Friday, May 8, 2009

Today ...

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I promise a recap really I do I really really do LOL


Gary said...

Just amazing to me how Bradford isn't the typical Soap Hunk but when he kisses Kirsten/Maxie it looks more real then anything else we see on GH. What else needs to be said really?

Mikeok4000 said...

Well said couldn't have said it better myself! Not being a soap fan myself, I find soaps too repetitive, drawn out and the story lines often just silly, that's why I like Spixie. Spixie is just a good honest story about two people trying to work through the baggage they both have and find happiness with each other. It's just excellent TV period, and IMHO GH is lucky to have two outstanding actors like BA and KS working for them. I can see them go far in their careers beyond daytime.