Thursday, June 9, 2011

Watch GH

If you took GH off your Tivo/Dvr, reset it starting tomorrow. Don't just watch clips vie online. The past several weeks little by little we have been hearing tidbits of what is to come (and the more I hear...the more I can't wait). Out of respect for those who may be spoiler free (my lips are sealed). I will say this though, Bradford will be epic.

Spinelli was on twice this week. If you liked what you saw (or even if you didn't) let him and his bosses know.

GH Comment Line: 323-671-4583

Bradford Anderson/Garin Wolf/Jill Farren Phelps
c/o General Hospital
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027

Bradford & Kirsten are on the cover (with a new picture) of the new SID. Go buy it and let SID know exactly why you decided to buy it, even if you already do get it. Let them know. Email
Twitter @soapsindepthabc or Facebook

In other soap news (sadly we may be losing OLTL) but the brillance of headwriter Ron Carlivati will live on. He is coming to GH.

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