Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's Spixie scenes. What GH should be every day.

bring back the love Today was amazing I cried during the song. I was swept way.


Jess said...

Today was amazing!!! I was so nervous for Spin I was practically sick to my stomach. I kept having to remind myself it wasn't real. Oh Lordy, what that Bradford does to me.

Gary said...

We were treated to something yesterday by Bradford. What we really saw was great theatrical acting. That's really what he did for the song.

I've never really seen any theater. But I believe it's all about the characters emotions coming alive through song. What you mostly get on TV is the people playing the characters just singing. When their allowed to sing it's hardly ever about the song having to do with the emotions of their character.

Even though it was only 2 minutes. Bradford gave us great mini-theater with his performance.

I think that is what makes great singing theatrical actors or actresses. The ability through their voice to connect song and character. Bradford did that for us yesterday.

Rene' said...

I have to say, I was slightly disappointed given the DAYS of build up that they didn't let him sing longer. Bradford has such a spectacular voice. I guess they thought it would be too over the top, but I would have loved it. :)