Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Daytime Emmy Awards: A Review

Last night I was so excited.  It was Daytime Emmy night. I haven't watched GH for weeks (maybe months) I was still excited. I had twitter  set up. I was watching red carpet internet stream (thank you by the way) 

I told my estranged husband that I was watching the Daytime Emmy Awards and thats that. I was set. The only thing missing was my BBQ chips and orange soda.   I was so excited.  

I will start by saying while very few of the nominees I was rooting for won that doesn't' mean they were not deserving and it doesn't mean the people who won were also not worthy (I just didn't know any of them)   I am used to award shows in that matter betting an upset.  Not the reason I am so bitter.   

First lets start off by no Red Carpet coverage by ether SoapNet or CBS. Huge Fail.  Its one of the most exciting things that happen.  It gives some of the actors there only  chance to shine for a moment.  I am grateful that gave us an internet stream. Even with the tech difficulties I was grateful for the effort and realize this was something new for them. 

Remember last year when it was on The CW?  It was a bit too young and hip but you know what that was ok.  They tried and it was still the Emmys  The Emmy last night was a horrible.   I adore Dick Clark Love him, but to waste 20 minutes of the Daytime Emmy awards for a tribute. A tribute that was wasn't something most associate with Daytime.   The music guests was a horrible choice.  Its not that they are bad its just that it was like watching granny vision.  Actually it would have put most old people to sleep.  

If that was the only issue it would have been ok. Its is Dick Clark.    

Then we were given fillers of time for some Broadway shows shorts.  There was at least 3 maybe 4 (maybe more ) were also  'treated' to a tour of the Vegas hotel. Was this all a big joke?     Then when it came time for the awards.  The names of the nominees were said they were said too FAST. I am surprise the announcer didn't pass out from not breathing.   Then umm NO actor reels NONE.  We had a few QUICK clips for Best Soap t.  That was it.  These amazing actors are nominated and they were not honored in anyway.  We could have taken all that lame fluff of those Broadway numbers and given daytime the party it deserved.  This may be our last Emmy award broadcast. This will be our final memory.   

Oh I forgot ATWT was given a tribute. Thats good right?  no wait it was way too short. If you blinked it was over. 

I gave up after the first hour.  I went back later and fast forward through most of it just stopping at the real award show parts. 

Oh and those that think they fell asleep and missed the little bit every award shows has remember the people who are now gone. Nope you didn't miss it they didn't' have it.   This is an award show staple. 

It was a disgrace. I am so embarrassed for Daytime.  The art form of the  daily serial may indeed be on life support and about ready to breath its last.  

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