Friday, September 2, 2011

9/2/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Michael Conforti

Maxie finds Spinelli outside the bakery, next to the dumpster. She knows he said to go away and leave him alone. She is scared for him. She is scared she is going to lose him again. Maxie says Jason needs him. She says when he ges married he wants him to be his best man. (When did Jason tell her this??)

Maxie is still trying to bring him back. Maxie is now trying to go the Jason route. Jackal PI wants to know if he actually said that. Maxie said no. She says Jason can wake up completly different. He says you dames always want us to be different.

Jackal PI says cancer. He is looking up at the stars. He says answers are in the stars. Maxie wants him to go see Jason. Maxie says go tell him you will be his bestman, while there is still a chance for both of you.

Jackal PI tells Sam he is there to see Morgan.

Sam tells him, he isnt awake. He says something about cancer and stars again. He says everyone is trying to change him and Morgan. Sam wants him to go home and get some sleep. Sam lets him go in. Jackal PI is sad when he walks in the room. He starts to talk to him. He says he looks alseep. He says what if you don't come back. What happens if WE don't come back? (I wanna know about this cancer & stars thing. Did Spinelli's mother have cancer? Did Granny tell him she went to go live in the stars?...Come on GH just go there. Lets learn more)

Another day another dance with danger, eh? Jackal PI is getting choked up. He says dames he doesn't know what it is. He says something about watching the facts and watching someone's time run out. Jackal PI is crying. He says it looks like he is asleep. He says it will be like it was. No goodbyes. He says moonlight had memories of things he used to have. He says sometimes they are out of reach. He says something about the stars again. He says the cold dark, blank stuff between them. He says he can not have anymore blank spots. No more loss. No more holes. No more death. He says he will reach out and drag him back if he has to. He says to grab ahold. He says he can not let go. He can't lose him. He calls him StoneCold.

Seriously did his mother have cancer and as a little boy his Granny told him she went to live in the stars? Does he not know who his father is? Blank spots & loss.

He calls him StoneCold. He is now speaking like Spinelli. He says blank stuff again. He says he has been floating, like he has been watching outside his own body, his own life. Since when? Hospital? Hostages. Dr. Niles holding court holding a gun. Pointing it at his maximista. He couldnt bare the thought of losing her. He can't bare this. He isn't talking complete sentences, but more like little snips of thoughts. He says the thought of losing him is too much for him to bare, for any of them. He says don't go. He sits down and begs him not to go.

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