Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enjoy the Ride...

Are you like me and you try to dissect everything on your screen? Do you sit in front of your tv and try to understand the motivations characters and future plots? My husband gets really annoyed with me when I do this. We will sit down to watch a night of tv and I will keep pausing the program to discuss what is going on. He will then look at me and put his arms up in the air like he is on the roller coaster."Can't you just enjoy the ride?" he asks...... really. But, with GH, Spixie, and Spinelli's storyline, I am going to try. Why don't you give it a try too. This is a soap. Nothing comes easy. There is no easy payout. A couple's happiness is short lived. Sometimes we get so invested in the big payout we forget the big picture. It is a soap...where you can be murdered by your evil twin and come back to life to save your grown secret child whose father could be 1 of 20 people.

So tonight think of me because tonight is Survivor and I will be trying to be three steps ahead of everything and I imagine my husbands hands will be going up at least 4 times tonight.

Sit down. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Its going to be bumpy and it may make you sick but keep holding on. You may enjoy yourself in the end and then get back in line so you can go back on again.


Mikeok4000 said...

I agree with you the ride is going to be bumpy and I may get sick I'm OK with that. What I find stupid is the ride is all bumps recently with no breathers in between. Weeks back in LA Maxie tells Spinelli that she needs him and can't live without him, then right after saying that she threatens she will sleep with Johnny if he leaves. One day Lulu hates Maxie and the next she's helping her out. Today when talking to Jason Maxie says Spinelli is right and wrong about her not loving him, in what universe does that make any sense. Why not have Maxie say she's not sure how she feels about Spinelli instead of this he's right and wrong crap. Bumps in the road I can handle but lately it's just getting stupid IMHO.

Lindsay_007 said...

LOL, Mikeok.

Look. Penny knows what she speaks. I can't explain, but this is one time you're just going to need to believe.

Love the article, beautiful pics! :D

spikey said...

Your husband and daughter are so chill. I'm not sure if Penny and her son are enjoying the ride or if it's scaring the hell out of them.

spikey said...

Mike, I agree with everything you said.

Mikeok4000 said...

@ Spikey

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks the constant contradictions within the same episode and day to day are getting out of hand. Maxie asking Jason for help, telling him how Johnny is hot, and that she loves and doesn't love Spinelli in the same conversation is the ultimate example of stupidity. At this point I know as soon as things get better for Spixie they will go bad the very next minute, or if we're lucky they will be OK until the next episode.

My prediction is Johnny will become the hero saving Maxie and Spinelli will again get the short end of the stick, and will even be painted as the bad guy for not coming to Maxie's rescue when she needs him. Her lies, crying wolf and stunts she's pulled on Spinelli to make him not trust her will be conveniently forgotten. Hell I can see TPTB turn Spinelli into a mini Jason, with his sudden interest in getting a gun. PC really needs another gun carrying anti hero.

I think the ride needs to be closed down for repairs.