO, the writer’s are big dorks and like to prove that they’re smarter than each other by pulling random words from the dictionary and proving they can use them in sentences. Heheee…Spinelli’s dialogue seems to be the challenge amongst the writing staff.

*He was asked if he would ever like to put out a record. Kirsten said YES! Haha, he looked at her and said “Well, I guess that’s a yes!” He elaborated explaining that he didn’t write music but if someone wanted to do some sort of record with him he would. Someone else asked if he was going to sing at SSW and Kirsten again said “YES! And I’ll be your back up dancer!” and she proceeded to do his “excited dance” for everyone. Apparently he does this dance enough to be mimicked.

*Georgie was mentioned. Bradford said they celebrate Georgie. People clapped. Kirsten said it wasn’t that hard to find an emotional place to do scenes because she has a little sister like Maxie and could relate to the character pretty well. Bradford said he could film those scenes because Lindze really was leaving them in a way.

*Someone asked what happened to Popsicle the doggy. HAH! Kirsten said she has NO idea what happened to the dog but Spinelli should get Maxie a puppy. Bradford agreed and said they should open up an animal shelter right next door to the free clinic. LMAO. Spixie Shelter for Animals, coming this fall!

*Kirsten bragged and bragged about what a talented actor Bradford was.

*Someone asked what Mac would think of Spixie dating and Kirsten said that he would probably be pissed just like he always is because Spinelli is a criminal. Bradford added “criminal with a heart of gold” or something like that. Jeeeeez. Then he reminded Kirsten that Maxie is an accessory to murder so she is far worse than Spinelli at that point, although he does live with a hitman.

*Kirsten sounded excited about the upcoming stuff with Lulu, implying they would actually get a friendship out of the experience. How thrilling would that be? MaxieLu would be a force upon the world if you ask me, girl’s just gotta get through those barriers!

*Bradford has a potted plant/tree named Rosalita. <----That is hysterical. *People discussed his crazy good Aussie accent. A woman in the audience actually was Australian and said he did a good job and only messed up a little. LOL He got a call from Bob Guza months ago telling him to start watching Ingo, but didn’t explain why. Haha, so Bradford would just pass Ingo all the time at work and watch him, not knowing what he was looking for. *He was asked about Claudia and what it was like working with Sarah Brown. Bradford said “I stand back and let her go. She is a force!” Kirsten agreed, and it seems that Sarah Brown is pretty much considered to be a certified awesome person with her tenacity in scenes because she gives so much. When Kirsten and Bradford made the rounds to the tables, they couldn’t have been more sweet. I told Bradford that he could make my autograph out to “Ebay Buyer” and he looked at me and said “Haha…you’re good”. Yup, I’m awesome. LOL. Jenna told both of them to be on the lookout for something in the mailroom next Tuesday (I added “in honor of Tuesday”) and they lit up. Kirsten said “IS IT CONDOMS??? I laughed and replied “NO! But that is an EXCELLENT idea!” Also, Jenna from Oppostie Attraction reminded Bradford about the six month anniversary of the first Spixie scenes coming up at the end of the month.

Sidenote, My sister was really excited to me “Zenon”.

All and all, a good day. :)

By the way…I am most likely going to be on Camera Ready!!! LMAO!!! THEY INTERVIEWED ME! I was asked why I loved Bradford, why he was unique, and then I had to be all cheesy and say We (Jenna too) love you Bradford! *Puts on celebrity shades* PWNED.

SID Is asking about Spin and Maxie..


The results will be posted in an upcoming issue of SOAPS IN DEPTH:

Could Spin and Maxie make a relationship work?

Also, you can vote for Bradford and Spixie (or Spinlu) as your favorite couple, of course.

Believe Promo on

visit link and post a positive comment about Spixie.. or Spinelli if you don't feel the Spixie magic. . (you need to login/register for this)

New Poll: How do you feel about ..

How do you feel about whats going to happen on Tuesday?

Poll will be open till Tuesday

Bradford's PA GHFCW is going on right now

Spikey is updating this post as she gets details..

The big thing is that Kristen is there.

(more details will follow)

Meet the Contributors: Penny


Tell us a little about yourself:
I am almost 34 years old mother of two living in New England.

Did you like Spinelli the first time you saw him?
No I didn't.. I hated him.. Thats right I hated him. I recall calling him a cardboard cut out of a computer hacker on Soap Opera Central when he first came on. I don't know maybe I had a thing against beanies.

What moment made you first notice Spinelli?
I slowly started to warm to him after Lulu and Jason collected him at Granny Spinelli's house.
Then shortly before the metrocourt hostage crisis.... Sam yelled at Spin and I remember thinking wow thats amazing acting. (see for yourself) I was hooked from that moment on.

How long have
you been watching GH?
umm not sure. I swear it was on in my house during the 80s in the background. (just alwayson) I know I watched some.. I remember really being into it when Anna and Robert got married. I have had burst of watching since then I missed somethings.. (like never saw Courtney or Zander) I came back when Anna 'returned' in 2006 for like a week.

Your favorite Spinelli moment?
Is it a cop out if I say all of them LOL ok ok I will pick one. My favorite was on one of the best
Spinelli days ever. 8-29-07(link) the scene with Ric in the penthouse has always stood out to me. Ok Maybe thats my favorite Bradford moment.. ummm Favorate Spinelli moment? I loved any and all the Spinelli PI bits. They are better when Maxie is involved with them.

Least favorite Spinelli moment?
When Spinelli was baby crazy when baby Jake was born.

If Spinelli where to give you a name what would it be?
umm for real? The Quiet One ? (wow I wrote hard questions)

What other works by Bradford Anderson have you seen? Which stood out to you?
Before ever saw the Jackal my favorite show was Veronica Mars. Bradford was in two episodes. Those are great. Then there is the minitue he was in an episode of What about Brian. Then there was American Pie Beta House.. Bradford did a umm great job..yeah thats right.. (he did movie just sucked)

What do you think make Bradford stand out from other famous folks?
He is very down the earth and kind. He is always so gracious to his fans. He just an all around nice guy.

Why did you decide to blog on this site?
When in February of 2007 I went searching for Bradford information it was hard. There was not a lot of resources. He had not even signed a contract yet. I thought a blog would be a great method to collect all the information I could find. (link to a post in 2-2007)

What do you believe this blogs mission is?
This blog is for all fans of Bradford Anderson and Spinelli. Its a a fun postive place to find out information and exchange ideas.

wow that was hard.. LOL

Jaspin Wins

I will post a new poll later.

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Thoughts on Tuesday....

Do we have a nickname for Tuesday yet?
We need one.. please let me know.. or I will have to come up with one myself. Now lets address that elephant in the room shall we.....

spoilers will be discussed.

click here to read more

Ok so it happens.. Yes IT. If you have not see the 6 seconds promo do that now please. You back now? Your breathing.. Can you believe it?

I don't know much besides what this promo tells us.
Maxie and Spinelli take another step in their relationship together. This is not something you can take back at all.

Rurmor says that in Soap Opera Weekly Jason walks in on them the morning after. That Maxie say after that she does not want to do it again to save their friendship (Maxie honey you can't undo this) thats all I know. LOL So if you come for some grand scoop its not happening here.

Poor Spinelli goes from getting everything he wants in the world to losing it all at once. Last year we saw a heartbroken Spin.. Now I imagine this will be much worse.. No mater how much he may agree with Maxie or not.. Or try to get over it he won't.. Our poor Damian Spinelli.. (big hugs) Its going to be so horrible.

So we will have to wait to see what happends.. I will actually be happy with this if one thing happens.

That it won't be written just for laughs (a little is fine and almost expected) I want it sweet and tender..

If all that happens I can handle a heart broken Spin for while to give Maxie time to wake up and realizes its worth the risk to go further with Spin. All great love stories have lots of road blocks and this is just one of theirs.

So not raining on my parade. Nothing can change the fact Maxie sees my sweet Spinelli as an acceptable sexual partner. whooo woooo hoo..

So are you ready? grab some popcorn and invite some friends over. I don't think Naked Spinelli day can even touch this.

GH Fan Club Weekend Starts Today

the Kick off is at 6pm (California time)

We should start hearing the buzz from it tonight. Bradford's event is tomorrow morning. Our girl Lindsay will be there.

So in honor of General Hospital Fan Club Weekend here is Bradford with some of his fans at a bunch of different events. (if you have your own its not to late to send it to me.

the blog may get busy with updates as we heard them. all the new GHFCW posts will be tagged ghfcw 2008.

Bradford on Stardish Radio

Bradford is supose to be on Stardish Radio on July 16 for about a half hour.

Meet the Contributors: Laurelin

Laurelin could be accused of being a little quiet but when she posts hair flies and its great. Thank you Laurelin

Tell us a little about yourself:
I'm a drama teacher, dog lover, photographer, daughter, sister, and friend

Did you like Spinelli the first time you saw him?
I knew there was something special about Spinelli, and the more I saw him the more I loved him!

What moment made you first notice Spinelli?
I really started getting interested when Lulu intercepted the text messages and brought the chips and soda to the surf shop -- Spinelli and SpinLu had me 100% from then on!

How long have you been watching GH?
Since birth, 1984

Your favorite Spinelli moment?
The porch scene with Lulu where he offered his unwavering friendship, whether she wanted to tell him what was wrong or not.

Least favorite Spinelli moment?
The weird flirting with Claudia....I don't much like the "cat chases mouse" thing they have going on!

If Spinelli where to give you a name what would it be?
I would hope it would be something like "The Compassionate One"...but it would probably end up being "Blabbermouth"...I tend to talk a lot!

What other works by Bradford Anderson have you seen? Which stood out to you?
His character on Veronica Mars was very interesting; I just wish he would have been on more so we could see him do more with the character! I also LOVED his version of "My Funny Valentine" for the Love Affair CD.

What do you think make Bradford stand out from other famous folks?
He's very genuine and down-to-earth. You can easily tell he is enjoying life and living in the moment with as little drama as possible. I'm sure we won't be seeing any sordid tabloid stories about Bradford!

Why did you decide to blog on this site?
Bradford/Spinelli rekindled my love in General Hospital, largely due to Bradford's talent and portrayal, so I wanted to help share the love!

What do you believe this blogs mission is?
To be a one-stop-shop for news and information about Bradford and his career, as well as a gathering spot for Bradford/Spinelli fans from all over.

Anything else you would like to share? It's been great to be a part of The Bradford Anderson Fan Blog, and I look forward to many years of Bradford love to come!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bradford is coming to Boston again!

When: October 4 2008 9:00am tp 12pm
Where: Marriott Boston Tremont Hotel, 275 Tremont Street, Boston, MA,

Ticket info go under events its on the last page

Looks like I am going to go woo hoo

Bradford posted to his MySpace

link to post

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Join the Spixie Nation

Opposite Attraction is the place to be if your a Spinelli & Maxie..

Major Spoiler

click here to see
Don't worry Spinelli is not dying..

If she breaks his heart I will pull her hair out.

Meet the Contributors: Rene'

Rene' has been a contributor for well over a year and I also consider her a friend. I love her honesty in her posts.. Its refreshing and she is just so darn cool.

Age: 39 - and I refuse to age another year

tell us a little about your self:
I Love Life and Life Loves Me! That's my new personal motto to live by. I love exploring new things, trying new endeavors. I've acted in two movies and a play, homeschooled my daughter, have my own business, met celebrities, hiked in the mountains, slept at the beach - I love doing anything and everything that's fun or interesting! I have a great husband and beautiful teenage daughter.

Did you like Spinelli the first time you saw him?
Yes, but as time went on, I liked him better!

What moment made you first notice Spinelli? -
Probably when he and Lulu were being held captive by Alcazar and they got drunk. Hilarious!

How long have you been watching GH? -
Oh wow - since the year Luke, Laura, Robert and Tiffany went to the Cassadine Island and saved the world. You figure out when that was. :)

Your favorite Spinelli moment? -
That's tough! I'd have to say during the Hostage Crisis.

Least favorite Spinelli moment? -
When he lowered himself to ask Lulu to dance during the Black and White ball. Boo Lulu.

If Spinelli where to give you a name what would it be? -
Ambitious blonde one

What other works by Bradford Anderson have you seen? Which stood out to you?
The only other work I have seen Bradford in is his film Carts. I thought he was excellent in it, similar to Spinelli but a bit more hard edged.

What do you think make Bradford stand out from other famous folks?
I think Bradford is tremendously talented with the ability to switch from comedy to drama to dancing and singing in a single bound; however, I'd have to say his kindness towards others and his genuine gratitude for what life has given him is what makes him truly stand out.

Why did you decide to blog on this site?
Because Penny asked me to. :) No, because I believe that TPTB SOMEWHERE may happen upon this site, and if I can say or do anything to help further along the character of Spinelli by making my opinions know, then so be it.

What do you believe this blogs mission is?
To create positive opportunities and growth for the character of Spinelli and perhaps for Bradford himself in future endeavors!

Anything else you would like to share? Nah :)


Spinelli is now in the Urban Dictionary! :)

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eeeeeee Spixie promo, extended version

Meet The Contributors: Spikey

Spikey and I have been buds since February 07. This board would not be the the place it is without her support and friendship. When my husband lost his job last summer and I was working she saved this blog.
I'm Spikey, have been involved in several fandoms over the years. Although the people I've grown close to on this site and others know my background, I try not to get into my personal life on the internet because I don't feel comfortable with that.

Did you like Spinelli the first time you saw him?
No, I had quit watching GH for seven years and tuned into Luke/Laura's wedding. I resented the mob.

What moment made you first notice Spinelli?
The Metrocourt Hostage crisis really made me take notice of Bradford. I just fell in love with the character.

How long have you been watching GH?
Off and on since Luke/laura in the eighties.

Your favorite Spinelli moment?
Too many to name, but loved the dance with Lulu, Most recently I loved his scenes on the dock with Claudia.

Least favorite Spinelli moment?
Anytime Sonny calls him Freaky boy, or Logan beating him up, although it makes for interesting character study.

If Spinelli where to give you a name what would it be?
Since I won this award on the Spixie board, I'd say the informative one.

What other works by Bradford Anderson have you seen?
Which stood out to you? I've only seen him in American Pie. I guess there were things that "stood out". I'll leave that comment to the imagination.

What do you think make Bradford stand out from other famous folks?
He stands out to me because he has tons of energy and not afraid to take chances with the character. I love that about Bradford and it's very reminiscent of early Geary.

Why did you decide to blog on this site?
Because I found Penny and asked me to do it. We are among the first loud Spin fans.

What do you believe this blogs mission is?
To get the info out in a positive and informative way.

Cases of Orange Soda Delivered to GH Studios?

Its in the rumor mill that cases of orange soda where delivered to the Studios to Bradford and Kirsten. If true who are these Spixie supporters? Where are you.. High Five. Thank you

Vote at Daytime Confidential..

How do you feel about Spinelli and Maxie .........? (link has a spoiler)

Poll at Daytime Confidential

Do You Believe?

Do you believe that ABC/SOAPNET entered the "OPPOSITE ATTRACTION" board promo contest but didn't make the deadline?Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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The Lulu/Maxie Factor....just a redux?

I've been doing some thinking lately about the Spinelli/Maxie friendship and storyline. This subject has been addressed on the message boards, but I'd like to bring it here to a predominately Spinelli fanbase.

Is Spinelli's friendship with Maxie the same as his with Lulu's?

My response (feel free to comment with your own!):
The way I see it, the summary of Spinelli and Lulu's story is that they bonded over solving a mystery, he developed a crush on her, she remained mostly oblivious/did not reciprocate but valued his friendship very much. Basically, this is exactly the same as what is happening with Maxie. You could probably make a 5 minute video with clips of both Lulu and Maxie hugging Spinelli out of friendship, complete with the now signature Spinelli eye roll/pained grimace at the lack of romance in the hug. I'm serious.

I feel it cheapens Spinelli as a character as well as both friendships because it's basically the same story being told all over again. Maxie certainly hasn't wronged and shunned Spinelli as much as Lulu has, but let's face it: it's still early. With Dr. Matt Hunter on the scene, I fear that the Spixie friendship is ripe for the same demise as the SpinLu friendship. If there's one thing that TPTB can be counted upon for, it's killing friendships and going with the "flavor of the week" which typically ends up being the "hot guy." Given TPTB's track record, can we really think that anything BUT a Maxie/Matt pairing is on the horizon? Call it pessimism, but with the way things have gone for Spinelli, I honestly don't see him winning this one.

Don't get me wrong, I don't accept this, but I'm trying to prepare myself for an ending that feels inevitable. Spinelli has NEVER been seriously considered for a romance, and I don't think his relationship with Maxie will be any different. In fact, I fear it's just another notch on Spinelli's "Comic Relief" belt.

What can we do to get TPTB to take Spinelli/Bradford seriously and see his romantic potential??

Meet the Contributors: Lindsay

I have emailed all the amazing women who contribute to this blog a list is questions so that we all could get to know them better. Lindsay is our newest and the one that sent it to me first (yah Lindsay)
Age: 19

Tell us a little about your self:
I am a sophomore in college studying film and television.

Did you like Spinelli the first time you saw him?
No, I didn't. Hehe, It took a little while for him to grow on me. I think I always appreciated they way he just said things that were on his mind without censorship even if I didn't root for him as a character. Then one day I realized that I was amused by Spinelli and looked for him in scenes.

What moment made you first notice Spinelli?
The Metrocourt Hostage Crisis made me perk up with interest. There was just something about the idea of this guy going in to save the day even though he was so scared that really got me. I think his character finally fell into place.

How long have you been watching GH?
Essentially since I was in the womb. My family watched it. I can say that I actively watched and understood the storylines since the Jason/Michael/Carly storyline and Lucky/Liz.

Your favorite Spinelli moment?
This changes a lot depending on my mood. Today, it's the moment where Spinelli spoke to Claudia on the docks while drunk. Something funny but heartbreaking about that scene.

Least favorite Spinelli moment?
Finding Georgie dead.

If Spinelli were to give you a name what would it be?
Lovely Lindsay? Loyal Lindsay? Something with alliteration, I would hope. :)

What other works by Bradford Anderson have you seen? Which stood out to you?
I've only seen his appearance on What About Brian. The thing that instantly stood out to me was how Bradford just walked into the room and got my attention instantly. The definition of scene stealing!

What do you think make Bradford stand out from other famous folks?
The fact that he interacts with his fans truly, truly astounds me. He uses available tools to communicate directly with us, not some liaison or person paid to speak for him. I love that. A lot of people who find themselves with a fan base quickly forget that they are still only human.

Why did you decide to blog on this site?
I am power hungry. Haha, Just kidding. Or am I? Today blogging, tomorrow...podcasts!

What do you believe this blogs mission is?
To be awesome? Yes, to be awesome. Also, the mission is to give be an informative and intelligent community of Bradford Andersons supporters---for fans, by fans.