Saturday, September 26, 2009

Show the Love on Sunday

Did you love the episode on Friday? Did you call the comment line? Did you write a letter. Unless you have a Nielson box this is the only way they can know what people like. You gotta tell them.

Lets call the comment line and write mail tomorrow to go out Monday. Lets not call this a campaign because they can be less affective. Lets just use this as modivation to call and write. How many of us have not writen in or called in awhile? Use Friday's episode as the catalist. GH can still can make magic. Lets them know this is what YOU like.

Call and tell them how much you enjoyed the episode. Write Letters to Bradford, Kirsten and that amazing writer Michele Val Jean and thank her for writing a beautiful episode Write Guza and tell him this is what you like over mob shot outs and kids getting shot. THANK GUZA. This didn't happen with our his hand in it some were.


General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Let Kick it up a notch kids.

Spread the Word and Share the Love