Monday, October 25, 2010

A personal plea

My daughter Abby has recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. She is my one of my biggest joys and she is slowly losing her sight. She is also a big Spinelli fan. (so see its on topic)  Her slight is now below what is classified for legally blind.  There is no cure. YET. Find out more here (

You can help.

vote for both Jeremy Poincenot and CURE Ride for LHON Research to get them to the national round.. They have made it to the national round. They get 10k for each category that wins the national round. Please vote again if you already did and if you hadn't its a great chance to start.

Please share this with your friends via email, social networking site. use this link if its helpful.

Follow these easy directions
1. Click
2. Find Most Influential College Student/Organization; vote for Jeremy Poincenot
3. Find Most Successful Fundraiser by an Individual/Group; vote for CURE Ride for LHON Research
4. Ask all of your friends, neighbors, colleagues, Facebook contacts and more to vote! Ask your friends to ask their friends to vote!
We’re competing against the winners in large cities, such as New York and LA, so we need every single vote we can get! Winning $20,000 for LHON research will have a huge impact on our ability to find a cure. Please ask every person you know to vote, and help us find a cure for sudden blindness!

Voting ends Nov. 5th

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