Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Family Moment

Such a wonderful week so far for Spinelli. He had some touching scenes with Maxie's family including Mac and Anna in the hospital waiting room as the clan anticipated the arrival of young Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake. Robin even deemed him an honorary uncle. I was so touched by these scenes. It was like Spinelli was a puppy adopted from the pound.

I know he has his Granny and Jason is practically family, but it's moments like these that cement his character into the fabric of Port Charles as a person that has earned the right to not only be accepted by a legacy family but remembered for years to come due to the purity of his character.

And the fans agree! Check out this AMAZING thread from the Spinelli LiveJournal all about how Spin fans ADORED these scenes. Read Here!

Welcome to the GH family, Spinelli.

Raise your hand if you think Mac would make a great father-in-law for Spinelli? *wink*