Saturday, November 15, 2008

OH SNAP!! Chicago Kirsford EVENT!

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Bradford Anderson & Kirsten Storms (GH)
Zanies Comedy Club
230 Hawthorne Village Commons
Vernon Hills, IL
(847) 549-6030
Showtime: 1:00 PM
Tickets- $55.00

***This isn't just a normal event!! So far, a LOT of awesome fans are going! FOUR mods from Opposite Attraction and THREE Admins from Defy Convention WILL be in attendance! Jenna, felix_izzy, NamiV, G the Sensei *cross your fingers*, Bela156 and MYSELF (I'm an admin at both boards) will be in attendance! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO PARTY WITH US! Kristen and Bradford don't know what they signed up for!

It's going to be a Opposite Attraction/Defy Convention Family REUNION! JOIN US!

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