Monday, November 24, 2008

Soapnet "Performer of the Week"

Performer of the Week: Bradford Anderson as Damain Spinelli. Bradford is a highlight in any week, just because Spinelli is such a change-of-pace character. The verbose, jumpy counterpoint to the intense calm of someone like Jason Morgan. But Bradford got to play a bunch of different colors for Spinelli this week. His reaction to finding Maxie unconscious in the park was shockingly real -- the decision to drop the "Fair Maximista" talk and just call out "Maxie" was fantastic. And the rest of the week, spent working Spinelli up into a murderous rage, then playing his ultimate inability to do anything with it, and finally his shame that he couldn't -- Spinelli covered a lot of emotional real estate this week. Plus, his face-off with Max at midweek was an epic confrontation between Port Charles's twitchiest liar and its most dunderheaded bodyguard. Loved it.

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