Monday, February 23, 2009

Bradford Singing ... EEEeeee (from an event this weekend)


Jess said...

I was there for that! At about the 50 second mark when he's singing, "The way you hold your knife" he looked at me and caught me swooning...actually swooning!! You can see him laugh a bit. What a great event that was...I'm still over the moon.

Gary said...

Was everybody nice to Julie? I hope so since she stepped in for her friend Kirsten and helped out her buddy Bradford. I thought she did a really nice thing there.

I've read on the GH board that Bradford mentioned Winifred at both events and was surprised that nobody gave her a thumbs up. Somebody also said that he wasn't sure Spixie would end up a couple. Give us some information Jess. You are over the moon. So I'm guessing that you left with a positive attitude about Spixie's future.