Monday, January 12, 2009

Absolutely Fearless

They updated the banner on the ABC Daytime website. Bradford is still up there. :)
In other news, Spinelli and Maxie's scenes from Thursday and Friday have been getting major buzz across different news sources, blogs, and fan boards. I saw the term "supercouple" used several dozen times, as well as "wow" and "whoa" and "awesome". I saw several new fans pop up on various boards shouting their love from the rooftops. Apparently, people love them some Spixie goodness. Major kudos, Bradford and blew people's minds last week.
I haven't seen anything quite like it in a long time. Many people were even so bold as to say they would stop watching General Hospital if Spinelli and Maxie weren't made a couple because that was the only thing they felt real investment in. I know how they feel. As a fan of Spixie, I was proud. As a fan of General Hospital, I was invigorated. Those scenes jolted me with their passion, realism, and pure drama etched into each word delivered by the actors.
I did a lot of theater when I was young and some competitive acting in high school. I know why it was fun for me--when you find your pacing with another actor and really FEEL the scene, there's nothing quite like it. It's a buzz. This "buzz" was evident between Bradford and Kirsten during Spinelli and Maxie's fight. It was like a duel, two actors so engaged in a scene that they were trying to "one up" the other person, to keep raising the bar with each line delivered. It doesn't happen all the time, and when you can see a real duel between actors you connect to it. Bradford took Spinelli to a high level emotionally, and Kirsten was right there challenging him to go even further with the intensity, which pushed her further with Maxie's character. This tennis match between the usually comedic duo was epic drama to watch. At the end of the day it was a tie game and a perfect score, because the two complimented each other SO well.
They were fearless in those scenes. I can't think of a simpler way to describe it. Absolutely fearless. With delivery like that, I simply must see more of them. Please, GH? Puhleeezze?


Jenna said...

Cant they take new pictures?

Penny said...

Yeah....... I don't know why they keep using that picture.. I swear they must have more photo shots to work off...