Saturday, December 27, 2008

The year in review 2008 -Part 7 July

Penny makes her first fan video

Lindsay reports back from Bradford's FCW event.

Something to Believe Promo is released.

Spixie sex happens.

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Update on Charity

Well, Spixie fans, you did it. You have raised $1000 for the AIDs charity Broadway Cares. I am truly amazed. Team Spixie is behind Luke/Laura & Patrick/Robin for the top GH couple in the friendly charity battle and ranked #5 out of all the daytime couples. That's amazing!! Such good company!

You can still donate! Check out the link to donate to Team Spixie here!

The year in review 2008 -Part 6 June


Spinelli tries to change himself to impress Maxie

The first episode of Camera Ready is released.

Penny goes the second annual Manchester Animal Shelter meet & greet.

The Jackal transforms into Damian

Spinelli seizes the day again

Bradford presents at the Daytime Emmy Awards

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fa la la la la la...

La la la laaaa.

Yes, Maxie, there is a Santa Clause.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What a difference a Year makes..


The Jingle Jackal

I love Christmas.

Today's episode of GH was amazing. Not just because it was a Christmas episode or that Spinelli had an important part in it. More then that it remembered what make soaps so great.

Soaps are great because of the family, the history, the drama and the story. That is what makes Christmas great too. Thank you for a GH for helping me remember what it used to be like.

So Santa (yes really SANTA) sends Spinelli (with Maxie's help) to spread holiday cheer through Port Charles.

First stop was the Spencer family. Spinelli gave Lulu an old key. opens the case to Laura's angel.

Then we visit the Scorpio Family. Spinelli gives a small bag of very special cookies. They taste just like Robin's grandma Filomena.

Then Spinelli visits the Quatermaine's and leaves behind a pair of glasses. Monica is able to see Alan. It was wonderful. Why must Alan be dead in the first place. It was sweet and it felt like home.

Then Spinelli visits with both, Max, Diane and Bernie. He helps Max and Diane come together for Christmas (they where fighting) and gives Bernie something to light the menorah candles.

Spinelli then gets him Christmas wish.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays. My recaps is not doing this episode justice. If you love GH (and it's rich history) you have to love this episode. YES its corny but its also beautiful.

p.s. Spinelli and Maxie sang.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The year in review 2008 -Part 5 May


Spinelli & Jason find a stowaway and Maxie is saved from Ian

Maxie kisses Spinelli to make Lulu jealous.

Spinelli thinks Maxie and him had sex and he doesn't remember.

Lindsay joins the blog
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Hey, I'm just going to say it...

You know that post below where Penny congrats Lindsay? Nobody knows why but a few people? Well, Dahlia needs to be congratulated now.


Both got their grades back from college and received 4.0.


GO Lindsay and Dahlia.

Obviously, this is the smartest fan base, bar none. We have solid proof.

The year in review 2008 -Part 4 April

Micheal is shot

Bradford wins a Dankie

Spinelli harvests the day

Spinelli and Maxie kidnap Ian

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Spinelli the Quiet Hero

How many times has Spinelli had a very important hand in saving someone?

Yesterday Sam would be a frozen popsicle if it was not for Spinelli. The last few weeks Spinelli had has saved many.

I really think yesterday showed how special Spinelli is.
Oh I was introduced to this holiday fan fiction on this topic and its great.

Anyone that know me know that while I have a huge respect for fan fiction its just not me thing. I must say this was very good.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Congratulations Lindsay...

You know what for...

The year in review 2008 -Part 3 March


Bradford explains to GH viewers how they did the new green screen scenes.

Spinelli helps in his own way to kill the TMK

Naked Spinelli Day

Spinelli and Maxie remember Georgie on her birthday.

General Hospital turns 45
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

From SOAPNET: GH Christmas Marathon on December 25th

Christmas, Port Charles Style

We love Christmas -- and we love "General Hospital." So what better gift than a marathon of episodes from "GH" Christmases past? Yes! Old episodes! The characters, the storylines, the hair! Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and Kirsten Storms (Maxie) will host the marathon, which airs on December 25 from 8pm to 11pm on SOAPnet.

Here's the rundown of which episodes we'll be showing:

At 8pm, we've got one from 1996, where Sonny gets into the holiday spirit by selling Christmas trees (?!?); meanwhile, the newly minted "Jason Morgan" celebrates the day with Lila and Robin, and Jax and Brenda spend the yuletide together. We get to see Lila and Brenda? Cue screams!

At 9pm, it's a 1998 episode featuring classic Lucky and Liz. We're talking Jonathan Jackson as Lucky, so this is back in the day. Speaking of old familiar faces, the hour also features Amber Tamblyn as Emily, and a reading of the Christmas story by (a then still alive) Alan at General Hospital.

At 10pm, we fast forward to 2004 -- where Ric and Alexis are rescued from the woods in enough time to celebrate Kristina's christening with Sonny and Carly. Emily, still alive and now looking like Natalia Livingston, shares Christmas dinner with a jailed Nikolas. It's some classic Nik/Em romance, people!


New Promo for the New Year

Hold your breath this is a GOOD ONE

WARNING this FULL of spoilers.

The year in review 2008 -Part 2: February


Hugs For Spinelli Starts

Spixie investigates Cooper's Death

Spinelli starts a relationship with a window

The month was FULL of PI fantasies

The kids stake out Logan and Maxie ends up violating Spinelli's personal space.

Bradford does an interview for us.

Spixie spy on Logan and Lulu and end up on the floor

Spinelli watches as Maxie slaps Lulu and Spixie make their way into the sewer (unrelated but happened on the same day.

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