Monday, May 25, 2009

Message to Bradford and his fans.

I figured that on Memorial Day, I should tell you why I am such a fan of Bradford and why he means so much to me.  

When I was deployed and the days were horrible and long and hot and sandy, I would go back to my room and go on youtube and watch the days' episode. No matter what kind of day I had, Spinelli would always make me laugh and make me feel like I was in touch with the real world. THAT is why I love that character of Spinelli. And I am so impressed by Bradford because he reached out to me and sent me a message through MySpace which coincidentally reached me on the very worst day I had over there. THAT is why I am a fan of Bradford. There are not a lot of people that would take the time to do that, and he seems to me to be such a gentleman and a genuine individual. I truly am a fan of Bradford and want to thank him publicly for his part in making my life tolerable while deployed. :)

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