Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7/5/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Mary Sue Price

Maxie is fixing Sonny's collar. Jackal busts in and wants his mitts off his dollface.

Sonny doesn't want to see him until he finds his money. He says the cabbage isn't his problem, but squeezing his tomato is. Maxie apologizes and says Spinelli is too or he will be when he is back to his old self. Maxie wants to leave. He says he doesn't take orders from her or no one. Maxie says she is not his dame and she was fixing his collar. He says its the oldest excuse in the book. He is not buying it not tonight, not ever. Sonny wants him gone. Jackal tells Maxie that dames like her make guys go stupid, even ones pulling a ball and chain. He doesnt blame her. She says she is in a very committed relationship with Matt Hunter, very committed (keep telling youself that sweetheart and you'll be back burned again for what 10 more months with pretty much no story =) ) He says her sugar lips told him otherwise on more then one occasion. He says it has nothing to do with talking. She says he caught her off guard. Sonny wants him gone. Jackal calls him a lowlife.

Maxie says that Spinelli did not mean that. Jackal says Jackal PI meant every word. Maxie says he would never call Sonny that. He is Mr. Sir. Sonny is going to call Max. Jackal says bring it on. Maxie tries to explain. Jackal says if you have a problem with me, you deal with me. Brenda wants them to be quiet as Alec is alseep. He says he has a dish like this at home and the pollucka still wants to dine out? Jackal wants her to keep him on a leash, he says he caught him with his paws on his dame. Maxie says she is not his dame, she was fixing his collar. Jackal says he saw what happened. He says he is a trained professional. Sonny wants them gone. Brenda wants to know whats wrong with him. Maxie wants her to have compassion. Jackal says he loves when she gets hyped up. Sonny just wants them gone.

(Spinelli clearly has horrible friends. Why are they not calling in specialists?)

Maxie wants to take Jackal back to the hospital (as he is in pain and sits down on the pier) He says no can do sugar lips. She wants him to stop calling her that, reminds him yet again her name is Maxie. she tells him he is a computer genius and he really needs to help Sonny find that money. He take her arms and puts them around his neck. She wants to know what he is doing. He says he is fixing a con (er maybe?) sweetheart and kisses her. A few seconds later she backs away. She gets up and says she is with Matt and only Matt. He too is now up...He says well her lips don't lie. At least not when she is kissing him. She says the only reason she promised to help him, is because he lost his mind. She wants him to find that money. She says how dare you keep kissing me. He reminds her that she has strayed before. He says every man is for himself as leans in closer.

She wants to take him to hospital so Matt can see if he pulled any stitches. He wants to go to his place and have her look. She says she really is in a committed relationship with Matt. She is trying very hard to be faithful to him because she doesn't want to hurt anyone like she hurt him. He understands, says she can't help herself. She says he is a figment of Spinelli's imagination. Jackal says no he came to rescue her. He is not leaving her in the mean streets alone. She says she does not need to be rescued. He is not a man of danger, she says he is a senstive sweet computer genius. *she is walking backwards and he is following* She sees Anthony and pulls him away. She wants him quiet. He says he hides for no one. He calls him Anthony Z. Says they need to settle a few things.

Jackal says he has no time, but he hears he is out of the big house trying to reclaim his turf. Jackal wants him to stay out of his way. Maxie says he isn't himself. Anthony recognizes him. Maxie says he has no idea what he is saying. He says he is crazier then he ever was. Daddy Z says you know where that leaves Sonny and Jason? Jackal response on their own like every man. He wants him to settle it with them. He says he doesnt take sides, but if he did (I think he says it wouldn't be with him). Anthony grabs him and throws him, smacks him with his own tie, and says he will snap his neck. Maxie says she is calling 911. Anthony says come and get me anytime, I can't wait to kill you in self defense. He walks away. Jackal says he has a score to settle.

Jackal PI needs to learn new words. Dame, Jackal PI, sugar lips, dollface--getting kinda old.

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