Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dance, Dance into the New Year

Time for some Kudos...
(December 29th & 30th)

Firstly, at Robin and Patrick's wedding, Spinelli had a fantasy of dancing with Maxie. This was an actual song and dance routine, as a cool/calm/collected Spinelli debonairly asked Miss Jones to dance (perfectly choreographed). But the fun didn't stop there as Spinelli began singing a tune, transforming the scene into a something reminiscent of old Hollywood dance numbers. He sang "Can't Take That Away From Me" in a sweet and romantic show of skill on Bradford's part.

One Spinelli fan actually told me they got in a little tiff with another fan who just didn't believe it was "Really Spinelli" singing. Wink. You and I both know of Mr. Anderson's vocal abilities though, as showcased at Broadway Cares, SuperSoapWeekend and of course his wonderful rendition of My Funny Valentine on the Love Affair soap star album. A lot of fun, though I would have loved for this fantasy to have been real.

New Year's Eve was another showcase of fun for Spixie fans as the two spent their evening trying to recover a lost article that Maxie had written for Crimson. Sadly a power outage caused the article to meet it's maker. Upset and frustrated, Maxie was quite bummed. Spinelli told her the story of the original manuscript of Romeo and Juliet to cheer her up. According to Spinelli, Shakespeare's dog ate the original copy of the classic play and this forced Bill to rewrite the whole thing from scratch. What resulted is now hailed as a crowning achievement in literature across the world, all because of a rewrite. Maxie marvels at how Spinelli always seems to expect more from her than others ever dared. Just as the clock strikes midnight, Spinelli and Maxie are paused by the window watching fireworks. There is a curious pause, almost a hesitation between the two, and this fan hoped for a kiss. Instead, Spinelli's cold brought on a poorly timed sneeze. The kids laughed and hugged, ringing in the new year together.

New Year's Resolution: Get Spinelli some Vitamin C to keep away the sniffles.

Major Kudos to Bradford (and the lovely Kirsten Storms) for these scenes.

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