Monday, February 16, 2009

Project Message Board....

It is time to go into battle. The distractors of Spinelli are getting loud. Time for us to be louder. Spread the internet with Spinelli love.

a good first pace to start is Soap Central

Rules of Battle
1. stick to positive threads let the bad ones bump down to the bottom. Don't give them steam.

2. Be a good representative of a Spinelli fan. Don't attack others If someone says something you don't agree with ether ignore them or respond back simply with little drama. It only feeds the beast. I find I can't deal with some fo the negative things so I don't read them I just write my postive message in postive threads and ignore the hate.

Just play nice but spread lots of love

there is LOTS of message boards out there.. the boards, SoapCentral and many more. If you have a good suggestion for a board post it as a respond to this post.

OH and if you have not done it yet. vote for the Dankies

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