Friday, February 6, 2009

a hero with no moral compass.....

First lets state a fact. Spinelli is a hero. He will put his own safety aside to help others. He has been this way from the very beginning. Going into the Metrocourt while its under hostage control, pushing Maxie to the side and getting hit by a car, and today pushing an acquaintance out of danger when he realized the OR was going to explode. He has other instances of being a hero but these are the biggest examples.

Something else struck me today with Spinelli sporting that fashionable biohazard suit today and having the talk with Agent Winnifred . Damian Spinelli has no moral compass. First lets looks to who he looks to for whats right and wrong.

See the problem here? Spinelli never developed a firm sense of right and wrong growing up and even now he looks at two people who are perhaps the most conflicted in Port Charles on this issue.
He really believed it would be better to go against the FBI to protect 'innocents" (He could actually in the end have been right) He thought it was ok to go into a biotoxin contaminated room to steals balls filled with biotoxin and risk the deal that Jason sacrificed for HIM. What was he hoping to do with them? Use them on Johnny and Matt? (I assume he was going ot destroy them but thats just funny to say)

What will it take for him to know rights right and wrong himself?

Today has a lot over the top crazy moments but even in that I can see the gem that is Damian Spinelli.

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